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How To Cut Marble Tile Without Chipping? [8 Steps to Perform]

Who doesn’t want to avoid chipping while cutting their marble tiles? It’s pretty understandable to be extra concerned. Because chipping will just ruin the appearance of your tile. 

How to cut marble tile without chipping?

Mark the area you’re going to cut first. Pick a diamond blade for your wet saw. Once done, fill the machine’s bottom reservoir with clean and cold water. Adjust the saw’s fence for a straight afterward. Flip your tile and slowly guide it through your saw. This way you’ll get a clean cut. 

To be honest, the info mentioned above isn’t sufficient at all. That’s why we have an entire section dedicated to the cutting process. 

Let’s check the steps out, shall we?

Cutting Marble Tile Without Chipping

It’s crucial to cut your marble tile for tiling your corners or other areas. That’s why making one mistake will cost you a lot. By this we mean the money as well along with your time. 

Before getting to know the procedure you should know the time and tools taken for this. Luckily, you don’t need much time to cut your marble tiles. But this is only applicable if you’re doing it the right way. 

To cut the tiles properly, you’ll have to get the right tools. These are-

  • Wet saw
  • Diamond blade
  • Pencil or marker
  • Scale 
  • Gloves 
  • Safety glasses 
  • Earplug 
  • Respirator
  • Coldwater 

These are all you need. Once you have the tools and equipment, you can start!

Step 1: Prepare Yourself 

Cutting through a marble tile is no joke. When you cut through your marble tile, it creates a lot of harmful dust. This is why you need to protect yourself before going through the process. 

Put on your safety glasses to protect your eyes. Wear protective gloves to keep your hands safe from getting any cuts. You can use nitrile gloves. This pair of gloves are used to cut your asbestos siding as well. 

There’ll be loud noises while cutting the tiles as well. That’s why wearing an ear plus is a must. Don’t have any earplugs in your home? 

Here are a few suggestions-

Product 1
Product 2

That’s it! You’re all ready to cut your tiles now. 

Step 2: Mark Your Tile

Use a pencil and scale to mark the areas you want to cut. If the pencil doesn’t work, use a marker. But don’t use a waterproof marker. 

Step 3: Install Your Diamond Blade 

Once you’re done with marking, you should get the diamond blade you have. Because you need to start installing it on the wet saw. 

Tip your saw on its side. Look for the screws that are holding the present blade in its place. Unscrew them once you find them. 

Lift and take out that blade now. Put the diamond blade in its place later on. Secure the blade in its place with the same screw again. Use one of your socket wrench for tightening the screw/nut. 

By the way, you might wonder why we’re using a wet saw. You might think of using a Dremel for this job. Because Dremel can even cut ductwork easily so why not tiles. 

To be honest, Dremel is a good choice for cutting tiles. But marble tiles can break or chip if you use this tool. That’s why a wet saw is the perfect option. 

Step 4: Fill Your Saw Machine with Water 

Once you’re done installing the blade, search for the water reservoir. Fill it with cold water. The water will reduce the amount of dust that appears while cutting the marble tile.

The water should be clean. Using dirty water will just make things messier. Fill up the water reservoir till you see the bottom of your blade is engulfed. 

Step 5: Adjust the Saw’s Fence 

It’s time to adjust the fence. This will help you to keep the cut straight. 

To adjust it, hold the marble tile against the fence’s edge. This way you’ll see where the tiles line up with the saw. Adjust your fence till the place you marked on the tile lines up with the saw. 

Step 6: Cut a 2.5cm Along the Marked Line

This will help to avoid your tile from chipping or cracking when you cut through it. To do it, just flip over the tile so that it faces the saw’s bottom. Remember the finished part on the tile should face up. 

Turn your saw on now and start cutting the tile. Make sure you cut just 2.5 cm from your tile’s edge. 

Step 7: Cut Through Marble Tile 

Finally, you can cut the marble tile now. Line the tile in a way so that the finished side of it faces up. Slowly push the tile toward the saw. 

This way you can easily achieve a straight cut. If you’re planning to cut a smaller piece, grab a wooden guide. This will hold the piece of tile from the other side. As a result, the tile piece won’t crack or break. 

That’s it! You now have a perfectly cut marble tile. By the way, once you have cut all the tiles, remember to turn the saw off. 

Step 8: Cut Curves With Angle Grinder (Optional)

Now, you might want to cut curves. In that case, you need an angle grinder. Because it’s a useful tool for cutting curves. Plus one can use an angle grinder to cut ceramic tile too. 

To cut your marble tile, use the same diamond blade on the grinder. Cut through the tile halfway first. Run the grinder again through the previous line to get a perfect cut. 

There you have it! All done with the cutting process. 


Question: Is it difficult to cut a marble tile?

Answer: To be honest, yes it is. Marble tile is more fragile than other tiles. It can break easily if you don’t know how to cut it properly. That’s why only people with tile cutting skills can handle this tile. 

Question: Can a cutter be used to cut marble tiles?

Answer: We definitely don’t recommend cutting the marble tile with a cutter. You can damage the tile that way. For example, your marble tile will end up with scratches. This is why using a wet saw is recommended. You’ll get a perfect and straight cut if you use the machine. 

Question: How to clean a marble tile?

Answer: You can use vinegar and baking soda to clean your marble tiles. Even just water and dishwashing soap can be used if the tile isn’t too dirty. It’s best not to use any abrasive cleaner on the marble tile surface. Doing so can discolor the tile. 


That’s all there was on how to cut marble tile without chipping. Hopefully, you have a better idea now. 

But you might think you’ll be unable to do the job. Call a person who’s an expert in cutting tiles in that case.

Good luck!