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Can A French Door Refrigerator Go Next To A Wall: Answered

A french door refrigerator can be a spicy addition to your grand house. But before you buy it on an impulse take a moment to think about where you will place it. Now might think of placing it near a wall.

Then ask yourself this: can a french door refrigerator go next to a wall?

The fancy refrigerator can go next to a wall but you have to look into two things. One is the side-wise distance between the fridge and the wall. Which has to be ½ to 1 inch. And the other one is the rear side that has to be 1 inch.

But that’s not the whole answer. Don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging. We have the complete answer stored up for you.

Can a french door refrigerator go next to a wall: Yes or no?

Although the stylish fridge has two doors that have to be swung open it can be placed next to a wall.

But you need to keep in mind that the fridge must have enough space to fully open. And that’s not only because of the troublesome doors.

The refrigerator comes with a bottom-freezer that needs some space when it’s opened. So, you cannot have a wall blocking your refrigerator. But on the plus side you won’t have to use hacks to make your fridge look big.

While we’re on that topic, why don’t we take a look at the factors that affect the position of your fridge? 

What to consider when placing a refrigerator beside a wall?

Now, while placing a french refrigerator beside a wall you need to consider two critical things. That’s the side and the rear part of the fridge.

People lock up double gates because of the wind but you can’t close up the fridge forever. You obviously need to open them to put food. So, it’s wise to set it up correctly before they cause too much trouble.

The sides

A french door refrigerator is a great addition if you’re thinking of furnishing your house since they are quite cost-effective. However, if you place the refrigerator between a wall you must keep enough space for the doors to open. 

Since the refrigerator doors open sideways, it needs more space than the normal ones. To be specific, you need to keep about a ½ to 1-inch gap between the wall and the fridge.

The rear part

Moreover, you also have to keep a space between the back of the fridge and the wall. That’s because the back part has some wires and electrical plugs that go into the outlet.

So, for that, keep a minimum space of 1 inch and you’ll be set.


Question: Will a french refrigerator door fit through the door?
Answer: The size of the french refrigerator is approximately 28.5 inches. So, if your door is broader than that it’ll fit through the door.

Question: Do french refrigerators need ventilation?
Answer: All refrigerators need some space to breathe and french refrigerators are no exceptions.

Last words

That’s the end of our article. We hope you got the answer to your question: can a french door refrigerator go next to a wall?

With this, we’ll take our leave. Take care. Bye-bye!