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How to Get Hair Dye Off Linoleum [5 Easy Steps to Remove Dye Stains]

It’s already frustrating when your hair dye bottle slips from your hand. On top of that, you need to clean the dye stains off your linoleum floor. 

How to get hair dye off linoleum? 

Getting hair dye off the linoleum floor can be an easy job. Firstly, you can gently rub the area to clean as much as possible. Then you can use vinegar or baking soda on the surface. Bleach is another great alternative for cleaning stains. 

You must still be very confused about this matter. Don’t worry, I have prepared this article to help you out. 

Let’s go!

Remove Hair Dye Stain Off Floor in 5 Easy Steps! 

Nowadays people love to color their hair at home. It’s cost-effective and also saves a lot of time. Hair dye is a product that is known to color anything that comes into contact. 

Your hair dye might accidentally fall on the floor and leave it stained. Washed up hair dye can similarly stain your bathroom floors as well.

Whatever the reason, hair dye stains should be removed as soon as possible. 

These stains might look like black toilet soot from far away. But on closer inspection, they look more profound. 

Once settled, it’s really hard to remove hair dye stains from the linoleum surface. So you need to act fast!

Here’s a step-by-step guidelines to remove dye stains from the floor-

But before that, you will need the ingredients to get the job done. 

Materials You Will Need! 

Before getting started, you need some necessary materials at your disposal. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Chlorine bleach 
  • Acetone nail polish remover 
  • Hair spray 
  • Clean cloth
  • White vinegar 
  • Paper towel
  • Cotton ball 
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Magic eraser 

With these home remedies you can easily clean off the hair dye from your floor.

Once you have gathered everything you need, it’s time to move on the the procedure-

Step 1: Scrubbing the Area 

The first thing you need to do is scrub the stained area. Use a sponge and just like  cleaning a wet stone, scrub the spot. 

Dip the sponge into warm soapy water for scrubbing the spot. Try to remove as much hair coloring dye as possible. But be sure to use as little water as possible. it will increase the effectiveness. 

You can also use a magic eraser. It can also be effective for hair dye. But you should avoid using it in an abrasive manner. It can cause harm to your linoleum floor.

Step 2: Using Nail Polish Remover 

Though nail polish remover has cleaning materials, it can also be effective for hair coloring. 

All you need to do is pour some drop of nail polish into the stained area. And then scrub it until it’s gone. But in some cases, using nail polish wouldn’t be effective. 

Then you might need to jump on to the next step. 

Step 3: Using Baking Soda 

Using breaking soda can do the tricks. Breaking soda contains some amount of dirt dissolving components in it.  Adding some water will make it much more effective in cleaning. You can even wash mineral coating from doors with it 

Add as little water as possible and try to make a paste of breaking soda. Then take a cloth or sponge and scrub the stained area with baking soda paste. 

After scrubbing baking soda paste, clean it with mild water and a fresh cloth. 

Now, inspect the stained area properly if the stain is fully gone or not. If not then you might need to jump on to the next step. 

Step 4: Using Bleach 

If your baking soda doesn’t work as you predicted it would, bleach is your next stop.  Try using bleach only if the previous attempts weren’t successful. Bleach is a strong chemical and is a very effective stain remover on tile floors. 

But here’s a thing you need to do, before using bleach. Bleach may be the strongest opponent against stain, but it can also harm your floor. Using bleach can fade your floor colour. 

That’s why before using bleach, test if your floor is suitable to use bleach or not. If your floor is suitable to bleach then you can continue the process. 

You need to add a little bit of bleach to the stained surface. You can use cotton buds and a sponge to do the job. 

Use a wet sponge with bleach and rub the area generously. Then clean it with water and check if there’s any progress. 

Hopefully, the bleach will clean out the dye stains from the floor. 

Step 5: Using Hard Surface Liquid Cleaner

If your floor is not suitable for bleach, you can try hard surface liquid cleaners. They are another suitable chemical product for cleaning linoleum floors. 

But before applying, you need to test it. Try it out in a space where it’s not that much visible. 

If it’s good to go, rub the area with a cleaner solution generously. 

Hard floor cleaners have acidic material. And it’s very effective against stains. So it would do the job without causing any harm to your linoleum floor. 

There can be thousands of hard cleaner options in the market. Obviously, you will get confused when choosing one. 

That’s why I have collected some of the best quality hard floor cleaners for you:

Product 01
Product 02

These products are good against any stains also they have germs cleaning materials. Which is also good for your hygiene. 

That should take care of the hair dye stain from your linoleum floor. Avoid using abrasive cleaners for cleaning floor tiles. They can leave bad scratches on your floor. 

Don’t let the hair dye sit for too long on the floor and clean it off immediately.


Question: Can you use hydrogen peroxide on a linoleum floor? 

Answer: Yes, you can use hydrogen peroxide on a linoleum floor. Though hydrogen peroxide is good for removing stains, it also can harm your floor. Use a maximum 50 percent of hydrogen peroxide with 50 percent water. 

Question: Can you use acetone to clean vinyl floors? 

Answer: No, never use acetone or vinegar, or liquid thinner to clean the vinyl floor. Though nail polish has acetone, it’s not pure acetone. So you can use it but try to clean it as soon as possible. 

Question: Is vinyl floor chemical resistant? 

Answer: Yes, vinyl floors are chemical resistant. That means through vinyl laminating the floor you may avoid chemical damages. It’s water-resistant also 

Bottom Line 

That’s all from me. Thank you for reading this comprehensive guide. Hope you have a clear idea about how to get hair dye off linoleum

Using these methods would definitely clean the hair dye. But you may need to repeat the method again two or three times. 

Best of luck!