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7 Ways to Fix Large Door Jamb Gaps After Installing a Floor

You just completed installing a new floor and then a new problem came up. Now you have to repair large door jamb gaps. It’s frustrating, I understand, but I will give you some simple and quick solutions.

Are you looking for solutions to fix large door jamb gaps after installing a floor

To repair large door jamb gaps, use wood filler, as it’s used when a door is damaged. You can also use threshold seals and caulk too. Sometimes prime and painting doors work too. Lastly, you can try to use casing and plinth blocks. Also, if you try to insert more jambs, you can give it a try. 

My buddy, you’ve arrived at the correct location. The name of the process was simply mentioned. The article contains comprehensive information. Just read it through. You won’t be let down.

Let’s get started!

7 Ways to Fix Large Door Jamb Gaps After Installing a New Floor

Preparation and touch-ups are the first steps in fixing any problem. That is, you must assess the gaps and devise a strong strategy to tackle them.

Simply measure the distance between the door frame and the tile. Then attempt the strategies listed below to be successful. You’ll also need to purchase certain tools and equipment to correctly fit the materials within the gap.

Method 1. Apply Wood Filler

  • Cut the door jamb with a wood chisel in a clean way.
  • Get rid of all the dust. The paint can then be removed by sanding the surface.
  • Make a paste with the filler and apply it to the surface.
  • Smoothly patch up the surface using the putty knife. Before the timer runs out, level the paste to ensure a uniform dispersion. Allow two minutes. Done!
  • As you can fix the damaged doors with wood filler so you can fix gaps.

Method 2. Set a Threshold Seal

  • The distance is measured using tape. 
  • The threshold seal strip should be cut using a hacksaw (increase the cut size by 1/5″ if the gap is 1/5″). 
  • Apply it to the gap using strong sticky glue to keep it in place.

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Method 3. Connect the Casing Part

  • To fit in the area between the door jamb and the floor. 
  • Attach the casing chunk to the gap using adhesive on the backside.
  • 2 to 5 times, softly hammering the surface.

Method 4. Use Caulk

  • Select a caulk color that compliments the color of the door jamb.
  • Cut a 0.25″ (6.37 mm) hole if the caulk is in a tube by cutting the tip.
  • Place the cream in the empty space after squashing the tube. Just the way you fix the toilet by caulking
  • To level the surface, use your finger. Wait a few moments.

Method 5. Make Use of Casing and Plinth Block

  • Rip the case using the pull saw. Make certain that it is not detached.
  • Place the plinth block in place.
  • Use an electric jamb saw to rip the casing above the mold.
  • Add a thin plinth.

Method 6. Insert Extra Door Jamb

  • Bring the old door jamb with you (an extra one). Use a drill or woodcutter to mold it in accordance with the gap measurement. 
  • Simply place it in the gap and tap it with a hammer.
  • You may not find any gaps after correctly positioning the chunk. If so, put in sealant or wood pieces to fill them.

Method 7. Repair with Prime and Paint

  • If you select none of the above methods and want an easy solution. To close the gap, use primer and paint.
  • Sand the surface down to make it shinier.
  • The filler may also be used to repair any fractured surfaces.
  • Wait at least 4 hours after priming the surface.
  • Bring a brush and a paint box with you. To make it seem more natural, saturate the brush with paint and repaint the surface. Give it a few hours to soak.
  • After that, repaint the area 2 or 3 more times to guarantee total coverage. Try Graco airless paint to finish the process by drying the surface.

7 Tips to Keep the Door New & Long-lasting 

Here, in this part, I will talk about how to keep your doors new and long-lasting. Following some easy tips can save you from a big problem. Let’s talk about it. 

Tip 1: Frequently Cleaning

Maintaining clean wooden doors is essential for their aesthetic appeal. Cleaning frequency is definitely influenced by a wide range of factors. such as children, pets, and severe weather. If this is an everyday occurrence for you, you should clean them often. Use a light soap and warm water to gently cleanse them.

Tip 2: Apply Caulk to Joints

The edges and joints of the doors begin to peel off and develop fractures over time. Applying caulk and sealants is advised to stop the infiltration of air and water. Utilize the proper sealants and apply them at the proper temperature. because if you don’t, you’ll end up doing more harm than good.

Tip 3: Rotted Wood

Wood rot, particularly in the bottom area, is a prevalent issue. The majority of people experience this issue. Because of the moisture and water leaks through pipes and tapes, the wood typically deteriorates. For this, you’ve to alter or fix the door after taking care of the wetness and tape. After the pipes are fixed, repair the door by using a chemical treatment for wood rot.

Tip 4: Lubricate

Keep an eye on the hinges, knobs, screws, handles, etc., and lubricate them so they will continue to function easily and smoothly.

Tip 5: Unscented Candles and Soap

To lubricate and seal the rough edges against weathering, you will need soap and a candle. Rub the soap and the candle on the latch side of the door’s edges.

Tip 6: Apply Wax

Sparingly use mild vehicle wax. Because they are not designed for outside usage, furniture wax sprigs should not be used on doors. In the sun, the furniture wax finish will bake and harm the door. Wax has to be at a precise temperature to operate. Be sure to fully rub the wax to avoid missing any spots.

Tip 7: Clear the Metal Components

Use metal polish to clean metal components such as handles, knobs, and latches. To avoid rusting, wash them often with water and soap as part of your usual cleaning practice. This will keep the sheen consistent.

If you follow these simple tips on a regular basis, your door will work smoothly. You don’t have to face the changing and repairing problem at all.  


How do you close a gap between the floor and the door trim?

It almost seems too easy, but color-matched caulking may be used to cover gaps. Modern caulking will seal the gap for years with little to no visible appearance. Choose one that is long-lasting and complements the color of the wood. It comes in little tubes and is reasonably priced.

How do you close a door frame gap?

One of the simplest ways to seal off door gaps is with weatherstripping. You may use adhesive foam tape, tubular silicone, vinyl, rubber, corner pads, and felt rolls. One of the store-bought weatherstripping kits. Remove any old weatherstripping from the door and wipe the frame with rubbing alcohol.

Can you use a sander to trim a door?

Place the belt sander sideways on the door’s side. Start sanding parallel down the side of the door with it turned on. Holding the belt flat on the side of the door, I move back and forth. As the side begins to sand away, pay attention to the line. Then sand the door’s side to the line.

What is the best way to repair a bloated inside door?

To remove the moisture, use a hairdryer or a heat gun. When you use the heat gun on the swollen area of wood. Trapped air or moisture within the door flows back into the air.


I guess you got your answer to fix large door jamb gaps after installing a floor. These 7 ways will help you to complete the repair smoothly. You should definitely look into safety precautions. Plan the whole process and start doing the work accordingly. It will save a lot of time. 

If you feel uncomfortable doing this or can’t understand the ways, then look for a professional. There are many people that will assist you with it.

This article is meant to be useful, I hope. See you later, buddy. Ta-ta!