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How to Fix a Lava Lamp: A Simple Guideline

You might have noticed your lava lamp is not flowing properly. Or the lava lamp cloud is showing minor problems. You don’t want to replace it or go to a professional. It’s wiser to fix the lava lamp yourself. Now, when it comes to fixing it would you be able to do it?

How to fix a lava lamp?

First, try to start the lava flow from scratch. Or, you can change the position of your lava lamp. You can also try using a dimmer. It will also prevent your lava lamp from overheating. Last but not the least, replace the wax to start a fresh lava flow. 

This simple guideline will enlighten you about the problem. Follow the steps and execute the repair.

Interested to know about it? Let’s jump right in!

Fixing Lava Lamp

Does your lava lamp consist of lazy wax? There is nothing particularly bad about it. It’s just a little bit inconvenient. You may see that your lava lamp’s flow does not look as impressive as you thought. 

Simply taking the corrective measures could save your lava lamp. You don’t always need to replace it with another lamp.

Here are a few easy solutions for you to fix yourself!

Solution 1: Starting The Lava Flow

If there is no wax movement inside your lava lamp let’s go through a process to start the lava flow. You need to turn on the lava lamp.

Don’t worry if you see a single solid chunk for the first 10 to 60 minutes. The liquid zone will get big enough after this. It will flip the solid wax above it.

Gradually it will abruptly break free and form all kinds of weird shapes. 

Then the first real bubble starts to form displaying irregular shapes. It might look pretty scary to you but it is very normal.

Over the next few hours, the flow will accelerate gradually. And your lava lamp will display a beautiful and steady cycle.  

Solution 2: Try a Different Spot

If your lava lamp is still not working do not worry. We got you!

Your lava lamp is affected by room temperature. You might face problems when your room is unusually cold or hot.

Do not put your lamp next to a radiator or a window sill or a furnace. Don’t let the lamp cause the window or overheating furnace.

There is a possibility for your lava lamp to work properly again if you just put it in a different spot. Hopefully trying a different spot might make your lava lamp work fine. 

Solution 3: Using a Dimmer

Another quick solution for you is to use a dimmer. Trying a plug-in dimmer will prevent your lamp from overheating and underheating. 

Does your lava lamp overheat too quickly? Then use this dimmer to simply turn it down a little bit.

But if your lava lamp is under heated you can use the dimmer in combination with a slightly stronger bulb. 

In any case, a dimmer will give you complete control of the heat generation. It is a very worthy investment.

We advise you to turn off your room heaters when you use the lava lamp. But you can use a ceramic heater as it’s safer and portable.

We can suggest some top-notch light bulbs for your lava lamp. Check them out!


Solution 4: Replace The Wax 

Now after all the solutions you might see it’s still not okay. Before going to the conclusion and replacing it try replacing the cloud.

Turn off the lava lamp. Try to cool it down for 2 to 3 hours. Carefully remove the top because you need to glue it back. Carefully pour the whole liquid from the lamp. Rinse the lava lamp and clean it.

Refill the lamp with clean water but keep a gap on the top. Then turn on the lamp without putting the lid back on. 

After the lamp heats up add 2 drops of dish soap and half a cup of Epsom salt.

Now put the liquid back on. Gradually you will see the lamp is displaying clouds. You can also change the color of the wax

How to Take Care of Your Lava Lamp After Fixing It

Once your lava lamp is fixed you should take measures so that you don’t need to go through this again. This lava lamp is not only for generating lights, it’s for the ambiance.

Are you looking for some advice from us? We have some advice for you that you can follow to prevent future malfunctions of your lava lamp-

Lava lamps create heat inside and around them. You need to keep it away from direct sunlight. If the window is not letting the sun come or it’s cloudy then you can keep the lamp. You can clean the window too.

Maintaining a room temperature is great for the lamp. Your room temperature should be around 20 to 22 degrees celsius. 

After putting the lid back on make sure it’s tight enough. Let’s not remove it without any reason.

The inside is very sensitive. You should be careful when you move the lamp. Do not shake or drop your lamp. Try to move it when it cools down.

You should take care of your lava lamp to maintain a retro ambiance for your room. If you are considering fixing the lava lamp try to be thorough. Because replacing the whole lamp might be costly for you. 


Question: Why does my lava lamp display one big chunk?

Answer: Lava lamp may display a big chunk if the metal coil inside your lava lamp is not in the correct position. The lightbulb of the lamp may have died. If the chunk is in the bottom it means the heating position is not okay. But if it is on the top you might try melting the wax. 

Question: When will my lava lamp expire?

Answer: Most of the lava lamps do not have an expiration date. But gradually these lamps wear out. Typically a lava lamp has a lifespan of 2000 hours. 

Question: What kind of wax is inside the lava lamp?

Answer: The blobs inside the lava lamp are mainly made of paraffin wax. Components like these increase the density of the cloud. But when you replace the wax you can use liquid soap.


We have discussed all the ways to inform you about how to fix a lava lamp. Now it’s your time to wear your repair gloves and jump in.

One last tip. Keep an eye while fixing the lamp because the lamp produces heat and could be risky for you. Follow through our instructions and you will have a fully functioning lava lamp at the end.

Have a good day!