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How to Fix A Stripped Shower Knob: 7 Simple Steps to Follow!

The shower knob is a very important part of our bathroom.

Without them, you can’t use your shower properly. So, it’s very natural to get very tense when they get stripped.

But worry not. You can fix your stripped shower knob with some simple steps.

How to fix a stripped shower knob?

There are about 7 steps to do it at home. Like, shut off the main water supply, remove the decorating trim, remove the screw, and then the knob, etc. Most of the time the knob is irreparable. Then buy a proper one like the previous knob, install it and test it by turning on the water supply.

That’s just a quick overview of the article. To know more, keep reading!

7 Easy Steps to Fix A Stripped Shower Knob

What kind of problems are you facing with your shower knob? Are you facing these problems like shower knob stripped, shower knob turns but no water?

Worry not. You easily solve these issues with some simple guidelines of mine. 

Sometimes you can also face many more problems of shower fittings like shower diverter handle just spins, Moen shower handle stripped, stripped shower head, etc. All these problems have solutions too.

In this article, I’m going to give you a complete guideline about fixing a stripped shower knob. It’s time to unravel those simple steps!

Step 1: Shut off the Main Water Supply

Before starting the procedure, you should turn off the main water supply. 

The water supply line will have two types of switches. One is like a round wheel and another is like a lever. 

If your switch is like a round wheel, then move the wheel in the clockwise direction until it stops moving. It can take up to two full turns to switch that off.

If your switch is like a lever, then move the lever for ¼ th turn upward. For some lever, you may need to move it down to switch the supply line off. 

The main water supply line is outside of your house or it can also be in the basement of the house.

You can also do this by just turning off the shower valve of that shower. If your bathroom has a separate valve for your shower, you can find the shower valve in the bathroom. If not, you will find this behind the walls.

After turning off one of them, turn the shower on. Because it will have some water in the pipe and you should release it.

Step 2: Removal of the Decorating Trimming

Some shower knobs have a decorating trim and some don’t. You should remove the decorating trim first.

You can do this through a flathead screwdriver. You should lift away the handle of the screwdriver and then the cover will come out. You can also use a knife instead of a screwdriver.

But sometimes you can find it hard to remove the cover. It becomes stuck. To remove this, you can use a handle puller.

Step 3: Removal of the Screw

All of the shower knobs have screws that hold them in their position. The next step of yours is to remove those screws. 

The screws can be in two positions. First, you can find them under the decorating trim or cap. Second, you can find them inside some small holes at the side of that shower knob.

Locate those screws carefully and remove them one by one. You can use a Phillips screwdriver to remove them. You can also use a shower knob repair kit. You can get all kinds of necessary screws and other hardware for your shower knob there.

Use those screwdrivers in the counterclockwise direction and the screws will fall out from there quickly. If there is any rust there, you can find it difficult to remove. That’s why you can use some lubricating oil for them. 

Some screws are so small that they can fall from the shower drain and you will lose them. 

For safety, you can put a cloth over the shower drain.

Step 4: Removal of the Knob

Now that you have removed those screws, you can easily remove the knob too. The next step is to remove the knob.

First, you need to twist that knob from the valve in the counterclockwise or clockwise direction, as the manufacturers have made it. Normally, it should come out from that knob easily. 

If you find it hard to twist the knob, then the knob is stuck there. To solve this, find a hammer and use the hammer to give some light taps while holding it to turn on. It will make that knob come out without damaging it. 

Don’t give a powerful tap, otherwise, it will damage the knob.

You can also use a puller tool to remove the knob. Hold the knob with the puller tool tightly and twist it and it will come out.

Here I have recommended some shower knob repair kits for you:

Product 01 
Product 02 

As you have removed the knob, you can easily reach the shower valve system. 

Carefully check the series of splines which is on the rear of the shower knob. If it has got damaged, then you will have to replace the shower knob. In most cases, you will have to replace it.

In the next steps, I will give you the direction on how to replace a stripped shower knob. If your shower knob keeps turning, then you should also replace it.

Step 5: Purchasing of New Knob

For shower knob replacement, you should know the proper size of your shower knob and also the brand too. Otherwise, you won’t be able to attach it to the shower valve.

Here is a tip for you. While buying the shower knob, you can take the screws and old knob with you. It will be easier for you to choose the right one. And the salesperson will be able to match the perfect one easily for you.

If you cannot find the previous band of your knob, you can buy a universal faucet handle for you.

You can also buy a shower knob from other knobs which have the same fittings. But you should always keep the material of your shower knob the same as the previous one.

There are two types of knobs. Single shower knob and dual shower knob.

If your shower knob is a single shower knob, then it’s okay. If your shower knob is a dual shower knob, then one of the knobs is for cold water in the shower and another one is for hot water in the shower. 

If any of them have got stripped, then you will have to replace both.

There are many shower knobs of different materials. They can be of brass, chrome, plastic, etc. The material of the new one should match the other fittings of your bathroom.

You should also have some idea about the shower knob replacement cost. It can cost you around $80 for the replacement.

Step 6: Installation of New Knob

Here, I will tell you about the most important step of the replacement of shower knobs. And it is the installation of the new shower knob. Install the new shower knob like I’m describing to you.

First, you need to push that new shower knob into the valve. 

If your shower knob is a dual shower knob, then be careful while pushing them into the valve. Push the cold labelled knob and hot labelled knob to the cold valve and hot valve respectively.

You should twist the knob in the direction mentioned in the manual. Also, you should twist it until it reaches its end place.

Carefully put those screws in their respective positions through a screwdriver. You should always tighten the screws as much as possible. Otherwise, it will cause a leak from the shower knob. 

If you wanna know how to fix the shower knob leak, Then you can inspect if the screws are loose or not. Then you can tighten them. If they are not loose, then you may need to replace the shower knob.

Now I’ll tell you the last steps of the installation. This step is for those shower knobs which have a decorating trimming with them. Push it to the knob using your thumb so that it sits tightly and flat.

And that’s how the installation process is complete. If you wanna know how to fix a shower knob that fell off, then you follow this process to reinstall it. But you should have the required screws for this.

Step 7: Switch on the Main Water Supply and Testing

This is the last step of the whole process. As by now that you have replaced your shower knob, you can turn on the main water supply or valve. You will have to turn it in the opposite direction very slowly. 

Don’t open it fully and wait for some seconds before opening it fully.

Then Turn on the shower knob by twisting it. And check if it’s working properly or not and if water is coming through the shower or not. If there is any leak in the shower knob, you should tighten those screws.

That’s all. So, you know all the steps of how you can fix a stripped shower knob.


What are the names of different types of shower valves?

There are about three types of shower valves and three of them have three different features. They are the thermostatic shower valve, pressure balancing shower valve, and diverter shower valve. There are many up-to-date versions of them and you should always do the proper installation of them.

How much do you need to pay to replace a shower valve?

Replacing a shower valve will always cost you a lot and it also depends on the different settings of them. If the plumber is not licensed, then he will charge you about $150 to replace those fittings. But if you call a licensed plumber to replace them, then he will charge you more, from around $250.

Can you repair a shower diverter?

A shower diverter is an important fitting for the bathroom. If it’s a broken one, it’ll waste a lot of water making your shower experience poor. So, you shouldn’t delay repairing a shower diverter. If you want, you can repair the shower diverter at home. But calling a plumber will be the best option.

Final Words

I hope that you know now how to fix a stripped shower knob. Through my simple guidelines, you can do it by yourself.

If you face any problems, you can share them with me in the comment section.

Until then, wishing you all the best!