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How To Apply The Best Finish For Interior Redwood [Tips & Tricks]

A journey about ensuring a good new look around your house is exciting. It will make you realize facts that are not known before. This is the reason why you are going to go deep in your research.

The best finish for interior redwood will make you feel good around your friends and family.

The best redwood finishing practices involve ensuring a clean and reshaped texture. This is to make the redwood ready for any finishing application. The options of conversion varnish, tung oil, linseed oil, and beeswax are available. Sanding the redwood is important before applying any finish.

I am going to be with you throughout this article. This is to make sure you gain enough information for the best output.

Best Redwood Finishing Practices

Redwood is considered to be the most durable and strong home exterior or interior wood. Redwood stays good with the ability to resist any external pressure. This is especially the case when you have applied the best finish for interior redwood.

Be it the weather condition or anything else, the redwood stays strong. The chances of having cracks or damages are minimal.

In this context, allow me to give you some indication of the best practices. This involves doing some awesome things with the interior wood.

How To Finish A Redwood Surface

The whole idea of a perfect finish is to make the redwood surface look new and smooth. This means you are enhancing the qualities of the wooden surface. When they look good and new, your whole house will reflect a modern outlook.

Suppose you are adjusting door hinges around the cabinets, you can make things new. This is with a good varnish application. Alongside varnishing, there are several other ingredients you can use and apply.

I am going to mention some of the most common ones later. For now, follow some steps before any ingredient application:

  • Using sandpaper for sanding the redwood surfaces.
  • Remove any dirt or dust residue. You can clean the area with a wet cloth mixed with denatured alcohol. Gum turpentine can also be used for the cleaning process.
  • Cutting or reshaping the wood.
  • Closing down any gaps or holes with the help of fillers.

The last and most important step is to choose the best finishing material.

I am going to list down four main mixtures that you can use. At the end of it all, I am going to point out the importance of the sanding process.

Before that, check out what the finishing products have to offer!

Conversion Varnish

Conversion varnish is an excellent finish that can be applied on wooden surfaces. You can do this on several cabinets all around your home. This is going to support you when you are making things new with your home interiors.

In the case of any exterior scene, the marine varnish for redwood is more applicable. The marine varnish protects the wood from any heat, sun, rain, or UV rays.

A simple question arises on what the varnishing process does to the redwood.

Conversion varnishing is a chemical curing agent that hardens the wood. The acid catalyst chemical curing system should be applied in 2 layers for a shiny finish. This makes the wood more durable. To make the redwood more heat resistant, marine varnishing can be applied before spray painting.

At the end of it all, you would want the finishing to look new and fresh. This is what can be achieved with the different layers of varnishing.

You can ensure a quality finish by spending a little more. This is because the other finishes that I am going to suggest are more cost-friendly.

Tung Oil

Tung oil is most commonly applied to protect the wood and make things more durable. It is a more cost-friendly alternative to the marine varnish process. The tung oil can do the same job that the varnishing does.

The tung oil application can be considered the best finish for redwood tables. Not only tables but chairs, and other furniture also. In addition, they are good to be applied on concrete floors.

The tung oil can be applied for getting rid of any smell after house bleaching. This is to give you a fresh new flooring look. Furthermore, when they are applied to redwood furniture, the whole scenario would look new and shiny.

This is to give your entire house an elegant look in a very cost-friendly way.

A very healthy alternative would be the application of danish oil on redwood. It has similar properties to tung oil and does the finishing job well.

A wise option would be to include a little danish oil with tung oil. This would mark a more durable approach to the home interiors.

Linseed Oil

Linseed oil is a natural ingredient most commonly used in paints. The linseed oil on redwood would suit the interior scenario. Linseed oil is not recommended for exterior wood as it promotes the growth of mildew. 

Linseed oil can be easily applied alongside the varnishing project. As most paints contain linseed oil in the mixture, you will be benefited. This is by inserting some amount of linseed oil before the spray painting process.

Just like tung oil, linseed oil can make the wood more waterproof. A good mixture of both tung and linseed oil will make the wood stronger. This means alongside being waterproof, it can be more heat resistant.

Keeping the positive attributes of wood finishing, it should go with outdoor furniture. However, it is commonly recommended that you use tung oil instead of linseed oil.

The best finish for redwood patio furniture should include the right ingredient mixture.

In such a case, you may want to apply just linseed oil on outdoor furniture. It would therefore be a good practice to varnish and seal the wood in the process. This will prevent any fungal growth.


Beeswax is a honeycomb product that has a versatile and broader function. Beeswax is more commonly used in oil that is used for the treatment of wood. So, this is a product you can vouch for to make your redwood clean and smooth.

Consider the application of knowing how to finish redwood outdoor furniture. By adding olive oil, you can use beeswax to clean and polish the wood. This would prevent the wood from any stains or moisture formation.

Just like the other finishing materials outlined, beeswax does just the same job. This is to give the wood a new and fresh look. The durability context can be justified also when the beeswax works at its finest.

The high-carbon paraffin contents of beeswax protect the wooden surfaces. This is especially the case for any overheating external sunlight. Perfect protection with beeswax happens in an area that is hotter and more humid.

The Importance Of Sanding To Ensure A Perfect Redwood Finish

The sanding process involves the use of sandpapers and sanders. The process makes the wood more smooth. Sanding also ensures that the wooden surface is flat enough for a perfect spray painting.

Before starting the process, any application of polyurethane on redwood would help. This will make the sanding process more smooth and easy. Make sure you use 220 grit sandpapers to do the job.

You have to initiate how to finish the redwood slab. Closing down any pores in the wood is therefore essential.

Here are some benefits of sanding wood:

  • Any kind of wear and tears can be removed
  • An effective pest control tool
  • Makes the surface smooth and easier to clean
  • The finishes such as varnishing or any oil can be easily applied without any splinters
  • Improves the overall texture of the house

It is, therefore, can be said that to ensure the finish, you need to apply these practices. This however cannot be done without the help of some products.

Here is a list below:

Fandeli Sandpaper SheetsMulti-purpose professional sandpaper for wood
1 QT Minwax 63333Water Based protective satin finish
Hope’s 100% Pure Tung OilNatural and waterproof wood finish
Furniture Clinic Boiled Linseed Oil Perfect wood treatment material
Cargen Beeswax Furniture PolishHome furniture caring product


Does redwood need a finish?

To complete a redwood structure, the finishing application is not needed. The painting and other finishing materials just give a good look to the wood. You can skip this function while working with the redwood.

Is linseed oil good for redwood?

Linseed oil on exterior redwood usually promotes the growth of molds. This is why it is recommended to use tung oil instead of linseed oil. However, you can safely use linseed oil for interior redwood.

What is the best stain for redwood?

A deck stain is the best stain to be used on a redwood surface. It improves the beauty and quality of the wood. It will further protect the wood from weathering.


I have successfully outlined some good ideas on the best finish for interior redwood. You should feel lucky with such clear insights that are hard to find.

Hope you find success with your redwood finishing.

Bye for now!