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How to Get Grease Stain Out of Polyester [5 Easy Steps]

Polyester clothes are more expensive than other clothes. We don’t want greases to ruin it. It can be hard to clean the stain if it stays too long, so act fast.

How to get grease stains out of polyester?

Removing grease is not that hard. You have to apply baking soda and soap. After that, you have to apply detergent and throw it in the washer. Apply borax to the washer and air-dry afterward. You can use hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice if you don’t have borax. 

There are multiple steps involved in grease stain removal. We have mentioned detailed steps and things you’ll be needing to remove the stain.

How to Remove Grease Stains From Polyester Clothes?

You cannot just wash it with detergent. Detergent is made to clean dirty clothes. It doesn’t clean stains that well. You’ll be needing a few other products to remove stains of polyester. 

To remove grease stain, you’ll be needing:

  • Baking soda
  • Dish soap
  • Borax or hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice
  • Detergent 

Follow the steps below to remove the stain.

Step 1: Apply Baking Soda

Before anything, you need to sprinkle some baking soda on the stain. To apply baking soda, put your cloth on a flat surface. You can do it on your bathroom floor or in the kitchen sink. 

Don’t lay your cloth on the carpet while removing oil stains. It is difficult to remove soap from the carpet.

Apply baking soda on top of the stain. The baking soda will absorb any excess oil from the stain. The baking soda will do its magic within 15 to 20 minutes. 

If you are thinking of buying baking soda. You can give these products a try. You can also bake and clean other stuff with them:


Besides baking, you can also clean stains and surfaces. 

You can use your average grocery store baking soda. You might have baking soda lying in your kitchen somewhere. 

Step 2: Apply Soap

After the baking soda has absorbed the oil from the cloth, brush it off. You can use a brush to do it or you can run it underwater in your sink. 

Then apply dish soap to the clothing. The soap will sip into the cloth. It will also help break down the oil in the soap. The soap should sit for more than 10 minutes.

It is recommended to use dish soap. Because dish soap is used to clean grease off from dishes. They are good at removing grease. But if you don’t have dish soap around, you can use any liquid soap which is available. 

Step 3: Apply Detergent

After the soap sips into the clothing. Don’t rinse the soap from the cloth. Throw the clothing into the washer. If you accidentally spilled laundry detergent, don’t worry. It is really easy to clean. 

Use the warm water setting in your washer to clean. The warm water helps with the oil removal. Oil or grease turns solid at a low temperature. In the warm water, it will melt out of the stain. 

Step 4: Add Borax to the Washer

You can use borax or hydrogen peroxide. It depends on you, but both products work the same. 

If you don’t have borax or hydrogen peroxide, you can use lemon juice. Just squeeze the juice out of a lemon. And then pour it on top of the stain. 

The acid will work with the existing baking powder and create a solution. Afterward, the mixture will bring the stain out. 

Step 5: Air Dry the Clothing

Now that the stain is gone. You can dry your stain-free clothing. It is recommended to air dry instead of doing it on the machine. 

Drying it in the dryer can put the stain deeper. It won’t remove the stain. In general, you can dry polyester in the dryer. The dryer doesn’t wrinkle up or shrink the polyester. 

Do repeat the process if the stain hasn’t gone yet. You can brush on the stained area with dish soap if the stain is too deep. But be careful not to damage the cloth. 

By following all the above steps, you will be able to remove the stain.

Are Grease Stains Permanent? 

The permanency of the stain depends on the time the grease has been there. The longer the grease stays on the cloth, the more difficult the removal process will be. 

Any sort of grease will do hard if it sits too long. Keeping the stained area soft can help the removal process.

If any sort of grease has dripped in your clothing, run it underwater as soon as possible. Using warm water is recommended. Coldwater can make the grease solidify. 

Lemon juice or acid can be used in removing grease from the stovetop


How to remove grease instantly?

Answers: Apply table salt to the stain and leave it for 2 minutes. Remove the salt and apply lemon juice. Then rinse it off. 

Can I remove years old grease stains from the clothing?

Answer: You can remove years old stains from your clothes. But you might need to do the above process a few times. 

How to air dry polyester clothing?

Answer: hang the clothing in your room where air circulation is maximum. Don’t hang your clothing above the stove. It’s dangerous.  


So that’s all from our end. I hope you’re now clear on how to get grease stain out of polyester. 

One warning for you, don’t use a dryer to remove grease. It will make the stain permanent. 

Good luck removing grease stains!