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How Much Does It Cost To Reupholster A Chair: Explained

It’s recommended to reupholster a chair instead of purchasing a new one. Doing so can save you a good sum of money.

How much does it cost to reupholster a chair?

$350 to $500 can be the average budget for you to cover the average cost of reupholstering a chair. Fabric type and the type of char influence the cost of the chair. Take $10 to $100 fabric costs and $40 to $660 for the type of chair into your consideration.

That’s not all. To know exactly how the cost of reupholstering is constituted, you need to know the details.

Let’s get started right away!

Cost to Reupholster a Chair: Chair Type Basis

Reupholstering a chair is always the best option in any situation. It’s just like reupholstering a couch. Depending on the chair, recovering it might cost anything from $40 to $660.

You’ll need to spend more on a big chair than a small chair since it takes more material. Exquisite features often need more time and fabric to restore. Which will increase the amount you pay the upholsterer.

We have prepared a table from where you can get an estimation of the labor cost. Have a look-

Chair TypeReupholstering Cost
Office Chair$40 – $100
Tub Chair$100 – $200
Bar Stool$40 – $100
Arm Chair$300 – $350
Club Chair$300 – $400
Recliner$600 – $660
Bergere Chair$200 – $400
Wingback Chair$360 – $500
Dining Chair$40 – $100
Footstool$40 – $100
Parsons Chair$100 – $200
Slipper Chair$250 – $350

Now let’s look at the details of each of the chair types-

Office Chair

Reupholstering any office chair might cost anything from around $40 to $100. The price will reduce if only the bottom is cushioned. The price will rise if the arms, sides, and back are padded and upholstered.

Tub Chair

Reupholstering a tub chair might cost anything from $100 to $200. The chair is normally very small, circular, and has a cushioned seat. It may require anywhere between two and four yards of cloth. Therefore, it’s pretty simple to upholster. Therefore it does not take a long time.

Bar Stool

Reupholstering a barstool might cost anything from $40 up to $100. It’s dependent mostly on the design of the stool. A circular bar stool with a cushioned seat is on the low end of the price scale. A bar stool with a cushioned back or arms, on the other hand, might be more expensive.

Club Chair

Reupholstering a club chair, also known as a skirted club chair, might require $300 to $400. The increased price is due to the bigger size of the seats. This necessitates more fabric. The process is quite challenging due to the chair’s square design. 

Arm Chair

Armchair reupholstering costs between $300 and $350. Arms, cushions, and a padded back require yards of cloth for the huge, cushioned chair. The work might take anywhere from three to five yards of cloth. This measurement of cloth is dependent mostly on the size of the chair. 


Is your living room equipped with Joey and Chandler’s mind-blowing BarcaLounger? A recliner is an ideal piece of furniture for relaxation. The typical cost of reupholstering a recliner is $600 to $660. The majority of recliners have multiple cushions stuffed in them. As a result, the job necessitates a large amount of fabric.

Bergere Chair

The cost of reupholstering a Bergere chair ranges from $200 to $400. The price is determined by the padding in the back and cushion. Reupholstering an antique piece will take longer in order to maintain the craftsmanship. Normally, two to three yards of material are used for the chair.

Wingback Chair

The typical cost of reupholstering a wingback chair is $360 to $500. Generally, the chair is quite huge and overstuffed. As a result, it requires a lot of cloth to cover its girth. The majority of wingback chairs require fabric of at least six to eight yards. Upholstering a wingback chair is a time-consuming and challenging operation.

Dining Chair

You can reupholster a dining chair for a price ranging from $40 to $100. The cost is calculated with the quantity and type of material utilized. The majority of dining chairs have a single cushioned seat. As a result, they use around half a yard of material. They are rather simple to upholster and do not take a long time.


Reupholstering a footstool might cost anything from $40 to $100. The pricing varies depending on the footstool’s design. The expense of reupholstering is escalated by the use of buttons and nails. Furthermore, antique footstools require more time to reupholster. It’s to keep the chair’s old appearance and charm.

Parsons Chair

Reupholstering a Parsons chair costs between $100 and $200. It might look like a basic chair design. However, it necessitates the use of material on the seat and back of the chair. The chair’s design angles make it a medium-difficult job to complete. 

Typically, two to four yards of cloth are needed to finish the operation. This also depends on the chair’s size. The trim on Parsons chairs is typically distinctive and should be upholstered to match. As a result, the price rises higher.

Slipper Chair

Reupholstering a slipper chair costs between $250 and $350. The traditional slipper chair has no arms. They are thickly padded and take up more space than conventional seats. The slipper chair needs two to four yards of cloth to upholster.

This is how different types of chairs take a different amount of money to get upholstered. The cost differs massively based on the type of fabric you tend to use. Let’s take a look at how the material types impact the cost of reupholstering.

Reupholstering a Chair: Material Basis

Material for reupholstering a chair might cost anywhere from $10 to $100. The cost depends on the kind of material. Natural fiber materials are more costly than synthetic fibers. 

Animal or plant-based fibers are the most common sources of natural fibers. Natural fibers that are organic or recycled are also included. Because the synthetic cloth is man-made and readily accessible all year, it is frequently less expensive.

Upholstery fabric is normally 54 inches wide when purchasing supplies for reupholstering a chair. A dining room or straight-back chair will take very little fabric. And it’ll likely take a yard to reupholster two of these chairs. 

When calculating the quantity of material needed to accomplish the job, always measure the seat at its widest position. Also, consider if natural or synthetic materials are best for your project.

Type of FabricManufacture TypeMaterial Cost Per Yard
CottonNatural$15 – $20
Linen BlendNatural$18 – $25
MohairNatural$20 – $80
LeatherNatural$45 – $55
SilkNatural$60 – $70
WoolNatural$80 – $100
LinenNatural$25 – $35
DenimNatural$25 – $35
BambooNatural$30 – $50
SuedeNatural$35 – $40
Cotton BlendNatural/Synthetic$30 – $55
AcrylicSynthetic$50 – $80
NylonSynthetic$10 – $15
Faux LeatherSynthetic$10 – $15
CryptonSynthetic$10 – $35
Faux SuedeSynthetic$20 – $25
PolyesterSynthetic$20 – $45
OlefinSynthetic$25 – $30
ChenilleSynthetic$25 – $55
TwillSynthetic$30 – $55
SunbrellaSynthetic$35 – $55
RayonSynthetic$45 – $90
VelvetSynthetic$55 – $65


Cotton upholstery costs $15 to $20 per yard on average. Cotton is popular for chair upholstery. It’s because cotton comes in a vast number of patterns and colors. 

When using the furniture, it’s very breathable. It wicks sweat and heat away from the skin. Cotton is also pill-resistant, long-lasting, stain-resistant, and simple to clean. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a natural fiber product.

Linen Blend

The price of a linen-cotton blend varies between $18 and $25 a yard. Since it’s extremely permeable to air, it produces a pleasant, non-sticky sitting environment. A high-quality linen mix blends cotton and linen fibers to offer a wrinkle-resistant and smooth upholstery surface. 

The material is known for being long-lasting and wrinkle-resistant. which makes it a good choice for chair seats. It’s a long-lasting option for those looking for chair upholstery material. Furthermore, linen blends are made of natural fiber material.


There is a vast range of quality in mohair chair upholstery fabric. That’s why the prices of this fabric range from $20 to $80. The stain resistance of the thick fabric is excellent. For theater chairs, mohair is frequently utilized as the upholstery material of choice. 

It is stain-resistant and does not fade. However, many individuals dislike the fabric due to its utilitarian aspect and dull appearance.


Leather is a popular material for reupholstering. It costs between $45 and $55 a yard. Leather has a sturdy and warm feel to it. It gives any piece of furniture a classy feel. If you prefer the nearly velvet-like texture of suede, you can use it instead. 

If you have too many pets, leather can quickly be damaged because of them. To keep its beauty, it has to be cared for and oiled regularly. Water will also discolor a suede leather finish. Many individuals are against leather because of ethical concerns.


The cost of silk upholstery fabric ranges from $60 to $70 per yard. The smooth, sumptuous fabric elevates every piece of furniture. It’s considered as one of the most durable natural fibers out there. 

When made into a chair pad, the cloth doesn’t wrinkle or crush, thus looking fantastic. However, when exposed to the sun, such as in a room with sunlight, the silk strands break down quickly. 

Silk also shows wear and tear quicker than other fabrics. Water has the potential to discolor and damage the cloth.


Wool is one of the most popular chair upholstery materials. But it’s also one of the most expensive. Generally, wool costs between $80 and $100 per yard. Imported wool upholstery fabric is the most costly by the yard. 

Wool is a long-lasting and flame-resistant material. It will only smolder if exposed to fire or high heat. Wool may survive for generations if taken care of properly. It does, however, require dry cleaning.

In addition, if you want to store the furniture, keep in mind that wool is vulnerable to moths. Not only moths but other insects that feed on natural fibers.


The price of linen upholstery fabric ranges from $25 to $35 per yard. When applied to any chair, Linen makes it long-lasting, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. 

With careful maintenance, linen upholstered furniture may endure generations. Linen is popular for chair upholstery, due to being prone to discoloration. And it should be treated with caution.


Denim upholstery fabric costs $25 to $35 per yard on average. Although blue is the most common color for denim fabric, it comes in a variety of colors. To upholster furniture, the densely woven cotton strands are easy to mold and flex. 

It’s a long-lasting option that can withstand regular use. However, the rough texture of the cloth for chairs might not be comfortable for everyone


The price of bamboo upholstery fabric ranges from $30 to $50 per yard. This is a sustainable plant fiber that grows quickly and is extremely eco-friendly. You can choose bamboo chairs if you ever plan on building a tiny house

Bamboo-based material is incredibly gentle to the touch. It’s antibacterial and hypoallergenic as well. 

When put on a chair, the material wicks moisture and remains cool. Bamboo cloth has two significant drawbacks: it shrinks when wet and it wrinkles quickly.


Suede costs between $35 and $40 a yard. When the suede is used on a chair, many people like the soft feel and odor. But it’s prone to spots from water or other liquids. In addition, the suede’s velvet-like texture becomes smoother with time.

The oils of the hands and head can cause discoloration. Marks occur as a result of repeated usage. Suede is tough to clean and should only be done by an expert.

Cotton Blend

Poly-cotton blends are adaptable and quick-drying. The material is quite durable. It can cost anything from $30 to $55 per yard.  It’s also stain-resistant to some extent.

Unfortunately, it can cling to delicate skin and possibly cause irritation. Cotton blends are often more resilient and long-lasting than pure cotton fabrics. This makes cotton blend appealing to certain masses.


The price of acrylic upholstery fabric ranges from $50 to $80 per yard. It has many similar properties as wool although it’s lighter. The synthetic fabric is warm and long-lasting, making it a demanding choice for a number of uses. 

Many people, however, dislike the chemicals used to make it. Such as acrylonitrile, which is a polypropylene plastic derivative. However, the synthetic fibers are extremely durable, making them ideal for seats.


When reupholstering a chair, nylon costs $10 to $15 per yard. It’s a low-cost synthetic fabric that’s both durable and static-free. The upholstery fabric is stain-resistant as well.

However, sometimes it is thin and may not endure a long time. Which makes it inappropriate for daily usage. In addition, when exposed to heat or fire, the cloth melts and burns quickly. This poses a fire hazard if the chair is placed dangerously near a fireplace or woodstove.

Faux Leather

The cost of suede leather upholstery varies between $20 and $25 a yard. It’s more stain-resistant than genuine suede. Yet it still has a smooth finish after a lot of usages. Many people dislike it since it’s difficult to clean. It’s not very resistant to wear and tear as other upholstery materials. Thus it does not have as long a life span.


The cost of Crypton upholstery fabric ranges from $10 to $35 a yard. It’s very stain and germ resistant, making it perfect for usage on chairs. Also, the shades are consistent. Crypton comes with a five-year water-resistant warranty. Thus making it an excellent option for outdoor furniture. 

Those strong textiles have a similar appearance and feel to cotton, but none of the downsides. The biggest criticism of Crypton fabric is that it contains a lot of chemicals and isn’t particularly eco-friendly.

Faux Suede

For a chair, faux leather upholstery costs between $10 and $15 per yard. It has been developed to withstand scratches and other abrasions. It appeals to the majority of people since it’s cool and comfortable to wear. You may also clean it with a wipe. 

The material’s laminated surface breaks and folds with time. It also doesn’t hold up well to penetration and is quickly punctured by cat claws or other sharp items. Or you might also train your cats to stop scratching your furniture. 


Polyester upholstery fabric for chairs costs $20 to $45 a yard. There are a lot of colors as well as designs to match any décor. It’s simple to clean and stain-resistant. It can, however, gather static. 

Polyester can also be harmed by oil. Oil stains appear on the armrests of a chair or on places that are exposed to the head over time. And they are nearly hard to remove.


The price of olefin upholstery fabric can vary between $25 and $30 for every yard. Water-based stains on this fabric are simple to remove. Since it naturally repels water, in case of spills, just wipe it to remove the moisture. 

However, the fabric does not withstand the sun well and can become brittle rapidly. So you should keep the chair away from the windows.


Chenille costs between $25 and $55 a yard. The silky pile of this fashionable fabric lends an impression of luxury to any piece of furniture. It’s really delicate and silky. The biggest downside is that it’s not long-lasting and will not withstand heavy use. 

In addition, if the cloth is exposed to sunshine, it fades fast. The headrest and the arms of a chenille-upholstered chair thin out with time.


Twill upholstery fabric is a cost-effective option, with prices ranging from $30 to $55 per yard. The material’s unique design makes it extremely durable. Thus making it ideal for heavy-duty seats. 

However, It’s difficult to keep clean and prone to staining. Unfortunately, the pattern’s threads can twist and turn, resulting in flaws on the surface. Twill fabric is available in a number of solid and multi-colored tones to complement any decor.


The price of Sunbrella upholstery fabric ranges from $35 to $55 a yard. It’s a popular upholstery material for patio chairs. Even in direct sunshine, the material is engineered to maintain its color and longevity. 

It outlasts other outdoor textiles by three times. Tenara sewing thread, which is manufactured of polytetrafluoroethylene, is used to create the material (ePTFE). The fabric’s only apparent flaw is that it has a plastic-like texture that many people find unpleasant to touch.


Rayon costs between $45 and $90 per yard. Many prefer rayon fabric because it resembles silk but is stronger and less expensive. Rayon upholstery is made from bamboo, cotton waste, wood pulp, etc.

The biggest disadvantage of using this fabric for chair reupholstery is that it does not stand up well to water or other stains. This results in substantial discoloration of the fabric.


Velvet costs between $55 and $65 a yard. Velvet is really plush and lovely and it is often bold in solid colors and is considered a plus in any décor. 

One of the biggest disadvantages of the cloth is that it attracts dust readily. The material degrades fast. Any flaw might detract from the softness of the material. It’s really tough to keep clean, and it stains readily.

This is how the cost of reupholstering a chair depends on the fabric. Whichever state you are in, the prices should not exceed our limits.

Reupholstering a Chair: Labor Cost

Labor costs can account for a major amount of the total price. Regardless of the type of furniture you want to get reupholstered. Upholsterers charge between $50 and $100 per hour. This charge is determined by the project’s intricacy and the upholsterer’s experience.

You may have to pay service call costs if the upholsterer works on your furniture from your house. These costs range from $70 to $120. Transportation fees range from $100 to $300 if the upholstery works in their own workshop.

This table gives labor cost estimates based on the type of chair being reupholstered-

TypeLabor Cost
Dining Room Chair$250 – $600
Living Room Chair$250 – $600
Recliner$400 – $600
Wingback Chair$350 – $600

Labor charges generally don’t exceed this range. However, make sure to check the authenticity of the labor company.


Question: How much does replacing a chair padding cost?

Answer: The cost of replacing the cushion in the chair might be approximately $25. The price of two brand-new foam chair cushion pads varies from $40 and $75 for each cushion. The chair will be more comfortable and have a sturdy appearance when the pads are replaced.

Question: How much to re-cane a chair?

Answer: The cost of labor to re-cane a chair is normally approximately $60 per hour. Material costs range from $20 and $40, depending on the type of reed necessary to finish the weaving process.

Question: What is a cat-proof fabric for my chairs?

Answer: It’s a never-ending effort to keep the cats from using the chair as a scratch post. Leather and other materials may be easily shredded by a cat’s claws. Cats don’t approve of faux leather as much as real leather. So it’s the finest cat-proof furniture. Wool can hide the scratches of your cats.


We hope you are clear about how much does it cost to reupholster a chair.

One last tip: if you do the upholstery yourself, don’t do it all at a time. Instead, do one or two and keep using the rest. This way, you won’t have to spend your days without any chairs at all.

That’s it for now. Let us know if you have any questions!