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How to Get Gum Out of Sheets [Problem Solved]

Chewing gum stuck on your sheet isn’t a pleasant experience. They’re super annoying to take off and often prove to be troublesome. But luckily, with some tricks, you can get them out easily. 

How to get gum out of sheets? 

First, you can use a WD-40 lubricant as a gum remover. They’re excellent and make it seem super easy. You can also use vinegar to take out sticky chewing gums. But you may have to use a lighter solution if the fabric is soft. Lastly, you can use liquid detergent and a butter knife to scrape it off. 

That is just a summary of the entire discussion. Keep reading if you want to know more about gum removal from sheets!

Does Washing Get Rid of Chewing Gums? 

After finding a gun stuck on your sheet, you may attempt to wash it. And honestly, this isn’t out of the blue. 

But sometimes simple solutions like this can create a bigger mess. 

For example, you can’t just remove the vomit smell from a mattress by washing. Direct wash with water can spread the smell or stain even more. 

The sticky gum situation is also the same. Throwing out your sheet in the wash will worsen the situation. This can happen in two different ways.

Using a cold water wash will harden the gum in the process. A hardened gum feels like it has been cemented. It becomes way harder to get rid of.

On the other hand, hot water will melt the gum. When melted, it will be liquid-ish and it will spread all over your sheet. 

3 Easy Ways to Get Gums out of Your Sheets

Since washing is out of consideration, you’ll have to improvise. You can always try to pull it out but that can be risky. 

Because there’s always a chance to rip your fabric or damage it severely. That’s why even something simple like this often requires a specific solution. 

One such similar example would be keeping bed slats in one place. It’s a simple problem but might prove to be difficult to solve. 

Luckily, there are many ways to get gums out of your sheets. To help you out, I’ve simplified all of them and stated them one by one. 

Method 1: Using WD-40 As A Remover

The first of many methods that I will talk about is the WD-40. The WD-40 is widely famous for being one of the most versatile lubricant cleaners. 

The WD-40 is also relatively super cheap and they’re available everywhere. 

Step 1: Spray The WD-40

Take the WD-40 and spray a moderate amount to soak the gum. You have to make sure the gum is completely covered by it. 

Let the WD-40 work its wonders and wait for 5-7 minutes. It will soon start taking effect. 

Step 2: Use A Toothbrush to Rub It off

If the gum has been soaked, it’s time to take it out. Toothbrushes are the best tool for it. 

But you can use a spoon or anything that’s a stick. Just make sure the remover won’t hurt the fabric. 

Step 3: Clean The Soaked Area

After taking out the gum completely, you can take the sheet for a wash. Simple soaps or detergents are fine. 

But for the best result, do a full wash inside the washing machine. 

Speaking of WD-40, I’ve picked some of my top picks for you-

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You can now buy whichever you like to get rid of that annoying gum!

Method 2: Using A White Vinegar Solution

Vinegar or white vinegar is one of the best stain removers that you can possibly have. The best part is every household has access to them. 

Vinegar also helps remove wrinkles from your clothes

Step 1: Make The Vinegar Solution

Since fabrics are weak, some vinegar may damage the fabric. That’s why you have to make a lighter solution. 

Take a bowl and fill 50% of it with water. The required vinegar amount is 10% of the total water. Pour the approximate amount and stir the solution with a spoon.

Step 2: Brush The Area with Vinegar Solution

For this, you’ll need a toothbrush like before. Take a toothbrush, dip it into the solution and rub it on the gum. 

This will make the come off smoothly. This is one of the safest options you can try.

Method 3: Using Detergent Or Dry-Cleaning Solvent 

The last method that I have for you is the detergent method. Like the other two, this is also efficient and super easy to work with. 

Detergents are also used to get gum out of a pillow

Step 1: Pour Liquid Detergent on The Gum

Take some liquid detergent in a small bowl. Then use a spoon to pour it on the affected area. Use the spoon to spread it evenly. 

Wait for 2-3 minutes to let it take effect. 

Step 2: Remove The Gum With A Butter Knife 

Detergent doesn’t weaken the gum as much as vinegar or WD-40. That’s why you’ll need something stronger to work with. 

That’s where a butter knife comes in. They’re soft and not damaging to the fabric. Use it to remove the gum completely. 

When you’re done, take the sheet and do a full machine wash. 


Question: What can dissolve gum?

Answer: A simple vinegar solution will do the job nicely. Simply pour the solution on the gum and wait for 5-7 minutes. Alcohol can also dissolve the gum. 

Question: Does alcohol remove gum?

Answer: Alcohol is a great gum remover if you have access to it. Unlike WD-40, it removes it by dissolving it. But you’ll have to wait till the alcohol dries out. 

Question: Does peanut butter get gum out?

Answer: Yes, peanut butter can get rid of sticky chewing gums. Simply take some butter and rub it on the gum. Wait 4-5 minutes and use a brush to remove the gum.

Take Away

That was all I could gather on how to get gum out of sheets. Hopefully, these were enough to satisfy your curiosity.

One tip before you leave. You can also use toothpaste if you don’t have access to the above-mentioned removers. 

Good luck and have a nice day!