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How to Cover A Sectional Couch with Sheets: 7 Steps to Follow

A sectional couch is an excellent addition to your drawing-room. But cleaning them is not so easy. To keep them neat and clean, the use of sheet covers is very important. Sheet covers save you from lots of labor.

How to cover a sectional couch with sheets?

There are several steps to make a sectional couch cover with sheets. First, take measurements of the couch and collect the sheets. Wash the sheet properly. Then make the design and cut your sheet. After that check the accuracy of the cut. Lastly, sew the sheets together or separately and use them!

You will need detailed guidance to go through these steps. I have got you covered for that. Spare some time and keep scrolling.

How to Cover A Sectional Couch with Sheets? 

Sheet covers are very essential to protect your pretty couches. They save you from several problems like cleaning vomit smell from the couch. You can cover up your sectional couch with sheets in the simple steps discussed below. 

Step 1: Collecting Enough Sheets to Cover the Couch 

The first thing you have to do is to collect the sheets. You can buy new or use old sheets. But you must make sure that you have gathered the appropriate amount of sheets. For that, you have to measure the couch properly. 

The ideal fabric size for 6 feet couch is 12 yards or 11 m. For every next foot, you will need 2 yards of sheets.

You have to consider the cushions too. For each cushion, you will need 1.5 yards of fabric. It is always better if you have some extra sheets.

You can also manually measure the sheet length from your couch. For that measure all the parts separately. The backside, inside of the backside, right and left parts, etc. must be measured without any error.

Step 2: Washing the Sheet Properly 

Before making the couch cover, wash the sheet properly. No matter if it’s an old or new sheet, you should clean it. Because after cleaning the fabric can shrink. You have to find the shrunk length before cutting the sheet. 

Otherwise, the cover will not fit the couch.This can cause huge trouble for you. Because when the cloth shrinks, apparently it won’t fit the couch properly. Therefore, it’s important to be careful beforehand. 

Also, don’t forget to iron the sheet after washing if it seems too wrinkled. If you’re cleaning polyester couches or leather, the task is quite hard. 

Step 3: Making Required Design on an Old Sheet 

Now it’s time to make the prototype design for your couch cover. Use an old sheet to make the design. Drape the sheet over the couch properly. Pin it at necessary places. Then make marks on the sheet with chalk. 

These markings will show you the cutting edges. Remember to remove the cushion before covering the couch. We will make separate covers for the cushion. You can also use butcher paper for making the markings. 

Step 4: Cutting the Sheet 

Now it is time to cut the sheet. We will not cut the practice sheet or the butcher paper. Rather we will follow the designs on those to cut out our cover sheet. Keep an extra length of 1 to 1.5 inches on the edges.

These extra lengths will be needed for sewing. So you must keep the extra length. Also, mark the cut pieces to remember where the pieces will go. You can give arrow signs too for your convenience.

Step 5: Checking the Accuracy 

Once you have cut the sheet, you have to check its accuracy. Cover your couch with the sheet. Tuck in necessary places. Use pins too close to the open edges. Observe if your sheet has covered the couch or not.

Check if the linings of the cover match with the couch. Also, there should be extra fabrics available for sewing. We will proceed to the next step only after ensuring these parameters. 

Step 6: Sewing The Sheet 

Now it’s time to sew the sheet. There are two ways of sewing. You can sew all the parts of the sheet together. Or you can go by single parts. The choice is yours and both methods will cover your entire sectional couch. 

If you are going to attach all the parts of the sheet, do it carefully. There are a lot of parts. You have to sew them accurately on the right sides. Otherwise, you will end up with a weird-looking couch cover.

And if you choose multiple pieces, make separate covers for each part. There will be separate covers for the right and left arms, back part, front part, etc of the couch. Also, make covers for the cushion after finishing the couch cover. 

I have some suggestions for sewing machines that you can use:

SINGER Heavy Duty Sewing MachineMetal-made and run by corded electricity 
Magicfly Mini Sewing MachineSupports both AC/DC and battery power 

These products are great from every perspective. Try them for an experience!

Step 7: Setting Up on The Couch 

I have reached the last step. Now I will wrap the couch with the newly made cover. Start with one side and then cover the whole couch part by part. Be attentive about matching the cover and parts of the couch.

After covering the whole couch, check if the cover fits perfectly or not. If there are any mismatches you will have to re-do it. You can also use zips for your cushion covers to beautify them.

These are all the required steps of covering your sectional couch with sheets. You don’t have to take apart your sectional couch to make this cover in the given steps. 


Question: How do you make a sectional slipcover without sewing?

Answer: To make a sectional slipcover without sewing you’ve to follow the tucking method. While making the cover keep the fabric on the sides of the sheet. Cover the couch and tuck in the extended sides.

Question: Can you reupholster a couch without removing old fabric?

Answer: Yes, you can reupholster a couch without removing old fabric. You have to set up the new fabric over the old fabric. Then staple on required places. Use a heavy-duty stapler for the work.

Question: How do you clean a couch that will not be removed?

Answer: To clean a couch that will not be removed you will need enzyme cleaners. Take your couch outside of the house. Apply enzyme cleaner thoroughly over the couch. Scrub, wash with water, and repeat.


We have told you everything you need to know about how to cover a sectional couch with sheets. Follow our steps properly to finish the task efficiently. 

Using a sheet cover is very essential to protect the couch. Making a sheet cover with your own hands will save you some bucks.