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How To Get A King Size Mattress Upstairs [6 Easy Solutions]

Imagine you bought a king-size mattress for a roomy and comfy sleep. But your bed is upstairs, so you need to get the mattress there. And your purchasing company won’t ship it there.

How to get a king-size mattress upstairs?

You can fold the mattress or split it in half to make it smaller. Also, you might lift them with ropes or take them through the windows. If you want you can also use cardboard to lift it up. But you can also hire a professional for the job.

If you’re still confused after getting this small information, then don’t be afraid. We’ve got a whole article for all your queries.

Give it a read for more details!

6 Easy Solutions To Get Your Mattress Upstairs

Sleeping is one of the most peaceful things you can do. And it’s pretty common to buy a king-size mattress for comfortable sleep. But if your bedroom is upstairs, then you need to get the bed up there.

Now, if you’re lucky enough, your purchasing company will do the job for you.

But if you’re not that lucky, then these below solutions are for you. So, give it a read to know how to get a king-size mattress upstairs.

Solution 1: Fold Your Mattress

This is one of the primary things you can do to get your mattress upstairs. Folding it in half might make the mattress a bit compact and easier to carry. 

Don’t forget to wear shoes while doing this. Otherwise, you might get hurt. After all, a king-sized mattress has enough weight to hurt your toes!

However, for low ceilings, it will require two persons to get the mattress upstairs. In that case, hold the two sides of the mattress after folding it. Then take the bed upstairs.

This will work with most of the memory foam mattresses. But this thing might not work in old-style mattresses.

In that case, you might have to get it packaged to compress the mattress size. For that, roll the mattress, tie it with the help of rope. After that, put it in a mattress bag and carry it as you would.

For suitable mattress packaging, you can try out the below packaging bags:

Product 1
Product 2

Hope these products will make your work easier.

Solution 2: Lift The Mattress With Rope

For this method, you’ll need two long ropes. First, fold your mattress sideways and get it packaged, as stated before.

After you’re done with the packaging, take two long ropes. Tie one side of the ropes on each side of the mattress.

Keep the other side of the strings in your hand and go upstairs. After reaching upstairs, lift the mattress with the help of both ropes.

This might require quite a bit of physical strength. So, it’s better to do this if you have someone to help. However, be careful to not hurt your back.

But if you do hurt your back, then refrain from any physical activities until your back pain cures. Hope this helps you with the back pain. 

Solution 3: Split The Mattress

If you find it too hard to carry the mattress upstairs, you can consider splitting it. Modern mattresses are made to give you the ease of access while moving them.

You can buy one of those mattresses, which can be split into two halves. After splitting the mattress, you can get the mattress upstairs, each half at a time. 

But keep in mind that the split portion may cause discomfort to you. So, buy these mattresses only if you’re okay with the divided joints.

And then fit them in your bed. Make sure your bed slats are intact when you’re placing the mattresses. Otherwise, your bed won’t be able to support the mattresses. This method also comes in handy if your staircase is not big enough. 

Solution 4: Using Cardboard

This trick might come in handy for flexible mattresses. For this, you can use cardboards to stabilize and compress the mattress. After that, carry the mattress upstairs and remove the cardboard before placing it finally. 

This method may require more space than the folding method and add extra weight. Also, if you prefer buying stiff mattresses, then this method won’t work.

While moving the mattress using cardboard, make sure your stairs are non-slip. Otherwise, there’s a chance you might injure yourself badly.

So, these are the things to keep in mind before trying out this method. However, be careful with the cardboards while using them. Make sure they don’t bounce on your mattress and hurt you.

Solution 5: Removing Window Frame

This might seem a little weird, but still, it can help you by excellent means. If you have removable window frames which can be fixed again, then this trick is for you.

First, Remove the window frames and keep them in a safe place so that they don’t break. Use twin hammers or twin-clutch to loosen the nuts and bolts of the frame.

Then compress your mattress as much as you can. You can either tie the mattress or package it in a bag for contracting it. After that, haul your mattress through the window to your room. 

If your staircase is not big enough, then this technique may be ideal for you. However, before using this, don’t forget to take some precautionary steps.

Make sure that your window is large enough for the mattress to go through it. If unsure, measure it and also measure the compressed version of your mattress.

Also, wooden window frames might break while removing. So, in that case, use the other methods as mentioned above!

Solution 6: Hiring Professionals

This is the easiest thing you can do to get your mattress upstairs. There are tons of moving services out there. You can hire any one of them.

These professionals are experts in moving big and heavy furniture. So, they will do the work for you. So, you can just sit back and relax.

But here’s a catch. Although it’s the easiest solution, it will cost you as well. So, do it if you want to spend cash for the sake of getting the mattress upstairs.

So, these were the 6 solutions that can help you to get your king-size mattress upstairs.


Question: How do you transport a king-sized mattress?

Answer: You can transport your mattress in your own vehicle. Or you can consider hiring a pickup truck for this purpose. Moreover, you can also ask the company to ship it to your place.

Question: King vs. Split King: What’s the difference?

Answer: A king-sized mattress is one unibody mattress. On the other hand, split king mattresses are two mattresses pushed together. This is basically the main difference. 

Question: What size truck will fit a king-size mattress?

Answer: Moving trucks having 10 feet or more space can easily accommodate king-size mattresses. So, for your mattress, you can easily use a truck for transportation.


We’ve tried to cover all the things on how to get a king-size mattress upstairs. We hope this will remove all your confusion and serve you well. Have a good sleep after going through all the hassles. 

So, that’s all. Have a good time!