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Drywall vs Plaster: Which One To Choose

If you’re considering taking on a wall constructing endeavor then you’ve most likely come across two options. One is drywall and the other one is plaster. Both of these choices may sound similar but they vary vastly upon closer inspection. 

Which one to choose between drywall vs plaster? 

Drywall is less expensive and easier to install. But drywall isn’t soundproof and mold growth can be seen. On the other hand, plastering your wall is more expensive and labor-intensive. Yet, it’s quite long-lasting and is soundproof. Plastering your wall will also prevent any water damage. 

But that’s not all of it. There are a few more aspects to consider before deciding which one to install on your walls. 

Curious to know? Then keep reading!

Drywall vs Plaster: Quick Comparison 

One of the most important parts of remodeling or building your home is its inner walls. These walls create separation between rooms and provide rigidity to your home. 

Naturally, before choosing a particular material you need to know exactly how different they are. I’ve prepared a short comparison below for your ease. 

The installation process is relatively easierThe installation process is harder
Less costly More costly
Drywall is not soundproofPlaster is soundproof
Better insulation Comparative less insulating 
Standard finishBetter finish
Mold can grow Mold cannot grow

Now that I’ve shown you a quick comparison let’s jump into the details! 

Drywall vs Plaster: Detailed Comparison 

Choosing between drywall and plaster may seem daunting at first. But they are nowhere near as twisted as the differences between pex and aquapex. 

To get a more clear idea let’s look at the differences starting with the installation process. 

Installation Process


Drywall is known for having a relatively easier installation process. It’s perfect for beginners. It comes in the form of boards that are cut to fit the size of the wall. 

The drying time of drywall is also a lot less than plasters. This is why drywall can be installed within a short time. 


Moving on to plaster, it is quite a difficult feat to get it installed. Plasters have to be applied in three layers with exact precision. You need professionals to plaster your walls. 

Plaster also takes a long time to dry down. This process takes a long time to finish. 



Although the price of the elements of drywall and plaster is relatively the same, the installation process of drywall is cheaper. 

You can easily install drywall by yourself. You don’t need any professional to do the job for you. This is why you don’t have to pay the additional costs for laborers. 


As the application process of plaster is tough you need to hire professionals to apply it. As such the cost of plaster rises almost three times more than drywall. While the price won’t be as much as the cost of furnishing a house, it’s still a bit more expensive.

Sound Barrier


As I’ve previously mentioned that drywall tends to be on the thinner side, they are not good at soundproofing. Sound can easily pass through the thin boards of the drywall into the next room. 


Plaster on the other hand is quite thick. Naturally, it provides better soundproofing than drywall. Sounds cannot easily pass through plastered walls. 



The standard drywall is a form of board cut out to fit the walls. This is why it’s quite thin. In the long run, it is seen that drywall doesn’t tend to be rigid. 

One more thing to note is that just like hanging pictures on concrete walls, you can easily hang stuff on drywall. 


Plasters on the other hand are made of three thick layers. These layers together form a strong foundation that delivers great rigidity.



Drywall is a relatively new type of wall cover. With each passing day, new varieties of drywall are being released on the market. These new types of drywall provide the appropriate insulation depending on your needs. 

Here are my top picks for drywall that provide great insulation: 

Product 1
Product 2

I hope you now won’t have to struggle finding the right drywall. Now, let’s get back to the article.


Due to plastered walls being quite thick they can insulate a room to an extent. But unlike drywall, you can’t choose the amount of insulation you need. 



Drywall cannot be bent into other shapes. Which makes it not ideal for curved walls and intricate ceiling designs. 

It comes in only one standard shape and this shape cannot be changed. The look of drywall can be quite generic. 


Plasters on the other hand are known to be used for creating thorough designs and shapes. They have been in use since ancient times for creating interesting wall designs. These types of wall covers can be bent in all different types of shapes. 

This is why plastered walls have a more glossy and expensive-looking finish. Plastering your walls makes them look more aesthetically pleasing. 



The drywall is not waterproof. They can retain water quite easily. They also cannot sustain water damages. 

If excess moisture is present in drywall then mold growth can take place. Your walls can get moldy in places where it comes in contact with water frequently. 


Plasters are waterproof. Due to its plastered exterior water cannot penetrate the wall. It sustains no water damage or mold growth.

These are all the comparing factors of drywall and plaster. 


Is plaster long-lasting? 

Answer: Yes, plaster can be quite long-lasting. But it needs to be well-taken care of for it to last a long time. 

Is drywall tougher than plaster? 

Answer: No, drywall is not tougher than plaster. Rather plaster is stronger and more rigid.

How often do you have to re-plaster? 

Answer: Generally speaking, you have to replaster your walls every 10 years. But depending on wear and use it may take more or less time. 

Final Verdict

Between drywall vs plaster, If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly option that can be easily installed and rigid then opt for drywall.

If you want a more glossy finish that is long-lasting then you should pick plaster. The decision depends on your own needs and requirements. 

That’s all for today!