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GE Refrigerator Error Codes [Common Troubleshoots]

The GE brand has made quite a name for its electrical appliances like refrigerators. The best part of these digital appliances is that they sense errors on their own. Also, they notify the issue to the user.

The GE refrigerator is functioned as such that it shows multiple error codes. The codes show up on the display screen on the user panel. There are many GE error codes that should be mentioned in the user manual. Most of it requires a technician’s attention.

Wanna know how to deal with these error codes? Then keep reading my post until the end without missing any part

Here we start!

GE Refrigerator Error Code Troubleshooting

One of the best parts of the GE refrigerator is that it notifies error detection. In case something is not functioning right the refrigerator detects it. Then it shows the problem in a code on the display screen.

The screen is on the user panel. The refrigerator shows the code along with a beeping noise to let you know. It’s similar to the LG refrigerator’s beeping noise

Not all the errors that it detects require a technician’s attention. Some of the error codes can be handled if you know the solving method. 

Here I’ll show you some of the frequent troubleshooting for GE refrigerator error code.

(FF/CC): Internal Temperature Too High

If the refrigerator display shows FF or CC it’s indicating the rising temperature inside. FF indicates the freezer’s high temperature and CC refers to the refrigerator’s high temperature. 

There are a couple of reasons why this error code may show up. Since the temperature is getting warmer the problem can be a defective evaporator fan motor. 

If it’s broken then the cold air circulation isn’t working effectively. As a result, the food inside the refrigerator will not freeze properly. It’s similar to the LG freezer’s freezing problem.

There’s a chance that the refrigerator thermistor or the defrost control board is damaged. If the parts are damaged then you’ll need a technician’s help. But before that, you can try the solution below.


First, click on the “system check” option on the refrigerator’s display. It’ll show the error conditions on the display panel. Check the refrigerator’s door gasket for any sign of damage.

Sometimes the gasket gets worn out and lets warm air inside the refrigerator. As a result, the temperature increases. If that’s not the case then internal functions may have been damaged.

Do the same by checking the freezer gaskets. If there’s no issue with it then the problem is internal. You’ll need to contact a professional technician because these are critical problems to solve.

(PF): Power Fluctuation Error

PF shows up if the refrigerator goes through any abnormal power fluctuation. It means the power service of your refrigerator was interrupted. 

The reason could be a faulty power cord or tripping of the circuit breaker. Power outages can also be a reason. What you can do to solve this is given below.


Check out if the power cord is plugged in properly or not. If it’s properly plugged into the outlet then look for any damage to the cord. If it’s damaged then turn off the power connection and disconnect it from the outlet.

Check out for bad electric outlets as well. Sometimes it can be the cause of one bad outlet impacting others. If there’s no sign of damage then keep the cord disconnected for five minutes.

Reconnect it and see if the same error shows up again. If it does then press “system check” to look for any additional hardware malfunctions. If no such thing shows up then the problem is within the cord or outlet.

You can’t solve this problem by yourself if it’s a hardware issue. Rather call any near technician to solve this problem.

(CI): Ice Maker Error

CI indicates that your refrigerator’s ice maker is malfunctioning. There could be many reasons why it happens. The most common reason is the ice maker getting jammed by ice.

Other reasons include low water pressure in the water filter or faulty water inlet valve. The water pressure shouldn’t be any lower than 20 PSI. 

Sometimes a damaged water inlet valve can cause low water pressure. You’d need to replace the water inlet valve if it gets broken. 

You can use these inlet valves for your GE refrigerator:

Product 1
Product 2

Damaged ice maker assembly can also be a reason. One broken part of it makes the entire assembly useless. Aside from the professional help, you can follow the solution below.


First check for the ice maker’s condition. If it’s clogged with ice try to remove it without damaging your refrigerator. You can also wait for it to melt away. 

Before that make sure you’ve put away all the food inside the refrigerator safely. Also, turn off the power connection before doing it. After that, check the water supply connection.

Inspect whether the junction is turned on and well connected. If you need to turn it off, shut off the refrigerator’s ice maker as well. 

Clear the error code by pressing the “system check” option and see if CI reappears. If it does, get a professional’s help.

(DE): Defrost System Error

Showing DE means the defrost system of your refrigerator hasn’t functioned for 24 hours. It may lead to many parts failures if left unattended. It could turn the freezer frosty.

The reason it may happen can be a malfunctioning defrost timer. The timer’s job is to melt the ice from the evaporator coil. If it’s broken then there’ll be no power connection to the heater.

The culprit can be a broken defrost heater or a broken sensor fuse too. If the heater breaks it needs to be changed immediately. And if the defrost sensor breaks it’ll affect the fuse as well.

In that case, both will fail and will need replacement.


There isn’t much you can do if the defrost system fails. What you can do is to check if it’s really an issue with the defrost compartment. Clear the error code by pressing “system check”.

If it reappears then this issue needs to be handled by professionals. Also, make sure to remove the foods once you notice the error code. Call your manufacturer’s company or any local technician to solve this issue.

I hope this helps you solve your GE refrigerator error codes.


Question: What does TC/TF mean?

Answer: If the GE refrigerator’s display shows TC/TF knows that it’s not an error code. It indicates the functioning condition of the turbo cooler or the turbo freezer.

It means the cooling process of the turbo cooler/freezer is speeding up.

Question: How to tell if the ice maker sensor is not working properly?

Answer: If the ice maker sensor isn’t working properly then the R-1-a LED will light up. Another way to be sure is to check the voltage of the main PCB. PCB CN90 #3 and CN90 #4’s voltage should be between 4.5-1V.

Question: How to reset the GE refrigerator?

Answer: To reset the refrigerator first turn off the power supply from the circuit breaker. Leave it that way for about five minutes. After that reconnect it with the power source and wait for five more minutes. It takes five minutes to reset the refrigerator.


Have you gotten an idea of how to solve the GE refrigerator error codes? I hope you did because that was the whole purpose of it. 

Don’t forget to contact a technician if it’s something you’re uncertain of. After all, solving these issues requires an expert’s attention.

See you soon!