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How to Get Lint Off of Black Clothes in a Washer [3 Easy Methods]

Lints on your clothes? I know how heartbreaking it seems to see the lints ruin your favorite attire. Lints are often created due to the washing machines. Now, if the washer gets old, this may happen very often.

How to get lint off of black clothes in a washer?

There are 3 easy methods on how to do it. The one is trying it in the washer. Remove additional colored clothes. Then add baking soda or vinegar. Then try cleaning off the lint filter after washing. But also there are ways using tools like roller, dryers, scouring pads and papers, etc. 

Okay, now that I’ve caught your attention, let’s look into this with details. You will see, lints are that easy to be cleaned!

3 Simple Methods to Get the Lint off Your Clothes

There are several ways to get the lint off of black clothes. And as black clothes make it more noticeable, this can get easier. Okay, so let’s look into it. 

We can solve this problem while washing it in the washer. Washers however need to be cleaned. First, open your whirlpool washer or any other one you own. Then follow the mentioned steps:

Method 1: Chuck It Into Washer

Put the black clothes to the washing machine again. Remove any white laundry that may have been in the initial load.

Then, get your black clothes in it, and turn on the machine. Now, we proceed with the rest of the methods. 

If you have any colorful clothing, then remove it from the machine. So that you can wash only black clothes in order to remove the lints.

Even for any kind of colored

Method 2: Adding Baking Soda/Vinegar

Add 1/2 cup baking soda to the washing machine and start the wash cycle. Perform the wash cycle on laundry settings. Fill the rinse cup with 1 cup of white vinegar and turn on the washing machine. 

The acidic nature of vinegar can be useful in this case. It helps to get the lint off of the clothes and not attach while washing. And baking soda is highly basic in nature. You can also use vinegar to remove shirt wrinkles.

Vinegar is the water solution of acetic acid and baking soda is the sodium bicarbonate. Either of these components is capable of removing lint from clothes.

If your washing machine lacks a rinse cup, simply add the vinegar to the load. Make sure to do it during the rinse cycle. Both baking soda and vinegar will soften the water. This allows the lint to be removed from the clothes. 

Method 3: Cleaning Lint Filter

Place the freshly washed items in the dryer and clean the lint filter. To begin the cycle, turn on the dryer. Lint that has remained on the clothing should be removed in the dryer.

Oftentimes, lint filters stop working, and as a result, these stored lints leak. So now, let’s check whether our lint filters are cleaned or not. 

Ensuring the functionality, we can get the process to be done in no time. With this, the process usually ends with cleaning lints off of black clothes.  


Before washing your garments, turn them inside out. Lint collects in the cloth as a result of outside-in washing. This prevents it from exiting and enables you to keep your full load of laundry clean.

Alternative Methods

There are also alternative methods when your washer isn’t successful. You can try these processes.

A Lint Roller is another excellent tool for removing tough lint balls from black clothing.

You can try out some of my recommended lint rollers here:

Product 1
Product 2

These are pretty effective and of good quality. But you may end up losing threads and fuzz from your clothing.

Simply toss it in the dryer with a clean dryer/dry cleaner sheet. Use the “air only” option to get rid of all that lint in a hurry after drying it.

Masking tape is another method for removing lint. Simply apply the adhesive side of the tape over the region with the persistent spots or fuzzies. And now just peel it off.

When everything else fails, you can always rely on your hairdryer for this process.

Think again if you believed antistatic spray was solely useful. This is for keeping your clothes from sticking to your body. 

Spraying your clothing with the antistatic spray will help prevent lint from sticking to it. It will do just as it will make your clothes less static.

When you’re dealing with a pilling sweater, try rubbing it with a pumice stone. This helps to remove the balls and any bits of lint along with toning skin.

Do you have a roll of contact paper or a package of self-adhesive drawer liners? Try utilizing the sticky side of the paper on a bigger surface.

Who thought scouring pads could be useful besides washing dishes? Simply dampen a scouring pad to soften it before scrubbing away lint like a pro.

Be careful about machine washing towels with bleach. It can leave lints on your black clothes.


Question: Do lint traps in washing machines work?

Answer: You can be confident that it has a disposable washing machine lint catcher or a filter screen. This includes the washing machine manufacturer will work wonderfully.

Question: Why is there so much lint on my black clothes?

Answer: It’s a good idea to run a cleaning cycle once a month to get rid of the lint. Excessive lint on garments after washing may also suggest a clogged water pump filter.

Question: Do lint traps exist in all washing machines?

Answer: Most washing machines do not have an inner lint trap. Those that do not come close to capturing the microscopic threads.  It might cause environmental problems.


I hope you now know how to get lint off of black clothes in a washer. This shouldn’t be concerning you anymore. 

I hope now, you have several alternatives for you to get lints off of the black clothes.

Good luck with cleaning your favorite black clothes!