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How to Cut And Polish Rocks [4 Easy Steps]

Collecting rocks is said to be one of the most favorite childhood hobbies. But with stretch, they tend to yield their shine and edge. This sounds like a headache and disaster. 

How to cut and polish rocks?

First thing first, take protective measures before anything. Then, cut the stone using a rock saw. Next, grind the rock in a grinder to shape it in your desired shape. Use sandpaper to file the stones to tone down the edges. Polish the stone with a diamond-ingrained grit.

This will be a short summary of the whole issue. But you may please keep reading for a more elaborate resolution on this topic.

Tools And Equipment

Cut and polished stones have many uses. Also, there are several methods to cut and polish stones as well. 

Let us first check out the tools required for the process:

Work Gloves

These specific gloves will help you to have a better and safer grip during rock cutting. Rock cutting is usually very dangerous if not taken proper measures. So, gloves are necessary.


During sanding or sizing rocks, a lot of dust particles might be produced. It might get in your eyes and make you uncomfortable. It might be contaminated to your eyes as well.

Always wear goggles while working with rocks or any dusty material.

Face mask

Now that you have protected your eyes from dust, it’s time for your mouth and nose. Dust allergies could occur if you are not being careful. 

Rock saw

This is probably where the materials for actual rock work start. Rock is what you need for cutting rock into pieces. There are other ways as well but today we will only focus on the basics.

Grinder (Polisher for Small Stones)

The grinder is important to polish smaller rocks. For instance, rocks for jewelry could be polished here. 

Here are a few of my favorite companies for grinder:

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These are the absolute best when it comes to rock grinders. Hope you check them out.


This is the best way to smooth down a rock’s edges. Any sharp edge and uneven surface can be fixed with it.

A Lap

The best thing to make a flat bottom in a rock is with a lap. It is one of those sanders that sits flat to make small jewelry on.

So this will be all to start the rock cutting and polishing. Have all of them set.

How To Cut And Polish Rocks?

Stones are cut and polished according to their uses. For instance, for jewelry, the process is milder than that of installing a granite countertop.

Cutting and polishing rocks are quite easy. After taking the necessary safety all you have to do is to follow the procedure:

Step 1

First, Scratch a gemstone with a thin circular blade composed of steel or copper. That too impregnates with diamond grit along the outer edge. 

This also revolves at several thousand surface feet per minute. It is the most typical method of gem sawing. 

A liquid, such as oil or water, helps to wash away cutting waste. Also, keeps the rock and saw blade from overheating. Which, by the way, could cause damage to both of them.

Step 2

Grind the rock to the desired rough shape with a grinder. For bigger pieces, a manual grinder stands high.

Although an all-in-one grinder/sander/polisher can save time. That too by many procedures into one machine. 

This process is very significant as it decides the longevity of your stones. I don’t want you to regret skipping this process and struggling while cleaning the stone tile floor.

Step 3

Make a flat bottom on a rock piece with a lap. It’s a sander for flat sanding.

In order to prepare for a setting, the stone is used to level down the bottom. You may need to polish likewise if the lap creates unfortunate edges.

Step 4

Sanding is similar to grinding, except that the abrasives are finer. Its job is to remove deep scratches left behind by coarser abrasives while grinding.

Because it removes more material. It enables the rock to be sculpted more delicately before polishing.

On rounded rock, a flexible surface, such as a belt sander, is employed. Its purpose is to prevent flat areas from forming and to encourage smooth curves.


Question: Is it possible to cut rocks with a Dremel?

Answer: Yes, it is. Dremels are said to be a handy material to cut, shape and polish a rock. Though the type, size, and shape of rock matter for Dremel to work its magic on.

Question: Is it possible to cut rocks with a tile saw?

Answer: Most definitely. A wet tile saw is suggested to be the best tool to cut a rock perfectly. Pro-tip, make sure to soak the rock in the water to avoid the initial dryness before cutting.

Question: what kind of rocks have crystals in them?

Answer: the geode rocks have crystals in them. On the inside, they are hollow and embedded with sparkly crystals. But on the outside, they tend to look basic enough to be overlooked.


If you have read this far, I hope your query about how to cut and polish rocks is responded to. And you could curve a rock by yourself now.

But, if you are still stumbling then I would suggest you contact a professional. I’m proud of you for at least trying.

Rest assured, hope you have a wonderful rock collection. Until next time!