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How To Defrost a Samsung Ice Maker: 5 Easy Methods!

Samsung provides the most reliable ice maker.

But if the ice builds up, it will stop working.

I will see the power is running, but it’s not serving proper ice.

You need to defrost the blockage to produce ice and get it up and running. 

How to defrost a Samsung ice maker?

To defrost, you need to restart the Samsung ice maker. You can also manually melt the ice. Using the force defrost feature of the refrigerator can also save time. The steam from the hot water bowl is also effective. I use a scraper for the thin layer. 

I feel puzzled until I have all the details. Without further ado, jump right into the article!

Methods To Defrost a Samsung Ice Maker

Seeing your ice maker filled with ice might give you reasons to panic. To defrost the ice maker faster, we will restart it. Restarting the Samsung ice maker will start defrosting effectively immediately. 

Without any further ado, restart the ice maker!

Method 1 of 5: Restarting Samsung Ice Maker

Defrost by restarting the ice maker. The ice will start defrosting itself if you reset it. 

Firstly, get the ice bucket out and keep it somewhere safe. There is a “TEST” button in your fridge. You can find it under the ice maker. 

If you can’t find it, you just have a different model. Just check the manual to find it.

Found the button? Hold it for 10 seconds. Wait till you hear a chime sound. 

Your ice maker will start to defrost. You should put the ice bucket inside, so the ice doesn’t drop on the floor.  

Wait for another ringing sound. Heard it? Check the ice maker and see if the ice has defrosted. 

For some models, the ice maker will defrost within a day. 

If this does not work for you, go for the second method.

Method 2 of 5: Defrosting Manually 

The following method needs some precautions. You need to remove all the items that are inside the freezer. Keep the contents in a safe place until the technique is completed.

You can use any heating element, but a hair dryer would be excellent. Take the hairdryer and start melting the ice.

Keep a piece of thick towel with you. The towel will help you dry after the process. You should keep your regular or wood floor dry from this water.

There should not be any water inside after the ice has melted. We don’t want any other issue with your Samsung ice maker. 

Method 3 of 5: Force Defrost Ice Maker

We need to force defrost the refrigerator for this method. Following this method will defy the ice maker and the other units. Discard all of the contents inside and keep those somewhere safe.

Now, find the Energy Saver and the Power Cool button. Hold these two buttons for 10 to 15 seconds. After holding these buttons, you will see the screen has gone black.

After waiting a while, press those buttons to get the refrigerator to a forced freeze model.

Go for the final press and let the forced defrost start. All units of your freezer will start defrosting. 

If you don’t want to empty the refrigeration, you can remove the Samsung ice maker.

If the button combination is not working, you might have a different model. 

Method 4 of 5: Hot Water Bowl Method

This is a familiar and easy method people use to defrost. To start this method, take 2-3 bowls of hot water.

Now, keep the bowl of hot water on each unit. The steam coming out from the bowl will help defrost.

The ice will melt, and it will drop into the water. Keep changing the bowl to make the process more effective.

Method 5 of 5: Ice Scraping 

If your ice blockage is soft and can be easily removed, you can go for this method. You need a scraper or spatula for this method.

Use the scraper to manually remove the ice from the wall. Do not use force to remove the frost. 

Gently scrape all the ice as we don’t want to damage refrigerator parts.

It’s better to turn your Samsung refrigerator off using this method.

We suggested some excellent ice scrapers for your ease. Check these out!


If you are concerned about the timing, we got you! 

What is the Time Duration of Defrosting Samsung Ice Maker

Some methods to defrost Samsung ice makers are time-consuming. But as they are straightforward to go through, we recommend you to go for them.

If you reset your Samsung ice maker, it will take 24 hours. But defrosting manually will take between 6 to 10 hours.

A hairdryer will take at least 5 hours. But if you are letting the ice melt itself, it will take at least 9 hours. 

But if you use the force defrost feature, it will not take more than 30 minutes. This might be the fastest method. But this feature might not work for other issues of the ice maker.

Samsung Ice Maker Other Concerning Issues 

Samsung refrigerators suffer from several issues, as some models have low-grade design structures. 

Ice trays are ubiquitous. You will see a blockage, trim pieces, or even shards of ice inside. The ice maker will not function perfectly when you see these indications.

The sensors of your refrigerator can also be faulty. Check the defrost sensor. If it is blown or defective, take a professional to look into it.

Refrigerators have water filters which you can change. its line can be clogged due to freezing. You should check the internal lining once in a while. 

We always recommend finding out the problem before going to a professional. It will save you a ton of time and money.

That is all!


Why do ice cubes get stuck in ice makers?

Ice cubes can get stuck if your ice storage bin gets too full and you don’t use it more often. A slight melting of the ice and refreezing may cause the cubes to stick together. 

Why is my Samsung ice maker not dropping ice?

The water filter might be faulty if your ice maker is not dropping enough ice. It could be something as simple as a dirty water filter or low water pressure. By cleaning the filter, you can fix it.

How much does it cost to repair a Samsung ice maker?

If you go to a professional to fix your ice maker, they will take approximately $115 to $300. The price range will depend on the work they have to do to improve your ice maker. But the replacement parts for Samsung appliances are pricey.


I know the answer to how to defrost the Samsung ice maker. The methods we mentioned are safe and effective. Following the article’s steps will save me hundreds of dollars on repair services. 

Keep in mind not to use or do anything which may cause some damage to the refrigerator.

I hope learning this information will give you a fantastic result.

Thank you for sticking around with us till the end!