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How to Fix a Bed Frame [8 Easy Steps to Follow]

A bed is the only place we find true comfort after a long tiring day. But if that bed is broken, it can be a bummer.

Luckily, you always don’t need a mechanic to fix it. You can deal with it on your own and save some bucks.

How to fix a bed frame?

Fixing bed frames is really easy. You’ll be needing some simple tools such as glue, bar clamps, scrap woods. Split the bed frame, apply glue to each side. Then measure the bed frame and attach the scrapwood with the bed frame. Use glue and screws to attach the scrap wood. Let the glue dry overnight. 

Each of the steps has more to it. We have discussed each of the parts in detail for your understanding. Why don’t you jump in to learn the process?

8 Steps to Fix a Broken Bed Frame

To fix a bokeh bed frame, it takes you to follow multiple steps of work. There is usually a crack or split horizontally on the bed frame. 

Beds take a lot of pressure off the mattress and when you sleep on them. Most of the time the frame breaks because of the pressure. But it’s really easy to fix them. You’ll be needing some simple tools to do the task.

Tools you’ll be needing

  • Glue
  • Drill machine
  • Clamps
  • Scrapwood 
  • Screwdriver 
  • knife

The steps you need to follow to fix the broken frame:

Step 1: Remove the Mattress

Before you fix the bed frame, you need to get access to the bed frame. Usually, it cracks under the bed frame. So take the mattress down. 

Leave the slat to the bed though. You don’t need to remove the slat at this stage. 

Step 2: Split the Bed Frame

Use a screwdriver to split open the bed frame. Insert the screwdriver in the crack and pry it up to open the crack

Afterward, use a knife to clean all the splinters and chips in the crack. You can use a utility knife for the cleaning. 

Step 3: Apply Glue

Apply on the split area. Use the tip of the bottle to apply the glue along the full length of the split. 

We don’t always have the right glue to attach wood. Using the right glue can fix your bed for a really long time. The below-listed glues perform really well to attach the wood:


These glues will attach the bed frame parts for a lifetime. Give them a try. You can also use this glue to attach other stuff such as glue pennies to wood

Also, use a knife or your fingers to smear the glue on the split. 

Step 4: Apply Clamps

Put on bar clamps to tighten up the glued pieces. Tight the clamps until the glue oozes out of the applied area. 

You can use C-clamps. But you won’t be able to tighten as much as you could with bar clamps. 

Step 5: Strengthen the Joints

Measure the length of the crack. Now that you know the length, add 6 inches to it. Measure the width of the frame.

Now using the measurement of the frame, cut ½ inch of plywood or any sort of scrap wood. 

Step 6: Make Holes with a Drill

Drill the scrap piece of the wood in random places using a 3/16 inch bit drill machine bit. Make sure the holes are 2 inches apart. Don’t use m7 or m42 drill bits. Those bits are for drilling on steel. 

Also, be sure the holes don’t line up with the screw holes. 

Step 7: Apply Glue and Attach the Screws

Apply an even layer of wood glue on the scrap wood piece. Place the scrap wood on the cracked place on the bed frame. 

Use 1-inch screws to attach the scrap wood to the bed frame. 

Step 8: Dry the Glue

Don’t think the bed is already now that the pieces are attached. You have to let the glue dry on the bed frame. Using epoxy glue is the best. If you have applied epoxy, then let it dry at least for 24 hours. 

Also, mix epoxy the right way. Apply epoxy on wood evenly, so that it dries evenly. 

Don’t sleep on the bed for a night, let the wood absorb all the glue and attach itself. 

You should be able to attach the broken bed frame by following all these steps.

Why Do Bed Frame Cracks?

The bed holds up a lot of weight from the multiple layers of mattress, pillows, blankets, and also you. So, if the bed frame is not strong enough, it can easily crack.

Bugs Can Affect Your Bed Frame

There are a lot of bugs and insects which can shorten the bed frame’s life. The 4 common insects are,

  • Powder post beetles
  • Carpenter ants 
  • Termites
  • Wood wasps

The powder dust beetles can make your bed frame hollow. The beetles eat the bed frame from inside and turn them into dust. So when you go to lay down on the bed, the bed will crack and fall on the ground. 

How to Prevent Insects From Destroying Your Bed

These bugs usually affect untreated woods. They can live in the dead tree behind your house. To remove the tree so that bugs will not enter your house.

Also, use treated or cure wood so that bugs will not affect your furniture. You can also apply burnish on the surface of the wood. Burnish gives a beautiful glaze to the furniture also, prevents bugs from affecting the wood.  

Weak Bed Slats

Slats are one of the most important parts of the bed. Good slats will not make any sounds when you jump in your bed. 

Slats are strong when the wood is treated the right way. Woods need to dry and be cured properly to last for a long time. Also, make sure the bed slats don’t fall out

Slats can also make your bed frame stronger. So make sure your bed has good slats.

Center Support on Big Bed Frames

There are a lot of different sizes of beds. If the bed is big, it must have center support. Otherwise, the bed will collapse from the middle. 

Center support is the legs under in the middle of the bed. The legs are both metal or wooden. You can attach the slats with the center support. This will make the slats even stronger. 


Questions: How to stop squeaking noise on my bed?

Answers: By attaching the slats to the center support and the bed frame you can stop the squeaking noise. 

Question: Which wood is the best for bed frames?

Answer: Maple, cherry, mahogany, oak, and walnut woods are best for bed frames. 

Question: What kind of glue is best to attach the crack to the bed frame?

Answer: Using common wood glue is fine. You can also use epoxy glue. It’s the strongest among glues. 


By now you should know how to fix a bed frame. It’s not that difficult if you use the 

correct tools and methods. 

Be careful of splinters. It can easily go under your skin or nails. 

Have fun with woodworking!