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How To Make A Daybed Look Like A Couch [The Easiest Tutorial]

You want to use your daybed as a couch to spend your leisurely hours. However, you don’t know enough about transforming a daybed into a couch.

How to make a daybed look like a couch?

You can start by picking the right daybed to transform into a couch. Place the daybed somewhere fitting for a traditional couch. Decorate the daybed with pillows, bed skirts, blankets, and small tables to create a comfortable environment. Add adequate padding in the armrest and reduce the depth of the daybed with pillows.

Don’t leave yet! That was only a preview. There is plenty more to know about transforming a daybed into a couch.

Let’s jump into this detailed read, shall we?

Turn Your Daybed Into A Fully Functional Couch

Let’s make one thing clear. How your couch will look will completely depend on the appearance of your daybed.

A daybed that comes with padded backrests and thick armrests almost resembles an actual couch. This means that your work will be cut significantly short!

What if your daybed looks nothing like a couch? Maybe your daybed doesn’t have any armrests. Or perhaps, you’ve got a twin daybed that has too much depth and doesn’t offer backrests.

In that case, you’ve to be a bit creative with your approach and adapt clever ways. Here’s how you can do it-

Step 1: Choose The Perfect Spot For A Couch

The key to accurately remodeling a daybed into a couch is to pick the perfect spot. The placement of the daybed often decides how your couch looks in contrast to the room.

Pick a spot that allows enough room to decorate your daybed. Also, try to place the daybed somewhere you’ll place your couch, preferably the living room. Try different walls to see which place fits your daybed the best. 

Step 2: Add A Triangular Backrest Pillow

This is a very smart solution for daybeds that lacks a backrest with enough padding. It’s designed specifically with comfort in mind. 

What makes a couch comfortable to sit on is the angle of its backrest slope. A 15-degree angled slope offers maximum comfort and relaxation by supporting the upper body weight.

The thing that’s great about the triangular backrest pillow is that it replicates the desired angle. So you’ll get the similar comfortable experience you’d expect from a couch.

Check out these popular triangular backrest pillows that we recommend-


These triangular pillows use quality materials and prioritize absolute comfort over anything else.Trying out these pillows will put your back at ease and eliminate any form of discomfort.

Step 3: Rejuvenate The Armrest With Bolster Pillows

One of the key differences that distinguish a daybed from a couch is the armrest. Couch tends to have wider and thicker armrests compared to those of daybeds.

A narrow armrest makes it uncomfortable for resting your arms. And in some cases, the armrest is not even present in some daybeds.

To solve this issue, you can add bolster pillows at both ends of your daybed. They are more than capable to fill the void of armrests and are far comfier. It’s a technique best implied on daybeds lacking armrests.

For those who have narrow, awkward armrests, padding the armrest can solve the issue. You can stack layers of pillows on the side of the armrest to build some padding. This, although, might prove to be inadequate at times.

To solve that, you can cover the armrest with a blanket to add some extra padding. Not only will it suffice the padding, but it’ll also visually resemble a couch.

Step 4: Add Bed Skirt And Cozy Rugs

If your daybed comes with a trundle bed, you might consider using a bed skirt. Bed skirts can provide an elegant and stylish look to your daybed. But more importantly, it’ll hide the bottom of the trundle from plain sight.

Hiding the bottom of the daybed helps to form a better disguise of a couch. The bed skirt will cover the legs of the daybed as well as the mattress.

You can go for a skirt that fits well with the appearance of the room. Make sure to go for a solid, opaque color when picking a bed skirt.

The advantages of the bed skirt don’t end there! You can use the bottom of your daybed as a small storage area. Bed skirt will do the job of hiding that storage for you!

As a last-touch embellishment, a cozy rug can massively improve the look of your daybed. A cozy rag underneath will fill up the daybed with comfy vibes. 

Step 5: Add Cushions And Pillows For Comfort

Your everyday daybeds measure around 38×75 inches on average. This makes it too deep compared to everyday couches. A traditional couch has a seat depth of about 20-22 inches, about 15-20 inches less than a regular daybed

Looking for a way to reduce this massive depth? Cushions and pillows can help!

Throw a few large pillows at the back of your daybed. The pillows will cover up the extra space of the bed, reducing the depth.

Big pillows can also work as a backrest for your daybed. Stuffing the back of a daybed with pillows creates an illusion of a smaller space.

The edges of the daybed can be stacked with cushions to further reduce the depth. 

Upholstering a couch costs a lot of money. You can avoid paying that hefty fee by padding your daybed with a sturdy mattress.

Step 6: Consider Adding Throw Blankets

Nothing gives out a cozier sensation than a comfortable throw blanket. And the best thing about throws is that they can suit any furniture!

Throwing blankets shifts the focus away from the length and depth of the daybed. It adds extra padding in both the backrest as well as the armrests.

A great benefit of having throw blankets is that you can use them as a comforter. So, a throw blanket can come in handy whenever you want to take a nap.

It adds to the aesthetic value of the setup. The warmth and comfort provided by throw blankets make it a complementary piece of a couch. 

Step 7: Decorate the Daybed

A couch shouldn’t be limited to only its functionality. It should also embody the personality of its owner and blend comfortably with its surroundings. That’s where the decorating part steps in.

This is the most delicate part of the setup. Decorations can make or break the appearance of your daybed. So it’s suggested to carefully approach this stage of the transformation.

You should decide which color palettes will suit the appearance of the room of your house. Put emphasis on the pillow and blanket colors.

Try adding a side table near your daybed. Side tables are often the most understated decorative piece of your house.

Placing a side table beside any daybed will give it a modern, invigorating look. It offers a platform to place decorative pieces that can ease the atmosphere around the room.

Rather than acting as a useful tool, side tables contribute more to the visual frame. You can decorate the side table with potted plants or a reading lamp. Scented candles can be a great piece of decoration for your side table.

Similarly, you can place a coffee table in front of the daybed. Coffee tables are easy to move and add a welcoming air to your daybed. It’s a handy piece of furniture for keeping your useful stuff.

There’s a diverse number of coffee table styles out there. Pick the one that best suits your daybed set up to maximize the beauty of your daybed.

If the wall behind your daybed feels bland, you can hang a painting to reinvigorate it. The painting will add a touch of life to your room and the daybed as well!

A daybed-cum-couch can completely change the appearance of your room. It can fit almost anywhere in your house and takes up very little space.

Considering the one cushion sofa characteristics, a daybed offers comparatively better options. It’s simple to use, flexible, and serves multiple purposes.

The versatility of a daybed makes it the perfect furniture for small-room apartments. You can easily shift back from couch mode to daybed when you need an additional bed.

With proper modification, a daybed can end up being better than an actual couch!


Question: Is a twin bed any bigger than a daybed?

Answer: Twin beds are not that bigger than a typical daybed. They almost come in the same size. But daybeds usually come in larger sizes than typical sofa beds.

Question: How many pillows should be stacked on a couch?

Answer: This number can vary according to your taste and the size of the couch. Choosing an odd number of pillows often gives a visually satisfying look. Pick three pillows for smaller couches, and go for five with bigger ones.

Question: What kind of mattress suits a daybed?

Answer: Choose medium-firm mattresses. Medium-firm mattresses offer enough support to sit comfortably on the daybed. It can also act as a cushion when sleeping.

Final Words

You now have a clear understanding of how to make a daybed look like a couch. Don’t shy away from making any further adjustments if you feel necessary. Your creative choices will make your daybed unique from the rest!

With that, we hope you enjoyed our guide to transforming your daybed into a couch.

Have a nice day!