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How to Fix The Laminate Floor Gaps: 4 Simple Methods Here

We know how expensive it is to install laminate flooring. And any issues or disruptions with its looks would definitely disturb us.

The gaps between the floors are one of them. And it looks really odd when you notice the gap in the floor.

How to fix the laminate floor gaps on my own?

Fixing the floor gaps is really easy! There are multiple methods for this where doing it with shoes is the basic one. If not, you may also fix the gap using a rubber mallet and tap on it. A double-sided tape to fix the floor gap may be useful too. Finally, using a suction tool for this would be great!

This brings you the idea of how you can carry out the process. But you need to continue reading to get into the main part for all the details.

Get started now!

How Do I Fix The Laminate Floor Gaps on My Own?

You would not want to lose the aestheticism of your laminate floor in any way. And the floor gaps play an adverse role in it. Thus, you just need to fix this in no time.

And you also have to consider that the gaps may deteriorate the condition of the floor. Thus, you get ready to fix your laminate floor. And fixing the floor gap is as simple as removing the floor tiles!

Today, I got here multiple methods that you can follow. Take a look at the steps that I covered here for you.

Method 1: Push The Floor with Shoes

The very first thing to get started with is to clean the gaps. You pick a couple of toothpicks for this. 

And then just get off any dirt or accumulation of something. Remember it is better not to use any sharp and hard objects for this. 

Because that can put scratches on your floor. You dig out the dirt and grind in the space all the way. And then you may vacuum the gaps.

Now, take a pair of shoes for yourself. You need to make sure that the shoes are sticky and don’t slip off. 

Take the shoes in your hand and test them on the floor giving some pressure. After that, put the shoes on. And now, you need to push off the floor part to fill the gap.

Yes, you do it just like that. Although it does not fix the gaps every time, it still works often. But if it does not come in handy, move on to the next method.

Method 2: Tap on The Floor with A Rubber Mallet

For the second method, you need to use grip pads. These basically help you to prevent objects from slipping or moving. If you wonder how you get it, these are available in tool boxes. 

But if you do not have one, just buy a grip pad. You can buy it in a roll. Take a look to get along with our suggestions:

Product 1
Product 2

Hope this helps!

Now, you need a little piece of wood like 12, 2 by 4. Then put the grit pad on the floor that has a gap. And over that, you need to put the wood that you just took.

Now, you need to put one of your legs on it. Or if you want, you may put more pressure by standing at an angle. But make sure you put on your shoes and stand on it steadily.

This time, you need a rubber mallet. You know this is similar to a regular hammer but not the same though. 

At this time, you just need to give a few taps on the wood. So that the floor closes the gap as it moves. 

Remember one thing about it. That is, do not use a regular hammer for this. Because you may end up denting or damaging your floor if you miss a shot.

And putting up holes on the floor is common with this. Thus, I highly recommend you not to use a regular hammer as it’s made of steel.

Method 3: Fix The Gap Using A Double-Sided Tape

This method also includes a wood piece like in the last one. Take a wood piece and a double-sided tape. Then you tape the piece on the top.

Press on the tape nice and firmly so that it sticks to the piece properly. You can use your rubber mallet to do this. This would work really well.

After that, you need to take the upper part of the double-sided tape. Look at the floor if it is wet or completely dry. 

You need it dry so that the adhesive on the tape does not fade out. Put the wood piece on the floor in a way that the tape sticks to it. 

Give it some time to get sticky and attached as needed. And then you take a pull bar and keep it on the wood piece. 

Then step on the pull bar and start hitting on it. Give it a number of taps as needed to move the floor. And you do this until the floor gaps are gone. 

Remember it would be very stubborn to take off the wood now. Because double-sided tapes are hard to take off. You need to remove it very carefully with a pry bar.

Take this and remove it very slowly making sure the floor is not getting any damage. Once you take off the wood piece, give the floor a quick clean. And you are done fixing it!

Method 4: Pull off The Floor Using A Suction Tool

The last method you may want to look at is using a suction tool. This method is one of the best ones you can follow. And this method can also be followed to fix big floor gaps.

And this method is really effective. All you need to have is just a suction tool. You know a suction tool can be used for various things around you. 

This would come in really handy if you have it at home. And this comes to be helpful for this issue too. Now, you use this to fix the floor gap and it is really easy.

Before you get started, make sure the floor is all clean. You have to clean the floor really well. Now, you place the suction tool on the floor.

And then release the levers and press down on them. So that the suction tool gets a real good suction on the floor. 

Once you set it like that, you take your rubber mallet. You now just have to tap on the suction tool. Keep on doing this until the floor gap closes up.

Once you fix the floor gap, take off the suction tool. Take it off as you put it on the floor. And then wipe the floor once again if you want. But make sure it does not run.

These are the methods for fixing the flooring gaps. You can basically follow either of them to fix your floor gap. 

But I recommend you follow the very last method. This would be the best and most effective to fix the floor gaps.

Additional Tips

Lastly, here are a few tips for you. Take a look:

  • When you are fixing the floor gaps, make sure you put on your shoes. The shoes should be slip-resistant. 
  • You must make sure the floor is clean and dry. The floor should not be wet in any way.
  • Try not to use any regular hammer. And the size of the hammer should be ideal for this. 
  • Be gentle when you push, pull, or tap the moving floor. Because you may damage the floor if you go hard.
  • If you think you need any help, get help. Do not hesitate or think about it again if you really need help. Because you don’t want to damage your floor.


How do I give more shine to my laminate floor?

To give more shine to your laminate floor, you need to follow a few things. First of all, ensure that your floor is clean all the time. Mop the floor whenever it is needed. Do not forget to use a cleaner for your floor. Give the floor a major clean with a soft broom once a day at least.

Is there anything that can damage my laminate floor?

Yes, your floor may get damaged by a number of things. The first thing is the lack of cleaning regularly. It can get damaged if something very sharp scratches the surface. In addition, this may also get scar or even cut in some cases. You need to fix the issues accordingly in that case.

Can my laminate floor get damaged due to its gaps?

No, your laminate would not get damaged due to its gaps. But you may still want to consider fixing the gaps as soon as possible. Because it has been witnessed in a very few cases that the gaps damaged the floor. In that case, the cost to fix this would not be very less.

The Final Words

Now you know how to fix the laminate floor gaps on your own! You must not have any issues regarding this now.

But do not forget one thing about the laminate floor. You may try some random hacks to keep up the shine of your floor. But do not try out those random things without verification. 

Because that can damage your floor instead.

Be careful!