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How Much Does It Cost To Reupholster A Couch [Complete Breakdown]

Reupholstering a couch is more preferable to buying a new one. We can give you plenty of reasons for that.

How much does it cost to reupholster a couch?

Reupholstering your couch depends on a wide set of factors. The fabric cost ranges from $10 to $60 or more. Considering the material and labor charges, you might have to spend roughly around $500 to $5,000. There will also be some additional costs which include repairing and minor modifications. 

Are you convinced that this is what you are looking for? Then this is just the trailer. This piece will guide you through all the spaces of expenditure.

Let’s get started right away!

Why Should You Reupholster Your Couch?

Reupholstering a couch may be necessary for a variety of reasons. For instance, you could have a ruined cushion. But since the sofa isn’t old enough, it’s not justified for replacement. 

That’s why reupholstering is the best option for a case similar to this. Reupholstering  is typically less expensive than buying new. And it allows you to enhance or prolong the life of the existing sofa.

Rather than investing in a large new purchase. It may also be a good option to change the look of a room or piece of furniture if you aren’t ready to get rid of it but want something new.

If your frame isn’t cracked or damaged, it’s always recommended to reupholster your furniture. In that way, you are assisting local workroom specialists without your knowing. 

While at the same time you’re preventing possibly wonderful furniture from ending up dumped in a dumpster. 

This is a more environmentally friendly solution to your furniture. Purchasing a new one every time the cloth wears out or gets damaged is not sustainable

Reupholstering a couch can cost anything from $500 to $4,500. On average it costs about $1800. This covers the cost of new fabric as well as the labor costs of reupholstering. Fabric typically costs $10-$70 a yard. Labor costs range from $40-$100 per hour.

Cost to Reupholster Couch: Couch Type Basis

Before reupholstering, you need to think about the type of couch you use. Let’s see how we can help you with that. We’ve figured out a probable expense chart based on the type of couch you use:

Couch TypeLow-EndMediumHigh-End
Leather Sofa$600$2,700$4,500
Chaise Lounge$800$1,550$2,000
Outdoor Cushions$100$350$600
Tight back$1,000$1,650$2,500
Semi-attached Back$1,100$1,350$1,800
French Provincial Sofa$700$1,000$1,500

If you’ve gathered somewhat of an idea, let’s discuss details about the types of couches. We’ll talk about their merits and demerits and how their price is related to those traits.

Sectional Sofa

The most typical sectional couch has three parts. And the reupholstering cost is roughly $2,000 to $2,800 on average. The cost will vary based on the intricacy of the job

Sectionals are available in a variety of sizes. However, there are a few basic alternatives from which to pick. This is in order to appropriately price an upholstery project. 

A breakdown of the costs is shown in the table below. The costs mostly indicate the materials and labor charges that you need to bear.

Number of SectionsMaterial and Labor Cost
2$1,500 to $2,500
3$2,000 to $2,800
5$3,000 to $3,500

Besides if you want a 9-sectional couch it will cost you around $3,500 to $4,000. But the demand for 9 sectioned couches is very rare.


Reupholstering a loveseat can cost anything from $500 to $2,000. It might require the additional fabric, depending on the style of loveseat you have. Around 5 to 10 yards of cloth are required for furniture with a tight back and seat.

A piece with an artistic back or loose cushions may use up to 18 yards of fabric. This can bring the price to $2,000 or more.

Before buying fabric for reupholstering, it’s important to visit an upholstery specialist. They’ll be able to tell you how much yardage you’ll need to reupholster your specific loveseat.

Leather Sofa

The cost of reupholstering a leather couch ranges between $600 – $4,500. It depends on the size and style of cushions. Larger multi-piece sectionals will be more costly than leather loveseats. 

The quality of the leather is very important. High-end leather can set you back between $200 and $750 per hiding. Real leather is long-lasting and sturdy, with a lifespan of up to 25 years based on the sofa. 

Fake leather is a less expensive alternative to real and high-end leather. However, it does not last as long. Furthermore, fake leather is prone to delamination and peeling.

Chaise Lounge

Reupholstering a chaise lounge can cost anything from $700 to $1,500. But it is recommended they should be managed by a specialist.

The cost of reupholstering a chaise is determined by its size, the kind of material chosen, and any other accents or decorations. 

If there are any cushions that need to be reupholstered, the cost will increase. Any essential repairs must be completed first. In addition, fresh upholstery will be placed on each component individually.


Reupholstering a camelback couch costs between $1,100 and $1,200. The curved back distinguishes this sofa due to its flat or smooth back. This makes reupholstering a little easier and lowers the cost. 

These couches are available in a variety of sizes. The complexity of the project has an influence on how much you spend to get it done.

These couches come in a variety of finishes and back designs, from double humps to minor dips. There is practically no dip in some current designs.

Outdoor Cushions

It costs $50 to $500 for every cushion to recover outdoor sofa cushions. You’ll spend less money reupholstering a few tiny, thin cushions. Compared to that you’ll have to spend a lot more on a sectional patio couch.

Tight back

Reupholstering a tight back couch costs $1,000 to $1,200 on average. Because the furniture is all one piece, reupholstering a tight back sofa might be easier in some cases. 

The cushions are incorporated into the cushion’s back. So they will not need to be removed and reupholstered separately.

However, this might be challenging for inexperienced upholsterers. It’s because of the numerous seams and intricacies that are necessary.

Semi-attached Back

Reupholstering a semi-attached back couch costs roughly about $1,100 to $1,300 on average. Cushions on these couches may be partly fastened. The cushions are not removable. They may, however, be more malleable or flexible than sofa cushions with a rigid back.

These should be handled by experienced personnel. In most cases, the amount of fabric required will be calculated. And the task will be completed as a whole.

This will need some precise effort. When done by specialists, however, it provides a beautiful new look.

French Provincial Sofa

Reupholstering a French Provincial couch will cost between $750 and $1,500. This price is determined by the sofa’s size as well as the decorations and embellishments. The cost is influenced by the materials used for the work. 

The frame and ornamentation, as well as any other structural aspects, will be fixed first. The reupholstering will be finished next, followed by the final touches. 


Reupholstering a sofa can cost anywhere from $750 to $3,500. The average cost is approximately $1,750. Reupholstering a sofa is often a full-job process.

It also depends on how the cushions are fastened to the backing. And also if they have the option to be removed. 

Each item will have its own reupholstering. Any necessary frame repairs need to be completed ahead of time.

The cost of this job is determined by a number of factors. This includes the type of sofa. As well as other elements that will be addressed more in this article.


A settee might cost anything from $1,000 to $2,000 to reupholster. They are actually a smaller sofa with short or no arms. This simply resembles a bench. 

Settees normally don’t have a back, or if it does, it’s either short or incomplete. These are available in a variety of styles. But they usually need a bit more effort than other items.

Some come with only one cushion. Although there are merits and demerits of one-cushion couches.

If the work has a lot of intricacies, it’s advisable to contact an experienced specialist. It’s simply for the purpose of ensuring that the task is completed correctly.

This is how the cost of reupholstering your couch is influenced by the type of couch. But there are other factors that matter too. Like the type of materials used. 

Cost to Reupholster Couch: Material Basis

Reupholstering a couch can cost anywhere from $10 to $90 per yard. It depends on the material. This varies based on the quantity of reupholstering required and the type of material utilized. 

For a standard-size couch, you’ll need at least 18 to 20 yards of cloth. Fabric is available in a broad range of colors and durability levels.

The stain-resistant fabric is of a higher grade. For example, a cloth with high durability may cost more. 

For your ease, we’ve made a table distinguishing the type of fabric and their cost. So take a look-

Type of FabricManufacture TypeMaterial Cost Per Yard 
CottonNatural$15 – $20
Linen Cotton BlendNatural$18 – $25
SilkNatural$60 – $70
LeatherNatural$45 – $55
Twill Couch FabricNatural$30 – $55
LinenNatural$25 – $35
AcrylicSynthetic$50 – $80
ChenilleSynthetic$25 – $55
VelvetSynthetic$55 – $65
NylonSynthetic$10 – $15
VinylSynthetic$50 – $60
OlefinSynthetic$25 – $30
RayonSynthetic$45 – $90
PolyesterSynthetic$20 – $45

We hope you could gather an idea about the pricing of different types of fabrics. Now we’ll go through the different types of materials, their cost, and their benefits and drawbacks.


Cotton is a natural, cost-effective fabric that ranges from $15 to $20 a yard. Cotton is a pleasant, long-lasting, and easy-to-clean fabric.

It also comes in a variety of forms and patterns, and a variety of textures and finishes. Cotton colors can come in a variety of hues. 

Cotton is one of the easiest materials to clean and maintain. And it’ll last a long time because it is a natural material.

Well, for that, it may wear out quicker than other materials with heavy usage. However, it is a decent and economical option compared to other materials.


The cost of reupholstering a couch using linen upholstery ranges from $25 to $35 per yard. Linen is a light and airy fabric. And so it is ideal for individuals who like a lighter look. 

Despite its look, it is sturdy and absorbent, as well as quick-drying. This makes it ideal for cleaning, spills, and other concerns. Linen comes in a variety of colors and designs. So it becomes easy to match it with any room.


Natural silk is a lovely choice. But it’s also the priciest, costing around $60 to $70 per yard. Many people choose a synthetic replacement like rayon to save money. Yet silk has its own charm. Silk has a smooth, silky feel, but it isn’t very long-lasting. 

Silk couches might not be the best option for houses with children or pets. It might not be the best choice for furniture that gets a lot of use. Silk is prone to staining and it’s often difficult to keep clean.


Leather isn’t the most costly option, it costs between $45 and $55 a yard. This may be a surprise to some people. 

When it comes to leather couches, reupholstering is nearly always a more cost-effective option than replacing them. Leather is long-lasting, flexible, and attractive. It also comes in a variety of finishes, including smooth finishes, suedes, and more. 

You’ll be able to choose a different leather finish or match one that you already have. 

Twill Couch Fabric

Twill sofa fabric ranges in price from $30 to $55 per yard. With a texture comparable to wool or a rayon-like feel, this fabric is a natural alternative.

It’s a bit more durable than cotton. Twill cotton is reputed for its longevity and ability to bring a delicate touch to a room. 

That’s why twill has been used in upholstery for years. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it a popular choice for furniture.


Acrylic upholstery fabric costs between $50 and $80 per yard. This soft, cozy cloth has a wool-like feel to it. It is also more expensive than many other materials. But it provides long-term durability without being too heavy. 

Acrylic fabric is easy to clean and available in a wide range of colors and patterns. This acrylic is mildew and water-resistant Thus, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.


Chenille upholstery can range in price from $25 to $55 per yard. This fabric is noted for its luxurious, velvety feel, making it great for upholstery on chairs, couches, and other furniture. 

Chenille is made up of yarns that are resistant to pilling, wrinkling, and other symptoms of wear. It’s a long-lasting product with excellent qualities that make it an excellent choice for furniture.

The more expensive materials will last longer. Premium designs may be more expensive.


Velvet is one of the most sought-after upholstery materials. They cost between $55 and $65 per yard. Velvet enhances the form of furniture in addition to providing a warm, soft touch. 

Because of its beauty and advantages, it stands out among other luxury textiles. Although it does come at a greater price.

It’s suitable for individuals who desire a more luxurious finish and are ready to pay. It takes extra attention, but there are safeguards provided.


Nylon is a cheaper option, costing $10 to $15 per yard. This material was chosen since it is inexpensive. Also, it can be found on even the cheapest couches and living room furniture. 

Nylon is available in a variety of colors and is far more robust and tear-resistant than silk. And as we know, silk is a more costly natural fabric. Nylon is easy to clean and has a considerably longer life expectancy than many other textiles.


Vinyl material for reupholstering a couch costs between $50 and $60 per yard. Vinyl is a long-lasting material that may be used in a variety of applications around the house. 

Vinyl is a great alternative for outdoor furniture or lounge spaces that need to be kept clean. This cloth is available in a variety of colors and designs. Although uncommon, it is an option available to people.


Olefin upholstery costs $25 to $30 per yard on average. It is stain-resistant, water-resistant, and low-maintenance. Therefore, olefin is one of the most preferred materials for outdoor furniture.

When compared to most other fabrics, it produces extremely little waste. And is quite straightforward to recycle.

This synthetic substance is petroleum-based and a sort of plastic composite. Which is responsible for making it long-lasting and appealing for outdoor application. People choose it because it does not require as much repair or reupholstering as some other materials.


The price of rayon will range from $45 to $90 per yard. The wide price range is due to the fact that it is available in a variety of quality and durability levels.

It has the same strength as cotton. But it is made of a synthetic substance that is more durable and may last longer. 

Rayons hold colors better than cotton, which is notorious for fading. It has a silky feel that is comparable to silk and is ideal for casual use.

Rayons are less difficult to clean than silk. But you still need to apply a protectant to preserve it in good condition.


Reupholstering a polyester couch costs roughly $20 to $45 per yard on average. The cost is determined by the size of the sofa and the amount of material required.

This long-lasting synthetic material has a superior finish at a lesser cost than some other materials. Polyester is also easy to clean.

It comes in a variety of textures, finishes, colors, and patterns. So it appeals to a wide range of tastes.

That’s how the price of reupholstering your couch can be influenced by the fabric type. Remember each fabric type itself possesses unique features.

And they add it to your couch when you install them. So be steady to pick the right one.

Reupholstering Your Couch: Additional Costs

Most of the time there’s a lot of additional work that comes with the reupholstering. Some of the most prominent factors are briefly discussed below-

Cleaning the Couch Professionally

The cost of having a sofa professionally cleaned ranges from $80 to $120. Many set-in stains and long-term damage can be avoided with regular sofa upholstery cleaning.

We recommend getting your couches cleaned once or twice a year.

Repairing the Frame

Repairing a broken couch frame costs $480 to $1,000, plus $975 or more for reupholstering services. It mainly depends on the type of sofa you have and what sort of material is used as the frame.


Restuffing a couch costs between $200 and $300, depending on the type of foam or padding used. If the fabric of a couch wears out over time, it may be necessary to re-stuff it. It is not a difficult task, nor is it something time-consuming. You can do it within just 30 minutes. 


Tufting is a decorative detail that costs between $100 and $1,000. It depends on the design’s specifics. Tufting needs a deft touch. Also, the knowledge of someone who is skilled with the necessary sewing and finishing techniques.

Spring Replacement

Couch springs can wear out or break over time and with continuous usage. Which forces its replacement. The cost of replacing couch springs ranges from $250 to $500. It is dependent on the number of springs that need to be changed.


Question: How long should my couch last?

Answer: A standard couch lasts between 7 and 15 years on average. However, it is more dependent on how you nourish it. The materials of your couch may quickly wear out if you do not properly maintain it. 

Question: How much do I have to pay for delivery after my couch is reupholstered?

Answer: The majority of companies will offer to pick up and bring the couch to your home. Having the sofa delivered and picked up might cost an additional $50 to $100. However, this is dependent on the distance, the dimension of the couch, and the location.

Question: How much will it cost to reupholster Ottoman?

Answer: Reupholstering an ottoman might cost anywhere between $700 and $1,000. If you do a complete room or set of furniture at once, you may be eligible for a discount. Some companies may demand a per-piece fee.

Summing Up

Congrats! You’ve finished the article. Now you should have an idea about how much does it cost to reupholster a couch.

The only significant disadvantage of reupholstering is the disruption of living without a couch. 

While the restoration is being completed, you may have to live without it for a few weeks. Be careful to choose high-quality materials so they don’t wear out too quickly.

Till then, all the best!