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How to Dry 100% Cotton: 3 Safe Methods with Do and Don’ts

Cotton clothes are our favorite clothing during summer.

But they are equally hard to wash and dry.

We are always tense about damaging 100% cotton clothes during drying.

How to dry 100% cotton?

Drying 100% cotton clothes requires caution and sincerity. While drying the cotton it is best to avoid the electrical dryer. Drying the clothes in the sunlight is the best way. You can hang the clothes in the sun and make them dry. But keeping the clothes in the sun for a long time is dangerous too. 

This is only the starting. There are important rules and regulations for drying 100% cotton.

Keep reading to get into the details!

How to Dry 100% Cotton

Carefulness is very necessary while drying 100% cotton. The clothes made from 100% cotton are very sensitive. They can shrink easily and deteriorate within moments.

But you don’t have to be all worked up! We will show you the best ways of drying 100% cotton. Have a look at our guidelines now!

Sun Dry the 100% Cotton Cloth 

The best way to dry 100% cotton clothes is in the sunlight. The clothes remain almost harmless when they are kept in sunlight 

Drying clothes with the help of heat from the sun is the most primitive method. But this system is still widely in use because of its usefulness. Sunlight will not only dry the cotton cloth but will also disinfect the clothes too. This method works very well in removing gear oil smell and other odors from cloth.

Use A Hanger While Drying 

Using a Hanger while drying will ensure the best care for your 100% cotton clothes. The clothes will not shrink and the formation of wrinkles will be less too.

You can use traditional closet hangers for this purpose. Simply hang the wet cloth in the hanger. Then hang it under sunlight. You can also hang the cloth using clips with rope. Just make sure that the cotton cloth is not gathered in a single place. 

We have some suggestions for hangers that you can use. These will make the work of drying very easy:


Try these products and we are sure that you will like them!

Iron in Low Temperature 

If your cotton cloth still has a little water and you are in a hurry, you can iron it. But you have to follow appropriate rules for ironing the cloth. Otherwise, you can damage it.

Select the cotton dial in your iron. This will make the temperature of the iron very less. If you don’t have the cotton option, manually set the temperature of the iron. Very low temperature is required for ironing cotton clothes just like removing wrinkles from tablecloths.

It is better to use a pressing cloth while ironing 100% cotton. The pressing cloth will protect the cotton from the direct heat of the iron and save it from shrinking. 

These are all the methods of drying 100% cotton safely. As cotton is very sensitive you have to be sincere while dealing with it. Follow our instructions to ensure the longevity of your favorite cotton clothes.

2 Common Mistakes to be Aware of

You have already learned how to dry. But people generally make 2 common mistakes while drying. Here, learn a bit about them and avoid them.

Avoid Using Dryer 

This is one of the most important factors you have to watch while drying 100% cotton. You must not use dryers to dry cotton.  Even if the electrical requirements of the dryer are satisfied, avoid it. 

Dryers have an adverse effect on 100% cotton clothes. It can dry the cotton very quickly but it will surely shrink the cloth. So it’s best to keep cotton away from the dryer. Keep the dryer at the lowest temperature if you must use it with cotton.

Avoid Direct Sunlight for an Extended Period 

Many people overlook this factor while drying 100% cotton. But it is very essential to control the sun exposure period for retaining the quality of cotton. Too much time in the sunlight is very bad for the clothes.

Sunlight has UV rays in them. UV rays are destructive. The color of the clothes is affected when they are left for a long time in the sun. Also, the cotton fibers get weak as a result of this. So the cloth tears faster than normal time.

To avoid these problems try to dry the clothes in the morning and evening light. Set up the wet clothes away from the midday sun. Because that’s the time when the sun has the most temperature with UV rays.

So, you must avoid the explained activities in order to keep them safe and secure.

Tips on Handling 100% Cotton Clothes 

Cotton clothes require extra care. But they are not very hard to handle if you know the correct methods. We have gathered some tips and advice so that you can take care of your clothes. Have a look at them.

Always try to wash cotton clothes in cold water. If you must use warm water, take lukewarm water. Hand-washing the clothes is better for the texture and quality. While washing in the machine, select the knitted and delicate option.

Store the clothes in a dry place free of moisture. If possible hang the clothes instead of folding them. Hanging will prevent the clothes from shrinking quickly.


Question: Does 100% cotton shrink after the first wash?

Answer: Yes, 100% cottons can shrink after the first wash. A lot of chemicals are used on the fabric while making the cloth. Cotton shrinks because of the tension of these chemicals after the first wash.

Question: How do I know if my cotton is pre-shrunk?

Answer: A lot of cotton clothes are preshrunk nowadays. This information is mostly available on the label of the cloth. If you are buying clothes online, check the description box closely or ask the seller.

Question: What percentage of cotton will shrink?

Answer: All cotton clothes will shrink more or less. Generally, clothes shrink the most during the first wash. Cotton clothes reduce about 20% of their normal size after first wash and drying.


We think we have successfully answered your query about how to dry 100% cotton. Now you can dry your cotton clothes without any problem and safely. 

Before ending we will give you another quick tip. Turn the clothes inside out during sun-drying to protect the colors.

Happy washing!