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How to Install Curbless Shower On A Concrete Slab: 6-Step Process

A comfortable bathroom is anyone’s desire, especially during the shower.

Sometimes the curb of the shower can hamper your shower time comfort.

In fact, things can get really worse if you stumble into the curb. 

Probably you won’t let a curb spoil your smooth shower experience.

How to install a curbless shower on a concrete slab?

You won’t need many things. Just some paint, mud, and chicken wire. Add the paint, and put some mud. Add the chicken wire. Add the mud again for a final touch. Wait for drying. And congratulations! Your curbless shower is set and ready to use. It’s that simple.

To precisely follow the installation process, you need in-depth knowledge.

That’s exactly what you will get from this article. Once you go through it!

Time to make some cozy comfortable showers!

Step-by-step Installation of A Curbless Shower on The Concrete Slab

Installing a curbless shower is not that hard. Rather the whole process is less time-consuming. Also, it is not that costly.

Any installation process contains a set of steps. And this one is no different. 

To begin the process, we have to begin with the steps then!

Step-01: Gather the Equipements

There are a certain few things that you need at first. And the things are:

  • Floor paint that is waterproof
  • Mesh curtain or mosquito screen
  • Mud
  • Shower pan liner
  • Paintbrush

These are the general equipment you will be needing. Gather them up and you are ready for the next step then!

Step-02: Paint the Floor

It is the first step of the installation process. To begin, clean the concrete floor. Take that paint you have bought. 

Now paint the floor with the help of a paintbrush. It’s that simple!

You may think why paint the floor?

The paint makes the floor waterproof. At the same time, the paint works as a shield against moisture for the floor. 

The most important part is that the concrete floor remains safe. It is because the paint stays as an anti-cracking layer over the concrete floor.

You won’t have to think about fractures on the floor. The paint will do the job for you. By protecting the floor obviously!

Step-03: Bring in Some Mesh Curtain

Once the paint on the floor dried up, get some mesh curtains. Spread it all across the concrete area. And set it up.

This mesh wire actually operates as a binder. It basically makes sure that the mud sticks to the floor.

When you put the mud over the floor, there remains a possibility that it will get off the floor. With the presence of the chicken wire or mesh curtain, it won’t get off. That’s for sure.

Step-04: Put Some Mud

It’s time to put some mud on the concrete slab. Without further ado, bring in the mud.

Spread it all over the floor. This way, the floor will get enveloped with a single layer of mud.

There remains a probability that the water can be all over the shower floor. After all, the curbless shower has no boundaries.

This is where the mud arrives. The main goal is to create a drainage system for the shower. The mud bed creates a slope. This leads the water directly to the shower drains.  

How are you going to put the mud? Obviously, with a trowel! Thinking of this, here are some trowels you can check out:

Product 1
Product 2

They are the cheapest ones with the best quality. Why don’t you give it a try? This way you can see it for yourself!

Step-05: Install the Shower Pan Liner

After putting a layer of mud on the bed, wait for a while. Let it dry. Once the mud gets dried up, you have to add the shower pan liner. 

Put the shower pan liner over the floor. Straighten and stretch it up so that it covers up the whole floor.

Grab a stapler. Staple the shower pan liner over the previous mud bed. The shower pan line will not stay on its own, now will it?

The pan line further makes sure that the shower is not leaking. In other words, it makes the shower more waterproof.

Step-06: Add the Final Layer of Mud

This is the last step of installing a curbless shower. Here, you will have to add another layer of mud over the shower pan liner. 

Make sure this layer of mud also makes the slope pass the water to the drainage. Just like the previous mud bed. Finally, wait for a while to make the mud bed dry up. 

Once the mud is dried up then voila! Your desired curbless shower on the concrete slab is ready.

Watch Out

Thus far, you have learned the steps to install the curbless shower over the concrete slab.

To perfectly complete the whole setup process, there are still a few things or two that you should keep in mind.

Let’s check them out then!

Maintain Proper Dimensions

While installing the curbless shower, try to maintain proper parameters. Especially while putting the layer of the mud bed. 

Near the drainage system, maintain the thickness of the mud as ⅛ inches. Gradually increase the thickness up to ½ inches towards the floor.

This way a slope will get generated from the floor to the drain. This ultimately makes the shower drain lower than the tile.

If the thickness is not maintained, the water might get clogged on the floor. 

This is why I try to maintain the thickness of the mud layer.

Also for the final layer of the mud, make sure the thickness is 1 and a  ½ inches at the floor. While near the drain, it should be ¼ inch.

Wait for the Paint and Mud to Dry Out

Make sure that the paint dries out before applying the mesh wire. Similarly, wait for the mud to dry out as well before applying the shower pan liner. 

If the paint does not dry properly, there will be no anti-fracture membrane. There is a chance that you may face leakage issues. 

For mud, you can’t put the shower pan liner over it unless it is dried well. 

At worst the whole curbless shower building process might go wrong.

That is all for now then. Keep these things in mind while building the curbless shower.

You won’t have to face any issues then.

Curbless Shower On a Concrete Slab: The Advantages

People for no reason install a curbless shower. There are some certain pros to it. Two of the major advantages are easy movement and easy maintenance. 

Let’s check them out!

Easy Movement

Curbless showers are easier to use. You can move more smoothly in the shower. 

Without worrying about the curbs at all. Showers with boundaries can be a bit difficult to move in. Especially for elderly people or children. 

If you have movement issues, then curbless showers are the best option for you!

Easy Maintenance

It is needless to say that cleaning curbless showers is the easiest to clean. At least, easier to clean than a shower with boundaries. 

First things first, there is no need for any doors or windows for a curbless shower. This means fewer components in the bathroom. And the fewer the components, the easier it is to clean the shower.

Not only that. Often germs and microorganisms can grow on the shower walls. For a curbless shower, you can say goodbye to these germs.

Curbless installation can be a hard nut, still, people like curbless showers. Hope you know now why.


Is a shower bed necessary for building a curbless shower?

Yes. If you are building a curbless shower on a concrete slab. The shower bed works as a base. For both the curbless shower and the tiles. Without a shower bed, you cannot put tiles on the shower. The shower bed keeps the concrete free of moisture. For this reason, make a shower bed of concrete.

Can I keep the water in the curbless shower?

Yes, you can. You will need to use splash guards. Set them at the corners of the floor of the curbless shower. The mud bed of the curbless shower contains slopes. These slopes direct the water to the drain. The splash guards will stop the water from moving through the slope to the drains.

What is the ideal depth of a curbless shower should be?

Generally, you can make the curbless shower around 36 inches in depth. Besides, you can make the shower deeper if you want to but there’s a catch. Whatever the depth you want your shower to be, the depth cannot exceed 48 inches. Otherwise, it will become hard for the water to pass through the drain.

Final Verdict

Guess this is the end, Bob the builder. Hope you know enough about a curbless shower on a concrete slab

Need more information to clear out queries? You can look for plumbing experts. There are many houseware prodigies out there. They can surely help you!

With this, I take my leave.

Make your days awesome by taking a wholesome shower!