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All You Need To Know About The Double Sanitary Tee

Plumbing is a crucial part of your house. If it’s done right, plumbing won’t be an issue at all. However, a minor mistake could be catastrophic for your house.

One of the biggest questions regarding plumbing is the use of junctions. Double sanitary tee is one of the most common junctions.

Knowing the right use of certain products can make a world of difference. 

When do you use a double sanitary tee? 

The double sanitary tee is generally used at the junction of two different pipes. Generally, the tee connects the two pipes with the vent. This helps to pass fumes and gases out of the system.

We’ve given a summary of the entire process. However, there’s more. With that, let’s discuss everything about the double sanitary tee!

What is a Double Sanitary Tee? 

The double sanitary tee is also known as sanitary cross or Santee. It’s a common part of most systems. The name comes from its similarity with the letter T and the cross. Compared to other similar materials, there are no curved parts. 

It’s generally used to connect back-to-back systems with the vent. You can use it for both draining water and removing fumes. If your toilet leaks between the tank and bowl, it’s probably due to the tee.

What Are The Uses of a Double Sanitary Tee? 

The double sanitary tee is an important part of any plumbing system. It has a number of underrated benefits that aren’t discussed. Quite often people are confused about the placement of a sanitary tee and get into trouble. 

The usage of a double sanitary tee is-

Connecting Horizontal and Vertical Lines 

In case you have two horizontal lines that need to be connected. The double sanitary tee is the way to go! However, you have to place it based on the situation. If the horizontal lines require draining or venting, connect them to the cross.

You might have two horizontal lines that interject. In that case, using the cross is not a good idea. In that case, you’d need a double fixture tee or combo tee. Otherwise, you might have to deal with problems like the toilet running too much.

Alternative to a Vent Tee 

A vent tee is generally the way to go for vents. However, vent tees are generally curved or have only one output. As a result, they aren’t useful for junctions. In that case, you can use a double sanitary tee as an alternative. 

One of the major benefits of this change is the improved flow. The double sanitary tee is larger than the vent tee. So, it ensures better flow all the time. 

Key factor is to follow the building codes. Every region has its specific rules for plumbers to follow. You can also check the uniform plumbing codes. These will help you understand the technicalities of your system. 

The UPC recommends that crosses are used only for draining and venting. Unless you have different local rules, keep that in mind. It could save you from a plethora of fines. 

Why Choose Double Sanitary Tee Over Others?

One of the most common dilemmas is choosing between the Tee and the Wye. Since they’re very common in terms of features, it’s easy to get them confused. Thus, knowing the difference between them is crucial. 

The name “Wye” comes from its resemblance with the letter “Y”. It has two pipes at two ends and another with a 45° angle. Thus, it can be used only in certain situations. 

To begin with, the Wye is used to connect opposing drain pipes. If a horizontal pipe meets a vertical one, you can use a Wye. Also, the 45° angle helps split two lines. You can use it to split branch lines into two equal parts. 

It helps to prevent pressure on one line. This helps to keep the flow steady and smooth, preventing situations like dirty water in the toilet

Unlike the double sanitary tee, it cannot connect two horizontal lines. Also, you can’t use a double sanitary tee to split a line. Thus, even though they look similar, they can’t be used interchangeably.

If you’re wondering which double sanitary tee you should go for. Check our recommendations- 

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These are two of the best sanitary crosses out there. We hope you find them useful!


Question: Can you use a tee for a toilet?

Answer: You can use your tee for a toilet but in certain cases. You have to make sure all the toilets are vented and the tee is used to vent. Otherwise, it will cause the water to flow on the opposite side. 

Question: Can you use a tee vertically?
Answer: No! You can’t use a tee vertically. In most cases, it won’t fit and cause overflow. So, always place them horizontally. 

Question: What is a sanitary combo? 

Answer: A sanitary combo is a mix of a wye and a ⅛ bend. Generally, these things are used together, so they’re termed a sanitary combo. 

Final Word 

Using the right fittings is crucial for any plumbing system. The double sanitary tee is important in any plumbing system So, you need to choose the right product.

In order to help you out, we’ve discussed all the details of the sanitary cross here! 

We hope you find this article helpful!