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Are Delta And Peerless Faucets Interchangeable? [Explained]

You’ve installed delta faucets in your kitchen. But now you’ve changed your mind. You want to interchange it with peerless faucets! 

Are delta and peerless faucets interchangeable?

Yes, you can interchange delta and peerless faucets! Begin by assembling the parts. Remove the old faucets and hardware afterward. Once that’s done, install the new faucets and assemble the mixing valves. Thread the trim next. Reinstall the drain rod to complete the process. 

This information isn’t sufficient for you. Give a look at the directions we’ve got for you if you’ve some time!

Let’s get into it straight away!

Can You Interchange Delta With Peerless Faucets?

It’s already cleared that delta faucets and peerless faucets are interchangeable. Because they are basically from the same company. 

You now may ask a question- if their flow rate is the same or not! 

Yes, these faucets have identical flow rates. This is the same as the average flow rate of a faucet. Moreover, the flow rate of a faucet is similar to a typical household water flow rate. But if you’re not sure about the flow rate, you can measure the water pressure.

Anyway, to interchange them, keep reading!

Follow These 7 Steps To Interchange Your Faucets

Let’s get to know the directions properly. They are provided below in simple words for you-

Step 1: Assemble The Parts

To begin, put the necessary components together. Be ascertain that the fittings on the faucet’s end are fine to work. 

Now, replace the flexible lines. As a result, look for a set that has an automatic leak shutoff. 

Besides, excess water flow is detected via a tiny valve at the line’s base. It also shuts down to prevent more damage and floods. 

You might be wondering now, what would be the best leak shutoff! Thus, we’ve got the suggestions for you below! 

Product 1
Product 2

These are the products you can easily trust!

Step 2: Remove The Old Faucet

To begin, close the wall valves. Then open the faucet to release any remaining pressure. To loosen, use an adjustable wrench and a bucket. After that, take the flexible extension off the faucet. 

Then drain the remainder of the water into the bucket. Now, move out the flexible line from the shutoff valve. These valves are similar to the size of the valves of the toilets.

Step 3: Discard The Hardware

The faucet is usually secured with nuts and washers under the sink. Then remove the hardware in this region. 

Moreover, remove the clamp bolt of the drain rod extension. Then remove the faucet from the top. 

A point should be added here. That is, years of corrosion or a sticky base gasket may require some moderate persuasion.

Step 4: Install The New Faucet

Manufacturers produce a wide range of faucets. But you already know that delta and peerless faucets can be swapped out. As a result, we’re good to go! 

Let’s learn about the installation before going to it-

To begin, the spout and plumber’s putty are usually found from the top down. The sink or countertop, and a mounting nut would also be visible.

Instead of a gasket, a plumber’s putty is required in this scenario. Just take a small amount in the palm of your hand and use it. Rollback and forth until a 1/4″ diameter rope is formed. 

To prevent water from splashing into the cabinet, this caulk must be used. Remember, it must be applied around the new nozzle base.

After that, Install the center spout and use an adjustable wrench. This would tighten the mounting nut from below.

Step 5: Assemble Mixing Valves

Now, you need to assemble the cold and hot mixing valves. You need a big screw and washer for this. 

Tighten the valve from below using these two. Then apply the plumber’s putty to the upper washer’s molded bottom side now. From below, place the C-clip and tighten the nut after that. The hot and cold valves are located on the left and right, respectively.

Step 6: Thread The Trim

Before going to the sixth step, we can add one important point. That is, before threading the trim, you may see water backing up your drain. If you’re actually seeing this problem, fix it first.

Getting back to the actual step again now-

The top trims for the faucet are threaded onto the mixing valve. As a result, make sure the handle is parallel to the wall. Connect the water lines from below now. Fortunately, this faucet has simple snap-end fittings. 

This is why if you use NPT threaded fittings, you must use the plumber’s tape on any connections. After that, connect the new water pipe to the shut-off valve and the mixing valve. 

Step 7: Reinstall Drain Rod

Finally, tighten the clamp bolt and reinstall the drain rod to the extension. Double-check all of your connections. 

After that, one by one, progressively open the shutoff valves. Look for any possible slow leaks of the drain rod of faucets. If there is any leak it might create an issue. 

That is, it might result in centipedes in the drain eventually. In that case, you need to be concerned about how to remove the centipedes.

However, if everything appears to be in order, examine the faucet. Then flush the installed faucet for 2 minutes.

That’s how you interchange these two faucets!


Question: Can Moen and Delta faucets be interchanged?

Answer: Both of these two faucets have identical parts in them. But these faucets have a slight difference between them. And their only difference is the packaging and model number. Nevertheless, they can be interchanged.

Question: Can I find the model of the faucet that I have?

Answer: Yes, you can find it yourself. You can just up to the packaging instructions. In addition, you can also find it in the provided instructions for your faucet’s installation. 

Question: Are all Delta rough-in valves identical?

Answer: Any Delta trim kit will work with your universal Delta rough-in valve. But it will work if you are willing to stick with the Delta brand. As a result, different manufacturers’ valves and trims are incompatible. 

Final Words

Now, you know are delta and peerless faucets interchangeable or not! We believe our directions are quite simple and easy.

Good luck with your home improvement activities!