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How To Frame An Oval Mirror? 5 Steps To Do It

An oval mirror is a perfect combination of style and elegance. Its softly curved shape brings an absolute charm to your bathroom. If you’re planning to redecorate your home, you can deliberately choose the oval mirror.

How to frame an oval mirror?

Framing your oval mirror can be done in 6 steps. You should firstly trace the mirror to get the proper measurement. Once done, you have to prepare the frame by cutting and sanding it. You need to make the frame layout. Once finished, put the mirror inside the frame. Use the help push point for securing the mirror to the frame.

Still, confused? Don’t worry! This was just a sneak peek. We are about to share each and every step along with proper guidelines. This way you’ll understand the entire framing process easily. 

Just stay with us and read through the upcoming segments!

5 Steps To Frame An Oval Mirror

We’ve provided how to frame your oval mirror in 5 steps. Here, we’ll briefly discuss each and every step. 

If you have basic skills, you can easily nail this job. You just have to follow the steps appropriately and the workflow will be hassle-free.

Before we start our main task, we’ll need some tools:

  • An oval mirror
  • A jigsaw
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Pencil or marker
  • Sandpaper
  • Few push points
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Some mirror clips or nails

Buckle up all the elements and let’s jump into the wagon-

Step 1: Trace out The Mirror for Measurements

Almost all home improvement tasks require taking measurements first. If you want to cut your marble tiles, you’ve to take measurements first. 

Just like that to prepare a perfect frame, you need to measure each proportion correctly. Because an angular-shaped mirror becomes tricky to measure correctly. 

In this case, tracing is the best way to count the measurements. To do that, grab a tracing paper first. Place the mirror over the tracing sheet. Slightly draw the outer border of the mirror on your tracing paper now. 

This way you can easily trace out the mirror. But you can also use cardboard or something sturdy instead of tracing paper.

Step 2: Prepare The Frame

We’ll now cut out the frame. It’s a common and easy process to prepare a cardboard frame for your oval mirror. 

Choose a sturdy base such as wood and place the oval cut out of the cardboard on it. Trace directly on the piece of wood or the cardboard with a pencil to get the measurements. We suggest tracing out on cardboard to avoid any manipulation.

Once all marked, prepare your jigsaw as you’re about to cut out the shape with it. You can use the same jigsaw used for cutting ductwork

The oval hole you created while tracing, cut that off. Because it’ll be the inner circle of your mirror. That means you need to cut out the outer lines as well.

After cutting the frame is done, sand the edges of the wood. Use sandpaper to sand the upper surface evenly and concisely. 

Do the same on both sides, the inside and outside. Once finished, clean out the remaining dust using a dry cloth. 

Step 3: Frame Layout

Well, our main purpose in preparing the frame is to set the mirror inside it. You can eventually make two different kinds of framing. We’ve mentioned both types below-

Way 1: One Frame With A Pocket 

The first one is as similar as we described above. You have to cut off the extra edges first. You then need to shape a continuous pocket all around the inner mirror of the frame. That’s how you can glide the mirror inside the pocket and it’ll set there.

Way 2: Two Separate Frames

The second way is to cut two individual pieces of oval frames. It might seem a little complicated yet not impossible for you. Just pay attention to the upcoming instructions carefully and you’re good to go.

You have to cut out one larger frame and another shorter one. The larger frame will work as some kind of platform for your mirror. It’ll also be placed on the front side. 

The shorter frame will hold the mirror from the backside. Both of these frames will be attached to each other so the mirror won’t fall off.

Step 4: Paint The Frame [Optional]

Painting is an optional task but it can enhance the outlook of your mirror. Moreover, your uneven wooden surface might not be that eye-catchy. In that case, the paint will cover that too.

You can either choose a pigmented color or a matte one. If you want, you can even go for glossy and matte paint stripes. We suggest getting the matte paint. Because it creates a sophisticated look to the mirror making it more eye-catchy. 

We’ve got some suggestions regarding the paint-

Product 1
Product 2

Got the paint? If yes, start painting the frame precisely with a paintbrush.

Don’t forget to paint both sides, the inside, and the outside equally. It’s important to maintain the color ratio. Or else you’ll end up having weird reflections on your mirror. 

Once the painting is done, leave the mirror frame for at least 4-5 hours. Within this time, it’ll dry out evenly.

Note: Remember, you’ve to use a medium-sized paintbrush. You can’t use the same paintbrush used for painting grout lines.

Step 5: Frame The Mirror

It’s time to set your mirror onto the oval-shaped frame that you prepared. Place all your needed stuff on a plain surface. This way the frame won’t shake while setting the mirror. 

Before setting up the whole bunch of frames, you must consider a few things. One of them is putting the cardboard layout first inside the frame. Gradually glide the mirror into it afterward. 

Because we’ll use some push points to secure the mirror inside the oval frame. Meanwhile, the cardboard will work as a barrier. It’ll secure the mirror to the frame without scratching anything.

Finally, you got your brand new DIY oval mirror!


Question: Can I frame a frameless mirror?

Answer: Well, a frameless mirror can serve your purpose practically. Though its raw edges might not add extra beauty according to your room decor. However, you can still decorate the edges with a simple frame that matches your room’s ambiance.

Question: How do I accessorize my mirror?

Answer: Sometimes a bare mirror seems lonely on large walls. But you can redecorate the mirror by adding some kind of wall scones or artwork. Try to contemplate three objects together as one unit. Also, maintain the distance among the objects around two-thirds of the furniture below it.

Question: Where should a mirror be placed in the bedroom?

Answer: Your mirror should be placed in such a position where it’ll create an illusion. An illusion of more space. According to that, you can place it in different spaces. Like beside your bed, behind the main door, opposite a window. Even above a mantelpiece would also be an ideal place for placing the mirror.


Let’s divide our paths here. We tried to provide all the necessary information about how to frame an oval mirror.

Hopefully, now you can frame your mirror without any hassle.

Good luck!