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Which to Choose Between Delta Faucet vs Glacier Bay?

Whether it’s for installation or replacement, you’ll want the greatest faucet available. But with so many brands on the market, making a decision can be difficult. 

You must be wondering, which faucet to pick between Delta Faucet vs Glacier Bay?

We’d highly encourage you to get the Delta Faucet. These faucets may be pricier than Glacier Bay but they’re more durable. They also have unique technologies like sensors that give a better appeal. But Glacier Bay faucets are a great option if you’re on a low budget. Simply remember to check them regularly. 

We understand that this is insufficient info to make a decision. We’d appreciate it if you read along with us. Because here you’ll find all the necessary info to come to a conclusion.

Let’s get on with the facts about these faucets right now!

How Are Delta Faucet And Glacier Bay Faucets Different?

While both Delta and Glacier Bay faucets are excellent, they differ in several ways. We’ve created a table for you below to summarize them-

Feature Delta FaucetGlacier Bay
PricingMedium to high can reach up to $500Medium price range, with a maximum of $60 
MaterialsMetal parts with sensorsPlastic and metal are the most common
DurabilityIt’ll last from 5 to 8 yearsIt’ll last up to 2 years 

Still, confused?

Then let’s look at their characteristics in detail. This should help you decide on the faucet easily- 

The Price Difference of The Faucets

We realize the importance of price while purchasing faucets. Delta and Glacier Bay faucets are really different in this regard.

Delta Faucet is pricier than Glacier Bay faucets. For a faucet setup, you’ll need to spend an average of $300. This high price comes due to their manufacturing standards and some other factors.

Delta Faucet is a highly favored brand for high-tech faucets for both household and commercial uses. The production costs are what get the faucet prices high. 

On the other hand, Glacier Bay is a super affordable option. Glacier Bay is an in-house brand aimed to provide affordable furnishings. Since this is available in different stores, it’s also easy to get them. 

But Glacier Bay faucets need yearly inspection to check and fix any leaks. Faucet maintenance is easy and costs less than $200. But, doing so once a year can be bothersome. 

What Are These Faucets Made Of?

Glacier Bay and Delta Faucet are made of different types of materials. This has an impact on both the pricing and the longevity of the product. 

Glacier Bay faucets are made of reinforced plastic and metal fixtures. But they have a limited number of colors and finishes. 

Delta faucets are made mainly from metal. Some of the finishing look similar to stainless steel but aren’t that. 

It requires special care to clean the artificial stainless steel. Seems like a hard task?

Don’t worry! It’s a simple matter of checking the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

The faucet can be found in a wide variety of finishes such as brass and other colors. You can pick the colors and finishes that fit your mood! 

Delta Faucet is also equipped with sensors. These sensors can provide you with many features. This can be water temperature display or contact-free faucet use. It can even be used to connect to home security systems.  

How Long Do These Faucets Last? 

The Delta and Glacier Bay faucets are different in terms of their longevity. A Delta Faucet will outlive a Glacier Bay faucet. But regular bathroom or kitchen faucet cleaning helps increase the longevity of both.  

As seen above, Delta Faucet is made from really high-quality materials. This makes them last as long as 8 years. 

Glacier Bay faucets don’t last well after 2 years. They become easily damaged due to corrosion, rust and need regular checks for leaks. 

Fixing leaks is rather simple. All you need is a wrench and some waterproof putty. If you don’t know which ones are suited for the task, then have a look at our options below-

Product 1
Product 2 

Once you’ve looked at the putty, let’s see more about the durability aspect. 

With regular cleaning and inspection, both of these faucets can last for a year longer. 

This is especially true for Glacier Bay. 

By the way, you should ensure, you aren’t using any abrasive cleaners for the cleaning job. It can cause more harm to the faucets.

Final Verdict

Could you decide between Delta Faucet or Glacier Bay? Allow us to enlighten you if you’re still undecided.

If you want something high-tech and modern, go for delta. They last longer so they’re a great deal if you want something durable. 

If you’re not willing to spend so much on faucets, feel free to pick Glacier Bay. Just make a mental note that these faucets will need regular maintenance. For that, always keep an eye out for leaks and cracks. 

On the note of checks, it’s a good idea to inspect both faucets. This can be done once a year to see whether the faucet has any problems. 

Sometimes, you may notice leaks even when the faucets are replaced and turned off. For this, it’s wise if you call a professional. That’s because it could be an issue with the water pressure regulator

We strongly believe that now you have enough information on faucets. This will surely help you decide on the ultimate faucet! 


Question: Are Delta Faucet better than Moen?
Answer: Many praise Delta Faucet over Moen for their affordability. Delta Faucet is known to have a wide range of colors, finishes, and features. These options are also affordable and won’t break your bank account the way Moen does.   

Question: Are all Delta Faucet the same quality?
Answer: Yes they are. Delta Faucet maintains their standards of manufacturing and products no matter where they’re sold. Regardless of where you buy a Delta Faucet, the quality will be the same. 

Question: How do I identify my Glacier Bay faucet?
Answer: You can identify the faucet model and number in two ways. You can look for the instruction manual that should have the make and model number. If that doesn’t work out, you can also check the faucet itself. Check under the spout or on the back of the faucet. 


Well, that wraps up all there is about Delta Faucet vs Glacier Bay. We’re confident that the faucet you select will be the greatest option for the job.

We wish you luck in your plumbing and other home improvement challenges!