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Dutch Lap vs Straight Vinyl Siding: Which One to Pick?

Dutch lap and straight lap are both vinyl sidings. Thus, it’s kind of difficult to choose the right one for yourself. 

What are the differences between Dutch lap vs straight vinyl siding

Dutch lap is more stylish due to shadow lines. While straight lap siding doesn’t have any. Then Dutch lap is a bit more durable too. However, straight lap siding is pretty cost-effective. Lastly, unlike Dutch lap, straight lap is low-maintenance.

Now, this is only the teaser. There’s more to know about the two sidings to pick one. That’s why we’ve mentioned the pros and cons of the two. 

Therefore, to easily come to a conclusion, stay with us! 

Dutch Lap Vs Straight Lap Vinyl Siding: Sneak Peek

Knowing the basic differences between the two sidings beforehand is important. Otherwise, you won’t be even able to choose between duct board and sheet metal. Let alone these two sidings. 

That’s why we’ve provided that dissimilarities between them in easy words:

Dutch Lap Siding  Straight Vinyl Siding
Has shadow lines  Doesn’t have shadow lines. But has smooth lines. 
More durable A bit less durable
More expensive  Not that costly
A bit more high-maintenance Low-maintenance

So, these will definitely give you an idea about the two sidings. 

Straight Vs Dutch Lap Siding: Overall Comparison

Now that you’ve gone through the sneak peek, it’s time to know the details. This way, you can come to a conclusion. 

So, we’ve discussed the pros and cons of both sidings one at a time- 

Dutch Lap Siding 

Dutch lap siding is one type of clapboard siding. Therefore, the rows it creates are horizontal. 

Now, this siding has some advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s check them out- 


Well, this siding has lots of good sides. But we’ve mentioned a few key points. Wanna take a look?

Gives Your Home an Aesthetic Look

So, the first benefit you’ll get by using this siding is a pretty-looking home. Because dutch lap sidings are made to imitate the hand-carved wood siding style.

You’ll see the top half of the siding is beveled at an angle of 45-degrees. And the lower half is at a 90-degree angle. Also, it has more shadow lines than other types of vinyl sidings.

These features make it pretty old-school. 

You’ll get a vintage vibe when looking at your home from outside. 

Stronger & Durable 

Now, we all need a siding that’s not only strong. But also that stays in place without any damage throughout all seasons. 

Dutch lap siding is perfect for all types of weather conditions. Therefore, you and your home will stay safe most days! 


Are you already thinking of buying Dutch lap siding? 

Because there are some downsides of this siding too. 

Pretty Expensive 

Now, Dutch lap siding will cost you more than other sidings. This is the reason why it’s mostly used for expensive houses. 

So yeah you can tell, not everyone can afford it. 

High-maintenance & Has Fewer Sizes

So, not only is the siding expensive. But it’s also costly to install and seal the siding to concrete. Moreover, it’s expensive to maintain it as well.   

Plus you might not find the right number-sized Dutch lap siding. Because it mostly comes in double 4″, 4.5″, 5″, and triple 4″. 

Now, are you still willing to buy this siding? 

If so, we’ve mentioned some of our top picked Dutch lap sidings:

Product 1
Product 2

Therefore, pick the right-sized and colored Dutch lap siding for yourself! 

Straight Lap Siding

This siding is one of the most traditional popular choices for lots of homeowners. Just like a Dutch lap, this siding also has good and bad sides.


We all look forward to seeing the advantages of something. So, what are the benefits of straight lap siding- 

Less Expensive & Comes in More Sizes, Colors 

You might think twice before buying something. But hey, you don’t have that problem when going for a straight lap siding. 

Because it’s pretty cost-effective. And there’s also another plus point! 

This siding comes in various sizes and colors.

For your comfort, we’ve suggested some straight lap siding:

Product 1
Product 2

Therefore, just pick the right straight lap for yourself. 

Durable & Low-maintenance 

Straight lap siding is also strong and durable. Because of the overlapping construction. However, it’s a bit less strong. 

But it’s quite easy to maintain. Moreover, the installation process is a bit cheaper as well. 

Now, have you switched to straight lap siding? 


Well, everything has a downside. For example, cutting asbestos siding causes dust to spread. 

So, what are the cons of straight lap siding? 

Gives Your Home an Ordinary Look

Yup, you saw it right. Straight lap siding makes the home’s exterior look average. 

Because it doesn’t have shadow lines. Instead of that, it has smooth lines. Therefore, the outside walls of your house won’t give off any special vibe. You’ll get a simple look instead.

A Bit Less Stronger 

So, we’ve seen that Dutch lap siding is quite strong and durable. Well, straight lap siding isn’t that bad. 

But it’s not as strong as the Dutch lap. However, it can still protect your house for years. 

Now, which vinyl siding suits you better? 


Question: Which siding is easier to buy?
Answer: Well, if we’re talking about the expense, it’s definitely straight lap siding. But when it comes to availability, Dutch lap siding is easier to find. 

Question: Is it worth it to use Dutch lap?
Answer: Yup, it’s definitely worth it. Because it’s pretty strong, durable, and long-lasting. Thus, you and your home will be perfectly safe. 

Question: Should I buy straight lap vinyl siding?
Answer: Yes, of course. Straight lap siding is quite popular. Because it’s both durable and affordable. It’s also easier and cheaper to install and look after. 

Final Verdict 

That’s all on Dutch lap vs straight vinyl siding

Now, if you want to give your house a long-lasting aesthetic look, choose Dutch lap. But for an affordable but strong siding, straight lap will be perfect. 

Which one did you pick?