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5 Steps For Fixing And Replacing Damaged Vinyl Planks

A cracked plank wood means losing the great look once there was.

It would be frustrating for you to see a damaged area on a shiny wood surface. 

This article would stretch how to fix and replace damaged vinyl planks

The five-step process involves isolating the damaged area by taping the edges. Next, you would be cutting the damaged area and then removing it with proper care. Placing the new plank wood should be easy by bonding with glue perfectly. A firm bond will make the area as good as new. 

I, therefore, ask you to stay calm while investigating the DIY process. 

Read on with proper attention for better insights!

Fixing The Damaged Plank On The Flooring

A damaged plank wood is good to repair as fast as possible. The first thing to point out is how deep and long the damage is. Not repairing fast enough can destroy the good look of the floor. 

Could I ask how to fix and replace damaged vinyl planks? It is easy to do that if you are following some steps properly. The process is similar to fixing damaged drywall anchors

It is also similar to knowing how to replace a damaged luxury vinyl plank. The more pricey the wood is, the more attention you have to give. 

Either way, as mentioned before, following some steps is going to help you. 

Here are the 5 steps to fixing and replacing plank wood on the floor. 

Step 1: Isolate The Damaged Area

The notion of isolating the damaged area in the first step involves marking the damaged plank. First, measure and mark the damaged area by using a scale. Let’s say the damage is around 3 to 4 inches. 

Knowing how to fix a crack in vinyl plank flooring would help apply the right treatment. 

This means in the initial stages, you would be isolating the plank by taping the edges.  

For a 3-inch crack, make a 6 to 8-inch horizontal mark with tape. The vertical tape lining can be 2 inches wide. 

The procedure would work the same for laminate or engineered wood flooring. 

The marking is done to completely cut out the area. By doing so, you would be placing a new 6 x 2 inches of wood. Consider the similar areas of perfectly fitting baseboards on the floor

I am going to discuss how you are going to lock the wood later. This is in the last steps. 

Step 2: Cut The Marked Areas Of The Plank

Before placing the new wood, you have to remove the old wood first. As you have taped the area of removal, you will be drawing some lines in it. 

You would be needing a whole range of vinyl flooring repair kits. This is to perform the functions professionally. 

As you have a new area to point out, you are going to draw a line. This is by using a white marker. The straight line should go through the damaged area, all the way to the end. 

Make a 45-degree angle on either side of the line. The question is, how to ensure the cut is good enough for the wood removal?

First, draw a triangle on the opposite sides of the edges. Leave a little gap between the tape and the white line drawing. This is to cut the area according to the measurement. By using an oscillating cutting tool, you will be cutting the white lines. Then it will be a perfect cut for wood removal. 

This shall provide the best results on how to fix vinyl plank flooring scratches. This is to ensure that the cut fits the new wood size.  With gentle cuts, you will be layering out the wood. 

Step 3: Remove The Plank Wood

By cutting through the marked white line in the middle, you can remove the edges. This means the marked area would be separated into two. Here, you will have enough space to take out the plank wood. 

Asking can vinyl plank flooring be removed and reinstalled, means there is good news. In this step, following the suggested process, you can easily install vinyl plank flooring

You have to ensure that you have made the cut deep enough. You should see that the plank wood is popping up easily. This means you have done a good job cutting the plank wood. 

When the woods are removed, you will see a black surface. Make sure you know how to remove vinyl plank flooring without damaging it

After the removal, the area is open for new plank wood installation. 

Step 4: Place The New Plank Wood Into The Area

There is a reason behind the suggestion of cutting on such measurement. This is because new woods are available in that size.

As the area is open for placing new plank wood, take the new plank wood. Place it in the open area to see if it fits. See if the vinyl plank flooring lifts at the edges

Take some time to inspect the new wood edges. On the left side, you will see a long tongue. On the other right side, you will see that the tongue is shorter. Shave off the sides to make sure that the edges fit the other woods. 

The whole idea is to make sharp edges by shaving them on the other woods. This is to make the new plank wood fit into the edges. This will make the attaching process easier. 

By understanding how to repair click-lock flooring, you will understand the locking scenario. 

Make sure you clean the open area before sticking the new wood. 

Step 5: Apply Glue To Bond New Plank Wood

In this step, you will be needing a floor suction tool and a mallet. This is to make sure that the new wood is fitting firmly on the surface. 

The suction tool will help you take the new wood and fit them perfectly. on the floor. This is something you are going to do now before applying the glue. For this, you need the best glue for vinyl flooring repair

You definitely want the new wood to stay for as long as possible. This is why a thick glue would allow a high volume of the mixture. This is to make glue being compressed into the wood

All you have to do is apply the glue to the tongue. This is of the other wood edges, the ones that are old.  

Once the glue settles into the edges, use the suction tool to place the new wood. This is on top of the open surface. Also, apply the glue on the open black surface.T

Tap the surface of the new plank with a mallet. By applying the tapping process, you are ensuring that the inside part is bonding strongly. Perfection is something you desire, mallet tapping will make that happen for you. 

After that, you will see that the new wood is fitting in perfectly with the floor. The whole area of the floor would look beautiful. 

Tips To Secure A Long Lasting Floor Plank

When you have good-looking plank wood flooring, you would want them to last long. This means you don’t want to run the hassle of repairing and replacing again. 

Here are a few things to consider to ensure a durable flooring system:

  • Vacuum and mop the floor more often
  • Application of cider vinegar from time to time is a good practice
  • The plank wood can attract rustiness more often. This is the reason why cleaning regularly is important
  • Protect the vinyl floors with soft felt pads to protect them from the furniture. Moving the furniture can make the wood crack. Being careful is important.
  • Do not use scrubbers or any rough materials to clean the floor

The good-looking plank woods should be handled with proper care. With the right treatment, you are saving a lot of costs as well. 

I have previously mentioned some tools for the repair work.

Here are some tools that you can use when fixing the damaged plank:

Oscillating Cutting Multi-ToolWorx WX686L 2.5 Amp
DOWELL Utility Knife Box CutterDurable, sharp and retractable knife
Fixer Tool With MalletFloor gap repair flooring tool
FastCap Super GluePowerful adhesive for perfect bonding
Floor Installation Kit Heavy duty pull bar


Should I employ the same measures for a split wood?

Yes, either crack or split, the fixing indications are the same. You should apply the same 5 steps process suggested in the article.

Why is making triangular cuts important on both sides of the wood?

Making triangular drawings and cutting them is easier than other methods. It won’t cause damage to the other areas of the flooring system. 

How do I make sure that the bonding adhesive is strong enough?

First, pour in the glue and tap the new plank on the floor. After that, wait for a few minutes and then try to move the plank wood. If it is not slipping off, you have done a good job. 


An easy answer on how to fix and replace damaged vinyl plank has been provided here. Hope you can do the job easily.

By wishing you all the best, we are signing off.

Bye for now!