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How To Cover Odd Shaped Windows In 4 Different Ways

Your brand new house has an odd-shaped window. This is not aligning with the vibe of your house nor does it look good. So you want to know about some way you can cover those. 

How to cover odd shaped windows?

To cover the window we’ve presented you with 4 amazing options. Firstly, you can hand curtains or blinds. There are color options that you can use to match your surroundings. Moreover, you can also use films, or bamboo Roman slides as decor. But you can take help from a professional for a finer style. 

Intrigued by the preview? Well, we have more details in the segment below.

So, jump right into it!

How Can You Cover An Odd Shaped Windows

Now, an odd-shaped window in a decorated room might look unimpressive. So, you want to find a way to cover it but you find yourself struggling. But don’t worry, cause we’ve some amazing recommendations for you!

Here are some great ways you can cover your windows:

Idea 1: The Windows With Curtains

Decorating your window with a stylish curtain can cover its odd-shaped. These curtains come in different colors, textures, designs, and thicknesses. So you can find a perfect match to go with your room. 

Although light colors are in trend, nowadays you can match it to either the ceiling or wall paint. When it comes to placing the curtains, there are some rules you need to maintain.

These are mentioned in the upcoming sections:

Step 1 of 3:  Measure The Window

Start by using a measurement tape to figure out the width and height of the window. From there you can know the length of the curtains you need to buy. This will also give you the measurement of the rod length.

Step 2 of 3: Drill The Marked Spots

Mark the place on the wall using a marker where you want to drill. Then using your drilling machine, make a hole. After that, place the screws using your screwdriver and then place the rods. Use the user manual for instructions if you’re confused. 

Step 3 of 3: Place The Curtains

Now check if the brackets are attached to the right level. After that, put the curtains on the rod. Then put the rods in the brackets and you’re done!

Idea 2: Blinds for Odd-shaped Windows

Just like you’d cover a normal window with blinds you can also cover an oddly shaped one. These blinds are available in many patterns. So no matter your window size, you can find one for yourself. Hence you don’t have to go through the hassle of shaping them. 

However, this isn’t a DIY-friendly project. But there are plenty of companies that make custom-shaped blinds. Here are some companies we recommend to you for custom blinds:

Company 1
Company 2

These companies help you to find your desired blinds for your window. 

Idea 3: Putting window film

You can cut and shape window film in the size you want them to be. So if your goal is to cover an irregular shape window this might be the answer. 

You can find a lot of different types of window film. Assess the rooms in your house you want to put the films on first. According to that, you can find yourself one that fits your needs. 

Popular Types of Window Film

Here are some of the films you can put in your room:

  • Heat-Control Window Film
  • Glare-Control Window Films
  • Privacy Window Films
  • Decorative Window Film

From here you can choose one according to your need and put it up. 

Idea 4: Create Bamboo Roman Shades

If you prefer DIY then you can look for bamboo roman shades. It’s a simple way to give your home a native, rustic-looking vibe. Plus, it won’t even cost that much!

It’s a simple process to work on. So, let’s go through the steps of creating bamboo roman shades:

  1. First, use a miter saw and cut the fencing compared to the length of your window.
  2. Use scissors to snip the cord below the hot glue. In this way the unwanted cording will be cut off. 
  3. Place the bins on the curtain rod. This will help you to measure the loop size. 
  4. Finally, attach the bamboo slats. These will add weight to the shade and keep it from falling. 

And that’s all you have to do! 

Why Is It Better To Get It Done By A Professional!

Well covering an odd shaped window can be an intricate task. So take help from a professional. There are many factors that have to fall perfectly into place to have a good-looking window.

These professionals are going to factor in the overall decor of your home’s window. They’ll provide you with numerous options about the length of the decor. Plus they can do all the work with minimal hassle. 

So, if you’re somebody who doesn’t have the time to do it yourself, hire a professional!

That’s all we have on ways you can cover your oddly shaped windows. Moreover, you can also attach clings to stick on the window in the playroom. It allows natural light into your home. 


Question: How can I cover my window cheaply?

Answer:  There are some cheap options you can try to cover your windows. One of them is hanging curtains over the window. Curtains can go very wrong if you end up with something heavy and expensive.

Question: How do I hide uneven windows?

Answer: You can hang curtains to hide uneven windows. You can also use houseplants as an attractive distraction. Installing a glass film can also help you to solve this problem. 

Question: Does privacy window film work at night?

Answer: Using a blackout window film, it will block light from coming in. It’s different from all other types of film. This film is most beneficial during the night as nobody can see inside.


Finally, this brings us to the end of our segment on how to cover odd shaped windows. You can choose from either of these options to make your window perfectly bind with your room.

Till next time, take care!