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How to Fix Matted Down Carpet: The Complete Solution

If your carpet has high foot traffic or dents from furniture, you’re most likely to face matted down fibers in carpets. And we can all agree that that’s not a pleasant sight.

How to fix matted down carpet?

You can start fixing your matted down carpet by removing everything that’s on the carpet. Next, use a vacuum cleaner and treat any kind of stains. Then, get the steam cleaner ready and use it on the carpet. Finally, dry the carpet to finish the job.

However, there is more to this topic. You can know about why matting is caused in carpets and how you can prevent them.

So, why wait? Let’s start-

What Causes Matting in Carpets?

Carpets can get matted down for a few other reasons other than being old. While you can’t really do anything about these things it’s better to know about these.

  1. Heavy Furniture

Your carpet can get matted down if heavy furniture stays in one place for a bit too long. It can also happen if you tend to move these quite often. 

When you put so much pressure on a carpet, the fibers flatten out very easily.

  1. A Lot of Foot Traffic

This is actually the most common reason for matted fibers in carpets. But this only applies to commercial carpets as carpets in homes don’t see that much foot traffic.

However, that can always change if you happen to have a party every day. Nonetheless, residential carpets can sometimes have matting in a specific area. The entrance of your house is the perfect example of it.

  1. Little to No Maintenance

While people blame soil and dirt as the main culprit, lack of maintenance is often forgotten. Taking care of your carpet every once in a while can prevent matting in carpets.

  1. Dirt and Soil

It’s nothing new that carpets face a lot of dirt and soil. But when you combine that with heavy foot traffic it can become a huge problem. 

The worst part is soil and dirt forms clots in the carpet fibers. This can lead to other problems in your carpet. 

How to Fix Matted Down Carpet?

Fixing a matted down carpet won’t give back its original look but at least you don’t have to throw away the carpet. After all, a good carpet is an investment. 

Before we start, we should be telling you that the method we’re going to show you is called hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. Here are the steps of doing it perfectly-

Step 1: Remove Everything That’s on the Carpet

Clear out everything that’s on the carpet. If a piece of furniture is too heavy to move you can wrap them up with duct tape. This will protect your furniture from moisture.

Step 2: Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum your carpet to remove any kind of hair, loose dust or crumbs. While a steam cleaner will restore the fabrics, it won’t be able to remove the loose particles on the carpet. 

So, vacuum your carpet twice to get a good cleaning.

Step 3: Treat Any Kind of Stains 

A steam cleaner won’t be able to remove any kind of stains such as crayon stains or cranberry juice stains

So, make sure to remove any kind of stains before you do anything. This will make the cleaning process so much easier.

Step 4: Get the Steam Cleaner Ready

Take out the water tank from the steam cleaner and fill it up with distilled water. You can also fill it with a carpet cleaner solution. But make sure to read the instructions manual. Don’t go filling it up with something that can damage your carpet.

Sometimes steam cleaners include a detergent compartment. If your steam cleaner doesn’t have one, you always mix it with the water. 

Now, plug in the steam cleaner into a socket and wait for some time to let the water heat up.

Step 5: Use the Steam Cleaner on the Carpet

Run the steam cleaner all over the carpet. Make sure to clean it with straight lines. Overlap each line at least two times to ensure that the matted fibers are extracted properly. 

After you’re done cleaning you’ll see most of the matted fibers are gone. 

Step 6: Dry the Carpet

While a steam cleaner doesn’t use that much water it can still take some for the carpet to dry. So, expect anywhere between 8-12 hours for the carpet to dry out completely.

After that, you’ll see that your carpet is once again in its pristine condition.

How to Prevent Matting in Carpets?

We discussed the reasons for matting in carpets. While you can’t completely avoid these things, you can always take some to measure to limit the damage.

  1. Move Your Furniture Once in a While

Heavy furniture causes matting in carpet fibers when they stay in one place for too long. So, try to move them around every month. 

You can change your room setting every few months. But never drag your furniture while moving them. Always pick up the furniture and move it.

Moreover, try to change your walkways, equally distributing the foot traffic on the carpet. 

  1. Regularly Vacuum the Carpet

Regularly vacuuming the carpet ensures that there is no dirt or soil build-up on the carpet. In most cases, this is the primary reason for married fibers in carpets. 

  1. Get a Professional Cleaning Once a Year

Get your carpet a professional cleaning in the autumn or winter. This way you’ll get to avoid dealing with matted fibers. 

A professional cleaning will bring back your carpet’s original look. It’ll also remove any kind of stain off your carpet. 


Question: Can vinegar fix matted down carpet?
Answer: No, while vinegar is good for cleaning stains it won’t fix your matted down carpets.

Question: Does steam cleaning remove matted down carpet fiber?
Answer: Using a steam cleaner is the perfect solution for fixing matted down carpets.

Question: Should I get my carpet professionally cleaned?
Answer: Everyone should get their carpet professional cleaning once a year.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s all we had to say about how to fix matted down carpet. We hope we could cover everything you needed to know about this topic.

Before we go, a piece of advice, you should always remember to take care of your carpet. 

Good luck!