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How Much Does It Cost To Side A 2000 Sq. Ft. House: A Full Guide

House siding is equally important as remodeling or rewiring. It improves your exterior look. It also makes the house more weather resistant. In short, the siding must be done if you want a nice-looking house. But that involves quite a sum.

How much does it cost to side a 2000 sq. ft. house?

House siding projects depend heavily on materials that are essential for the final appearance. Siding a 2000 sq. ft. house with vinyl costs around $11,450 to $40,000. If you use metals like steel, the total cost will be between $20,850 and $36,000. Bricks and stones provide a luxury finish. That’s why they average around $70,400 and $96,400 respectively.

Anyways, that was just the short version of my answer. There is still a lot more to talk about and discuss thoroughly. 

Stay with me if you want to know more about houses and their siding.

House Siding Cost Calculator

Before I throw random numbers and boring analytics at you, let me make it easy. You’re probably wondering how much siding costs in total and how. This calculator will help you understand better. 

Total Cost To Side A 2000 Sq. Ft. House With Vinyl:

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor Fees$2,000$4,000$6,000
Material Costs$4,600$16,000$26,000
Flashing Cost$250$350$500
Exterior Trimming$1,800$2,200$2,500
Soffit Installation$200$350$500
Gutter Installation$1,400$1,700$2,000
Old Siding Removal (If Needed)$1,200$1,800$2,500

Total Cost To Side A 2000 Sq. Ft. House With Wood:

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor Fees$2,000$6,000$10,000
Material Costs$4,000$40,000$70,000
Flashing Cost$250$350$500
Exterior Trimming$1,800$2,200$2,500
Soffit Installation$200$350$500
Gutter Installation$1,400$1,700$2,000
Old Siding Removal (If Needed)$1,200$1,800$2,500

Total Cost To Side A 2000 Sq. Ft. House With Metal:

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor Fees$4,000$6,000$8,000
Material Costs (Steel)$12,000$16,000$20,000
Flashing Cost$250$350$500
Exterior Trimming$1,800$2,200$2,500
Soffit Installation$200$350$500
Gutter Installation$1,400$1,700$2,000
Old Siding Removal (If Needed)$1,200$1,800$2,500

Total Cost To Side A 2000 Sq. Ft. House With Stucco:

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor Fees$6,000$14,000$20,000
Material Costs$12,000$14,000$18,000
Flashing Cost$250$350$500
Exterior Trimming$1,800$2,200$2,500
Soffit Installation$200$350$500
Gutter Installation$1,400$1,700$2,000
Old Siding Removal (If Needed)$1,200$1,800$2,500

Total Cost To Side A 2000 Sq. Ft. House With Solid Bricks:

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor Fees$6,000$20,000$40,000
Material Costs$24,000$44,000$70,000
Flashing Cost$250$350$500
Exterior Trimming$1,800$2,200$2,500
Soffit Installation$200$350$500
Gutter Installation$1,400$1,700$2,000
Old Siding Removal (If Needed)$1,200$1,800$2,500

Total Cost To Side A 2000 Sq. Ft. House With Fiber Cement:

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor Fees$4,000$6,000$8,000
Materials Cost$12,000$18,000$26,000
Flashing Cost$250$350$500
Exterior Trimming$1,800$2,200$2,500
Soffit Installation$200$350$500
Gutter Installation$1,400$1,700$2,000
Old Siding Removal (If Needed)$1,200$1,800$2,500

Total Cost To Side A 2000 Sq. Ft. House With Solid Stones:

Cost FactorsBudgetAverageLuxury
Labor Fees$14,000$22,000$30,000
Material Costs$38,000$68,000$90,000
Flashing Cost$250$350$500
Exterior Trimming$1,800$2,200$2,500
Soffit Installation$200$350$500
Gutter Installation$1,400$1,700$2,000
Old Siding Removal$1,200$1,800$2,500

How are you feeling after going through the table? Are the numbers exceeding your budget? If you want a further explanation, well, you’re at the right place. 

Here, I’ve simplified and categorized all the possible cost sectors of a siding project. After that, I’ve discussed budget, average and high-end options that you can possibly consider. 

This way you can build different models based on price range and appearance. You’ll also be able to get the most out of the budget range. 

Siding A 2000 Sq. Ft. House: A Complete Breakdown

Siding a house is one of the most important parts of house renovation. Or, a house construction you might say. After all, no one wants to live in a poorly sided house. 

Whether you’re renovating or constructing, looks are a must. While indoor looks are essential, outdoor appearance is a must as well. House siding is also a great way to increase your resale value. 

From my own experience, I’ve seen resided houses sell for a higher price. But here’s a thing, you can’t just use anything to maximize the resale value. You also have to think about the surroundings as well. 

For example, when calculating the cost of kitchen remodeling; you’ve to consider the neighborhood. Because a middle-class neighborhood will attract buyers who have a midrange budget. 

That’s why if you use high-end sinks and faucets, you won’t get too much out of it. House siding is also the same. You can increase the price range of your house. But under a certain limit. 

Because of that, choosing a proper material is very important for house siding. Whether you’re doing it for yourself or just reselling. 

Siding an average house of 2000 sq. ft. can cost between $5,400 and $20,000. But a high-end siding project can cost up to $60,000. That should tell you how much you can do if you have the budget. 

Here, I’m going to talk about a bunch of different things. I’m going to discuss materials that you can use to side your house. I’ll also discuss how to calculate the total area. 

Sit back, relax and please go through all the sections one by one. This will help you get a clearer picture by the end. 

Labor Cost To Side A 2000 Sq. Ft. House 

The very first thing that you need to consider is the labor cost. Every house project requires labor depending on the complexity. If the job is hard, you’re more likely to pay a big amount.

But there’s one thing that’s always common in all sorts of house projects. And that’s the total percentage of the budget. Labor fees usually cover 60% of the budget. 

If the job is too complex then the total budget will skyrocket. One such example would be the addition of the second story in your house. Calculating the total cost to add a second story requires a lot in the labor sector. 

But luckily, siding a house isn’t that complex. But it’s not that simple either. The labor cost in this case actually varies depending on the material. 

Because you see, siding a house with wood is easier compared to bricks. But siding a house with stuccos is even harder than the bricks. 

As a result, wood siding requires less labor. Therefore, less money. Siding a house with wood is priced around $1 to $5 per sq. ft. 

But bricks and stuccos cost more due to more complexity. It requires more time, better finesse, etc. To side a house with bricks, you’ll have to pay around $2 to $20 per sq. ft. 

But labor cost for siding ranges between $2 and $10 per sq. ft. Based on that price, you’re looking at something like this- 

Siding AreaBudgetMid-rangeHigh-end 
1500 sq. ft. $3,000$7,500$15,000
2000 sq. ft.$4,000$10,000$20,000
2500 sq. ft. $5,000$12,500$25,000

As you can see, labor costs are different even if the area is the same. Labor cost for vinyl siding is usually 2$ per sq. ft. That’s why siding a 2000 sq. ft. area will cost you roughly $4,000. 

Now you may wonder why I put 3 different siding areas in the chart. To understand that, you’ll have to know about total siding areas. 

How To Calculate Total Siding Area

Before a service takes on a contracting job, they send an inspector. And that may cost you a few hundreds of dollars. But you can do it yourself with some tapes and a notepad. 

It’s the same as calculating the cost to paint a 12×12 room. You’ll need a super-accurate area to be exactly precise with your budget. 

Start by taking the notepad and drawing the walls on it. Divide the shapes into smaller rectangles and triangles. When that’s done, get some tape and measure it accurately.

Place the values in your notepad drawing. Now, start calculating the areas of the wall. Simply calculate the areas of small triangles and rectangles that you’ve created. 

To find the area of the rectangles; simply multiply height with length. For triangles, simply divide them by 2 after you multiply height and length.

  • Rectangle Area = Height x Length
  • Triangle Area = (Height Length) / 2

Add them up at the end to get the total area of one wall. Repeat the process for each exterior wall until you’re done. Add all the values that you’ve got and voila! 

You have correctly guessed the actual square footage of the siding area. Simply put, the more exterior walls you have, the more complex it’s going to be. 

But once you have the result, it’s pretty easy onward. 

Labor Cost Differences By Materials

I’ve mentioned that labor costs may differ because of materials. Since the calculations are already mentioned, we can proceed forward.

There are mainly seven types of materials that you can use for siding. Naturally, they have different difficulties and labor cost varies because of that. 

Siding a house with metal is between $2 and $4 per sq. ft. But siding the same house with stucco will cost you $3 to $10 per sq. ft.

This price difference for the same material varies from service to service. They’ll inspect your house to give you the final pricing. 

To help you out, I’ve brought everything to one table. I’ve used a siding area of 2000 sq. ft. as an example. 

Here’s what you’re looking for-

Siding MaterialBudgetAverageHigh-end

As you can see, different materials can really boost some prices. Siding a house of 2000 sq. ft. siding area can cost up to $30,000! And that’s just labor only. 

And with that, our labor section comes to an end. That’s pretty much everything you need to know about labor fees. 

Material Price To Side A 2000 Sq. Ft. House

So far I’ve only talked about the labor fees. But there’s another big section that you haven’t considered yet. And that’s the cost of different materials themselves. 

When you side a house with different materials, you’ll need a lot of them. 2000 sq. ft. is no joke when it comes to actual size. There are 4 walls to consider and their height is also a concern. 

Simply put, the bigger your walls are, the more you’re going to need. That’s why you’ve to be careful when you choose a material. Pick anything expensive and you may end up with a material shortage. 

Because of that, it’s super important to make sure you can afford all the materials. It usually costs quite a lot but there are always budget options. 

If you’re really picky type of person, you can also study the materials first. For example, there are a lot of advantages of vinyl siding. Like vinyl, other materials like wood, metal, and bricks have their own positives. 

Anyways, there are more than 10 types of materials available to side with. They obviously have their own price range. Picking them can be really tough for you. 

That’s where I specialize. For your convenience, I’ve bought everything in one place. Like before, I’m going to use a siding area of 2000 sq. ft. as a model. 

Here’s how much these materials are going to cost you- 

Aluminum $8,000$10,000$14,000
Brick Veneer$12,000$16,000$20,000
Solid Bricks$24,000$44,000$70,000
Engineered Wood$12,000$20,000$34,000
Fiber Cement$12,000$18,000$26,000
Stone Veneer$24,000$34,000$44,000
Solid Stones$38,000$68,000$90,000

From this table, you can really see how much different materials can cost you. That’s precisely why you must have a plan before you proceed. 

Wood & Plywood Siding 

The first materials you’re going to look at are wood and plywood. Plywoods are considered the entry material for siding. 

To side a 2000 sq. ft. house you’ll need roughly between $4,000 and $8,000. 

On the contrary, wood costs a lot. The average cost to side with wood is around $2 to $35 per sq. ft. Because of that, wood siding a 2000 sq. ft. house costs around $4,000 to $70,000. 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is the most popular siding material out of all the ones I’ve mentioned. It’s used heavily by people for cheap price and durability. 

Plywoods are kind of nice. They’re affordable but they’re also weak. But vinyl solves that problem. Vinyl is tougher and costs almost the same. 

Siding a 2000 sq. ft. house with vinyl costs around $4,600 to $26,000

Stucco Siding

After vinyl siding, it’s time to take a look at stucco siding. Stuccos are good-looking and durable materials. 

Stuccos are more weather absorbent than vinyl. But it often gives a better-colored finish. Siding with stucco will cost you roughly between $12,000 and $18,000.  

If you want a great exterior outlook, stuccos are an excellent option. 

Steel & Aluminum Siding

Metal sidings are quite famous among a lot of American households. Compared to vinyl siding, however, not so much. 

But it’s not something you can just easily ignore. Steel and aluminum are sturdy and can last you for a long time.  

The average siding cost with steel is between $12,000 and $20,000. Steels may be expensive but they can give an outstanding finish. 

On the contrary, aluminum is slightly cheaper. Siding with aluminum ranges from around $8,000 to $14,000. This is a more affordable option if you’re looking for metal siding. 

Brick Siding 

Bricks are a fancy option compared to vinyl, wood, and metal. It’s perfect if you want a house with a vintage look. 

If you own a fancy house like a villa, consider bricks more than others. They’re extremely durable and provide the right amount of aesthetics that you need. 

Fortunately, there are two options in brick siding. One of them is siding with actual solid bricks. Of course, this option costs a fortune; literally! 

The other one is a more budget option on the high-end. Brick veneers are slightly weaker but they can provide almost the same look. They’re a great way to save some money. 

Brick siding a 2000 sq. ft. will cost you around $24,000 to $70,000. But brick veneer; a budget option costs between $12,000 and $20,000. 

To save some money, you can easily choose brick veneers over solid bricks. 

Fiber Cement Siding 

Fiber cement is a luxurious yet affordable material. They’re used to achieve a super sleek finish. 

Fiber cement is durable and can protect homeowners for years. They are made from silica, sand, and cellulose fibers. They’re more durable than wood and vinyl. But not as good as metal or bricks. 

The best advantage of using fiber cement is their price point. It only costs from $6 to $13 per sq. ft. A solid fiber cement siding can withstand 50 years of rough weather and water damage. 

Engineered Wood Siding

This particular material has been gaining attention recently. This wood has built-in resin and glue. As a result, it tends to endure more than natural wood. 

Siding a house with engineered wood costs around $6 to $17 per sq. ft. The price differences are because of manufacturing differences. 

High-end engineered wood is stronger and will last longer. If you choose this option for your house; it’ll cost you about $20,000

Stone Siding

Finally, the last of all materials are the stones. I’ve kept them for last because they’re super expensive. 

If you’re building something super fancy, stones are your option. Not only are they durable, but they also have a lot of variety. 

Like bricks, stones also have two options; natural stones and stone veneer. Stone veneers are cheaper and cost less. 

Siding a 2000 sq. ft. house with stone veneer averages around $34,000. On the contrary, natural stones cost between $38,000 and $90,000. A premium price for a premium finish. 

Other Cost Factors That You Need To Consider

So far, I’ve talked about labor fees, labor cost differences, and materials. They cover the lion’s share of the budget. But there are still some minor cost factors that you can’t just ignore. 

Let’s have a brief look at them- 

Painting Cost 

This option is purely optional and I didn’t even include it in the calculator. It’s because many sidings actually come pre-painted. 

But if you get sidings without a painted finish, you’ll have to paint them. This will cost you an additional amount of money. It usually costs around $2,500 to $7,000 to paint all the siding. 

There are a lot of options to choose paint from. For your convenience, here are my favorite picks- 

Paint 1
Paint 2

You can now pick whichever you like and start painting!

Old Siding Removal Cost

If your house has sidings already, you’ve to remove them first. You can also side over old siding but it’s not always a viable option. 

Sometimes, to achieve a better result, the old siding must be removed completely. This requires an additional room within budget. But luckily, they don’t cost much.

The average cost of old siding removal is between $1,200 and $2,500.  

Flashing Cost 

Flashing means adding a thin layer of weather-resistant metal or material. It’s usually added around the windows or doors. 

This prevents water from getting inside the siding. This way you can protect your siding for a longer period of time. 

The average cost for a flashing job requires about $250 to $400. The cost can also increase if you decide to use super high-end materials. 

Exterior Trimming Cost 

Trims cover the siding around the edges, windows, and doors. Without them, your siding project will be unfinished. 

Fortunately, trimming doesn’t require that much money, to begin with. But you’ve to make sure you’re using some good materials for a better finish. 

The average cost for trimming is between $1,800 and $2,500. 

Soffit Installation 

Soffit is another important part of your home. It helps with your ventilation, trimming, and many more. Because of that, it can’t be ignored. 

The average cost to install a soffit depends on you. Normally, you’re supposed to use the same material as the siding. It helps with the overall look of the house. 

It usually costs about $200 to $500 to install the soffits. 

Gutter Installation

Gutters are a system that directs the water from your siding. It’s essential for siding protection. Adding gutters can increase the total lifetime of the siding. 

Installing a gutter system requires about $1,400 to $2,000 on average. They’re available in different materials. 

Other than these, the price can also differ based on styles. But they aren’t always accurate and differ a lot. Ask your service about them to get an actual estimate about them. 


Questions: What is the cheapest way to side a house?

Answers: If you’re looking for something cheap yet durable, vinyl siding is the best. They often come in different colors which can provide some nice finishes. But they’re super weak against strong winds. 

Questions: How long does it take to side a house?

Answers: It usually takes around 1 to 2 weeks depending on the complexity. Since every house is different, most services will inspect first. After that, they’ll give you an accurate estimate of the total time. 

Questions: Is it cheaper to paint a house or put siding on it?

Answers: Painting your house is always a cheaper option. But adding a siding also gives your house extra durability and protection. That’s why even though it costs 2 or 3 times more, siding is the best option. 

Final Words

That was everything on how much it costs to side a 2000 sq. ft. house. I do hope that was enough to clear some misunderstandings and confusion. 

Since you’ve read till this point I’ll finish it with a tip. Make sure to contact several services before you finalize a project. On top of that, you can also get materials and provide them yourself. This option saves a lot of money. 

Finally, best of luck and happy siding!