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How to Remove Dog Vomit Stain from Carpet: Complete Guide

Both humans and pets can have a bad case of digestion that makes them vomit. But we humans are sensible enough to rush to the washroom when we sense it coming. The pets, like dogs, are not that smart so they might end up spilling their vomit on your beloved carpet. That leaves your carpet smelling like trash.

How to remove dog vomit stain from carpet before it reeks up your entire apartment?

All it takes is some scooping and blotting to get the job done. And for that, you need white vinegar and warm water. Combining these two will give you a cleaning mixture. Then you can scrub the stains out. Lastly, you can finish the work with steam and vacuum cleaning.

But wait there’s more to it than that. So, stick around to find out more about the entire process.

Why is dog vomit stain different from other stains?

Removing dog vomit stains is not the same as removing caramel stains or taffy stains. That’s because vomit tends to leave behind a bad odor that must be dealt with.

Moreover, the stains almost never leave the carpet once it manages to settle in. So, the only solution at that point is changing the carpet all together. But that takes a lot of time and effort.

Hence, when it comes to dealing with a dog vomit stains you can not follow normal procedure. Special steps are needed to be taken so that there are no consequences left for you to deal with later on.

So, have why don’t we see what steps are needed to take care of dog spit-ups.

Things to gather up

Yes, we know that we promised to show you the entire process of cleaning up dogs vomit. But before we start rumbling about that let’s take a few minutes to look at the items you’ll need for the process.

This way you can work uninterruptedly. And we all want that, don’t we?

Items required:

How to remove dog vomit stain from carpet in 7 steps?

Dealing with carpet means knowing about a lot of things. Starting from stopping carpet fraying at edges to cleaning dog stains you need to know how to do it all.

Today we’ll focus on how to get dried dog vomit stains out of a carpet. So, without wasting any more time let’s dig deep into it, shall we?

Step 1: Dampen the carpet

The first step of the process is to soak the carpet with water. This has to be done because the vomit is dried up and needs some replenishing to be wiped off.

You see, dried vomit doesn’t easily come off like the soggy ones. So, if the vomit is still fresh and can be scooped off you can simply skip this task.

However, if you didn’t notice it in time you have to get your rag wet. Then press it on the vomit to dampen it.

Step 2: Scoop out the vomit with a spoon

The task that’s up next is scooping up the vomit. Now, this might sound disgusting but you have to go through with it. Otherwise, the stains will only go deeper and eventually you’ll have to throw your furry carpet away.

Since it’s gross and all you can wear a pair of gloves to ensure that the vomit does not touch our delicate hands. Once you have your hands covered you need to get a spoon.

Then using the spoon you have to scoop up all the vomit. However, all the stains will not come off. So, don’t freak out because we’ll show you how to get that out as well.

Step 3: Make a cleaning mixture of your own

The next step is to make a solution that’ll not only deal with the stain but also get rid of its odor. So, how to make that magical portion?

Don’t worry; you don’t need expensive products for this. All you need is white vinegar and some warm water. The best part is that it’s lying down in our kitchen.

So, take them out of your kitchen cabinet and mix them up together. Now, for this part make sure that the mixture contains 50% vinegar and 50% water.

Once you’re done making the mixture throw it in a spray bottle. Then head over to the next step.

Step 4: Apply the cleaning solution on the carpet

The next thing to do is to apply the mixture you just created. So, to do that aim the spray bottle at the carpet at the place where the stains have piled up.

Then press on the nozzle to release the solution from the spray bottle. Afterwards, wait for 10 to 15 minutes to let the solution soak in and do its job.

Step 5: Blot the area covered in vomit stains

Once the wait is over you have to blot over the places covered in vomit stains. In order to do that you need a rag and some warm water.

You have to soak the rag in warm water to make it soggy. So that it gets all nice and wet to remove the stains. Then you can scrub all you want till the stains start to come off.

Step 6: Repeat the process

A bit of a fair warning for you is that the stains don’t come off that easily. It takes a lot of scrubbing to get the work done.

And you want all of the marks to be gone. Hence, you need to keep on repeating the process.

Normally 2 to 3 times of repetition will get the work done. But in some cases, it might take a few more trails. So, repeat the process until the carpet is spotless again

Step 7: Vacuum the carpet

Lastly, you need to vacuum the carpet. By now all the stains and the bad odor must be gone. So, you’re thinking it’s time to relax and get some sleep.

But you cannot leave your carpet in a soggy condition. You see, all the work with the cleaning mixture and the wet rag will inevitably make your carpet moist.

Hence, you need to clean it for the last time. So, plug in the socket and start vacuuming the carpet.

While there are other alternatives for a vacuum cleaner but it’s best to use it to ensure a thorough cleaning.

In case you’re wondering you can also use a wet vac to get the job done. In fact, it’ll be even better if you use a wet vac.


Question: How do you get dog vomit out seat straps?
Answer: To get dog vomit out of seat straps you need some washing detergent. If you don’t have that nearby then you can use baby bath soaps. Nevertheless, whatever you choose to use, make sure that you apply it all over the stains. Then wipe the car seat till it’s back to its old self again. For the rub and scrub, you can use a rag or some cotton towels.

Question: Does vinegar remove dog stains from carpet?
Answer: Yes, vinegar can tackle different stains. So, the good news is that it can also remove dog stains for you. However, don’t go spilling the entire bottle of vinegar on your carpet. You need to mix it with equal parts of water to create a mixture. Otherwise, your beautiful carpet will get permanently damaged.

Question: Can I put baking soda on to remove stains from my carpet?
Answer: Baking soda has some chemical properties that give them the upper hand in dealing with stains. So, if you have it in your kitchen you can make a paste out of it by mixing it with warm water. That solution will surely work to clean your carpet for most kinds of stains.

Question: Will vinegar remove odors from carpet?
Answer: If you’re worried about a bad smell coming out of your carpet you can wash it with vinegar. You see, vinegar has the odor removing superpowers. However, we recommend you to use white vinegar. They are stronger than normal ones. So, in case the smell is too strong the white vinegar will overpower it and spare your nose of the nauseating smell.

Question: How to clean dog vomit from the car carpet?
Answer: The process of cleaning dog vomit stains from car carpet is the same as removing it from a normal one. However, you can rub and scrub harder because the car carpet can handle the pressure. Moreover, keep the car windows open so that the smell does not leave you unconscious.

The final verdict

That’s all we have on how to remove dog vomit stain from carpet. If you ever face this unfortunate situation you’ll know what to do.

And once you’ve tried it let us know it went. We’ll love to go through your feedback. Remember, you got this. Best of luck!