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How To Fix Big Cut Out Mistakes on Laminate Vinyl Plank Like a Pro

Sometimes people mistake cutting out the exact length of a Laminate Vinyl Plank. But it’s not something to worry about as it can be fixed.

How can you fix big cutout mistakes on Laminate Vinyl Plank?

Among many methods, you can make paper or plastic stencils. Using glue is the easiest option. And you can always stack the area with layers of paint. Aluminum is also a viable option. You can also consider liquid latex. Wallpaper glue is also available to consider an option. 

Does this seem like what you’re looking for? This article contains a lot of other ways to accomplish this task. You might not even need to go to the store. 

What are you all waiting for? Let’s start the fix before anyone sees it!

12 Methods to Fix Big Cutout Mistakes on Laminate Vinyl Plank (LVP)

Fixing cutout mistakes on flooring can be a real pain just like fixing big gaps in flooring. Here are some of the ways to fix big cutout mistakes on Laminate Vinyl Plank. I will also tell you about the time required for each method and their difficulty level.

Method 1: Make a Paper Stencil

First, you have to find the correct size of the stencil you are going to use. Then open your canvas paint roller covers. Lay it in the middle of your sheet of paper. 

This task is very easy to accomplish. It will take you around 5–10 minutes.

Method 2: Make a Plastic Stencil

This method will cost you some time as it has more steps. In order to make a plastic stencil, follow these steps-

First, you need to cover the edge of your canvas with white glue. Then lay down plastic paper on the edge of the stencil.

Now put a rubber band on top of the plastic. Then place it in between your canvas and stencil. This is called a hinge. 

And finally, put something heavy on top like another book and press it on. This will leave a hole for your paint to go through. That’s when you are pouring it over the spot. 

This method will take around 30 minutes from start to finish. And you can use it for any kind of paint or stain that comes in a jar. Like gloss, satin or regular finishes. Some products may even work better than others.

Method 3: Put Glue on the Cutout Area and Apply a Thin Coat of Paint.

First, use an acid brush to put glue on the area around your cutout. Let it dry for 5 minutes before continuing.

Skip this step if you’re using a latex-based paint as your base color. This step applies if you’re using oil-based paint. Apply several thin coats of paint over each other. Wait for each coat to dry before applying another layer.

Method 4: Use Duct Tape/ Masking Tape and Stapler

This is the easiest method for fixing a big cutout mistake on Laminate Vinyl Plank. All you have to do is to tape off the entire area that has been cut out. Tape it off with masking tape and then cover it with white glue. This can be found in the craft section of most stores.

Just below the area you’ve glued, lay duct tape over it. Secure it to the top of your stencil using a stapler. Make sure you don’t smear any glue or paint off your stencil.

Method 5: Apply a Thick Coat of Paint Over the Entire Mistake

Use an acid brush to apply paint over paint that is already on there. There goes the first step. Wait for it to dry. And then apply more coats until you are happy with the coverage.

You can also mix some of the steps mentioned above to accomplish the task this way. Put down some duct tape on top of the cutout. And then use a stapler to hold it in place. 

Place several thin coats of orange paint over white or black paint that is already there. Wait for each coat to dry before applying another one. Wait for your topcoat to dry before removing your stencils and/or duct tape.

Method 6: Use Aluminum Foil

For this step, you have to place aluminum foil over the mistake. And use it as your background color for painting your design. Use an acid brush to put glue on the area around your cutout. Let it dry for 5 minutes before continuing.

The difficulty level of this method is low. But you’ll need to cover the mistake until it dries. So it will take some time.

Method 7: Use Liquid Latex with Another Paint

Use liquid latex to seal your mistakes. First, you have to find a liquid latex to cover your mistake. Secondly, after that, you can use another paint to seal the results of your sealing!

If you’re having trouble finding liquid latex, here are some:

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Method 8: Pry Up the Vinyl Off the Wall with a Pry Bar.

With a pry bar, you can remove the vinyl easily. Since it is stuck down pretty tight with glue. It may take several days to achieve this step. As well as if you have decorative vinyl on your walls.

Method 9: Use Wallpaper Glue

Apply wallpaper glue to the paper. Stick it onto the cutout before adding another layer of paint over it. Be careful about getting glue on the edges of your mistake.

This method will work well if you don’t have any large mistakes. It will require more time to dry than the other methods that I discussed. 

This process can also cause an odor in your house. So it is recommended to do it when windows and doors are open. Or if you have a fan on. 

This method will take around an hour for them both to dry. It depends on the thickness of the paint that you used.

Method 10: Put Vinyl Tape Over the Cutout

There are various types of vinyl tape giving you different results. You can find them online at home improvement stores and hardware stores. 

The more expensive ones will print out in different colors, but the cheaper ones only print in black. You can find the best one for your project by looking at the manufacturer’s website. If you’re not sure which type to buy, go with basic black vinyl tape.

Take a piece of vinyl tape and cover over your cutout. You can use a ruler to make sure that it is even all around the edges. Then press it down on a flat surface. And peel off the backing that was stuck to the tape. Do this before sticking it to your sheet of wood. 

This method will take a little bit longer than either of the other methods. So be patient and wait for it to dry completely. Before moving on with your next step.

Method 11: Glue on a New Piece of Vinyl to Cover the Mistake 

This method is just like installing a Vinyl plank. Here I made the mistake of lining my piece of vinyl and put another piece over it. After that, I’m just going to glue another piece on top of the two nice pieces. It’s so that you wouldn’t even notice that it was a mistake in the first place.

Method 12: Put Down Your Stencil Again And Use Spray Paint with an Acid Brush

Apply spray paint using an acid brush with several thin coats. Wait for the layers of paint to dry before you decide to apply another coat. Wait until you’re happy with the results. And keep on adding layers until you feel that the coat is thick enough.

That’s all I have to tell you about fixing cutout mistakes. I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for your understanding. Most of these steps didn’t even require materials that are hard to find. Like the aluminum foil. You should already be having it with you at your home.

However, it’s always better while cutting the Laminate or Vinyl planks. Because, as you’ve seen, it can be a real pain to fix overcut planks just like fixing gaps on overcut laminate.


How are vinyl plank edges fixed?

Typically, vinyl plank edges are fixed with white washable paint. It is important not to go over the edge of the vinyl plank. And not to get any paint on the flooring underneath.

What color should I use?

White is an easy choice when repairing a hole in vinyl plank because it will match everything. If you need to paint over other colors, you have to match the contrast. Choose something that contrasts with your current color scheme for an eye-catching effect.

Can Gorilla Glue be used for vinyl plank flooring?

No, Gorilla Glue’s manufacturers claim that using it on vinyl floors is not recommended. Gorilla Glue’s polyurethane compound is water activated and works best for attaching ceramic and metals. Because of this, vinyl flooring won’t respond well to it.

Winding Up

I hope now you know how you can fix big cutout mistakes on laminate vinyl planks. Next time, be very careful so that you don’t make the cutout mistake at all. 

Till then, all the best!