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Can I Run The Generator On The Porch? [All You Need To Know]

A portable generator provides a simple fix for a power outage. It’s possible that you have a portable or inverter generator. Even during a hurricane or ice storm, you won’t have to be in the dark. 

Maintaining the generator is quite a challenge. You may use a stationary generator as they are quite safe for us. But you might wonder if running the generator on the porch is a good idea. 

Don’t be stressed anymore because we’ve got you covered!

Can you run the generator on the porch?

No, you shouldn’t leave your generator running on your porch. Because generator engines emit potentially harmful carbon monoxide gas. Often, a porch is linked to the house. For this reason, using a generator on the porch is not suggested.

You may think you’ve already got your answer. But this is just the beginning. We’ve delved deeper into this topic, so keep on reading for the details.

Sounds convincing? Let’s dive into it!

What Happens If You Run The Generator On The Porch?

The porch is actually a part of our house as it’s directly linked to the house. Placing the generator on the porch can lead to a few problems. Your generator may not keep running after a certain time. So you need to be careful.

We have mentioned 2 common problems that arise due to keeping the generator running on the porch. 

Problem 1: Carbon Monoxide Buildup

Running the portable generator in a confined space is strictly banned. And the majority of the porches are closed. Another factor to consider is the fume. 

It makes no difference what kind of generator you have or what its fueling system is. Carbon monoxide gas will be produced to some extent. We all know about the harm and toxicity of carbon monoxide in our health. So now you know the risk of running your generator on the porch.

Problem 2: Spark Issues

Your generator should not be placed near a vent or an open window. Because a little spark can cause problems to the vent or window along with other issues.

It’s also not a good idea to keep it in the garage. Because you might eventually experience a lot of hazardous issues keeping the generator in the garage. And it’s not safe for the generator to be there.

Where To Place The Generator Safely?

Your generator should maintain a minimum distance of 15 feet from the house. And it has to be a wide and open area. It’s possible that you’re thinking about rain or snow. But you can use a generator cover, designed for wet conditions. 

For your convenience, we’ve suggested a couple of options for you below-

Product 1
Product 2

These are the products that you can depend on for their durability and effectiveness.

These unique canopies are a great way to keep the generator running in the rain. 

Running The Generator On Your Porch- Things To Keep In Mind

Now, you may not have a choice except to run the generator outside on the porch. Not everyone can find a spacious area to keep their generator. In such critical scenarios, you need to keep a few things strictly in mind. 

Even if you keep the generator on the porch, don’t take it inside the house. Especially, don’t place it on the furniture. This could damage your furniture and you’ll need to refinish it if it’s wood.

You must have a spacious porch or veranda with plenty of room to keep the generator. Only then you can keep it running there. In that case, a carbon monoxide detector should be installed in your home. You can also use a portable one to inspect the surroundings of the generator. To install a carbon monoxide detector, you need different wirings. The wirings can be similar to the wirings of 220 air conditioners.

Even if you keep an eye on the carbon monoxide level, don’t keep your generator running for too long. Carbon monoxide is deadly. The lethal rate of carbon monoxide in the world is considerable. 

And we highly recommend you install a tracker to detect carbon monoxide at home. Make sure you install a generator in place or a portable generator. The generator can be permanent or stationary.

These are the instructions we could convey about running the generator on the porch!


Question: Is it okay if I run the generator on the deck?

Answer: Generators can only be installed under a well-ventilated deck. In addition, the deck must keep a certain distance from structural elements. If the generator is within five feet of the deck, it must be built or covered with fire-resistant materials. You need to consider a few factors to run the generator on the couch.

Question: Can I put the generator on the balcony?

Answer: It’s actually preferable not to use the balcony generator. Because it’s too close to your house and neighbors. Ensure that the exhaust from the generator does not enter your home. A generator could set you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Don’t forget to add a $30 to $40 carbon monoxide detector to your purchase. In that scenario, you might want to put it on the balcony.

Question: Can my portable generator run my refrigerator?

Answer: Running a refrigerator on a generator is entirely safe. However, it must have a larger watt allowance than the refrigerator’s initial watt consumption. A refrigerator’s beginning watts range from 800 to 1200 watts. The refrigerator can be powered by a generator with a capacity of 2000 watts.

The Final Words

Now you know if you can run the generator on a porch or not! We believe our information was easy and simple to understand.

We hope our instructions were quite helpful to get the idea about it!

Good luck with your home improvement tasks!