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How to Cover a Recliner With a Sheet: 3 Simple Ways

You’ve been wanting to get rid of your recliner. Because it’s old, and worn out, or doesn’t match your house decor. Are you facing difficulties to do it? No worries, I’ll help you.

How to cover a recliner with a sheet?

You can cover the recliner by draping, then tucking sheets into the crevices of the chairs. Alternatively, you can sew measured sheet pieces to the recliner’s surfaces to create a sheet cover. Besides that, with correctly sized material and pins, you may create a slipcover out of a sheet chair.

Still unsure whether you can do it or not? Don’t worry. I have an entire article describing everything in detail.

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How to Make a Recliner Slipcover

Before covering the recliner slipcover you might want to learn the way to make it. Here’s how you can make your own-

  1. Measure the recliner with the tape measure just like you measure for a table corner. Make sure that you’ve got precise measurements. Cover every detail and angle with the sheets.
  2. Choose the fabric you want for the recliner’s covering. Lay the fabric by the recliner. Purchase at least double the length of slipcover fabric required to cover any flaws.
  3. Drape the slipcover around the recliner and pin it around the edges. Check for the measurements and allow about a 1-inch hem on the recliner.
  4. Remove the slipcover and sew the hems in place using the sewing machine. Remove the pins carefully to ensure you’re working the angles correctly.
  5. Fit the slipcover over the recliner once the sewing is finished. Tuck fabric stray edges. Fix them with a needle and thread.

Following these easy steps will save both your energy and money.

Also, if you’re confused about which sewing machine to choose, here are some products that we prefer-

SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing MachineIt has variety of stitching options
Magicfly Mini Sewing MachineIt provides strong stitches by using double thread design 

Covering the Recliner with Sheets

Now it’s time to learn the process of covering the recliner. To do it you need some necessary tools. 

Here, let’s look at the basic tools you will need.

Things You’ll Need 

  1. Sofa/ Armchair
  2. Sheets
  3. Safety Pins
  4. Scissors
  5. Upholstery tacks

Go for flat sheets since they work better for covering furniture. Now let’s move on to the method to cover the recliner.

Method 1: Using Sheets

Covering the Recliner with sheets by draping has to be the most simple method. But don’t think duct board and sheet material are the same. Yeah both are called sheets but they have huge differences. Here learn in detail about it.

  1. Check the sheets making sure there are no loose strings or snags on both sides. If you find any, snip them off with scissors and discard them.
  2. Cut out all segments with fraying at the edges.
  3. Check the sheet for any snagged threads. If you come across a snag, use scissors to cut it and discard that area.
  4. Fold the sheet in half lengthwise. Wrap it around your chair from left to right, covering all sides. Assure that the sheet is large enough to cover the top of your chair.
  5. In order to maximize coverage, make sure the sheet is fully extended on its feet.
  6. For even coverage, tuck excess sheeting around the chair’s edge and bottom.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with the fitting, then adjust the sheeting again.

Are you looking for cheap and unique sheets? If so, then you can go for these.

Both of them are high-quality sheets as well as affordable. You can also cover sectional couches using the sheets.

Method 2: Using Double Sheets

Even with all the readjusting you might not like the finishing of the above method. So, to get a neater finish you have to do the following steps:

  1. Consider two sheet pieces that are the right size for your recliner’s arms.
  2. Drape the sheets over the arm of the chair and tuck them into the crevices. Then, pin the sheets together at the bottom.
  3. Take the third sheet. This sheet should cover the backrest, seat, and legs. Drape it over the backrest and seat. After that, tuck the edges of the sheet into the crevices.
  4. Leave enough length to cover the back and legs of your chair. Pin the leg and back drapes in the obscured areas.

This method is quite easy and won’t take a lot of time.

Method 3: Stitching

This procedure includes stitching, and it must be carried out with extreme caution:

  1. Place the sheet lengthwise over the arm and seat of the chair, covering them evenly. Allow any excess length to drop down your chair’s back.
  2. Pull up all the sheets from the floor and put them on the seat. Tuck the excess fabric on the seat into the side and back openings neatly.
  3. Try to keep the cover in place. Then, gather the draping cloth at the chair’s outer edges into equal proportions.
  4. Use safety pins to secure the corner folds and pin the front gathers below each arm. Back gathers should be the same distance from the floor as your front gathers.
  5. Thread a 2-foot length of 1-inch ribbon. Thread it through the extra-large hole of a yarn-sized sewing needle.
  6. Bend the ribbon’s end to begin stitching if required. Thread your needle through the folds underneath one of the corner pins.
  7. If the sheets are not stretchable enough, cut a small split in the folds using scissors. Remove the needle and safety pin.
  8. Knot the ribbons into tight bows to secure the corner folds. Trim the ribbon as desired to remove any extra. Repeat the gathering procedure at each pinned corner.

Tip:  You can tuck magazines or newspapers between the cushions. This will help to keep the sheets in place.

This method is a bit complicated. I will suggest going for any of the first or second methods.


Question: Is it possible to use a fitted sheet to cover a recliner?

Answer: Yes, it is. A fitted sheet can be used if it’s in the correct size and secured with clamps or tie-downs.

Question: How do you slipcover a recliner?

Answer: The sheet should be at least two inches larger than your chair on all sides to cover everything. Trim extra fabric or elastic using scissors, then stitch seams.

Question: How much fabric is required to cover a recliner?

Answer: Generally, a chair requires 7 yards and a couch 15 yards. The upholstery cloth is broader than normal. That might help you.

Final Words

By reading all the steps, you should know how to cover a recliner with sheets.

You can give your recliner a new start while also ensuring its longevity. But, it’s not as simple as it appears. So, be sure you have the patience to complete it.

Good luck!