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How To Get Rid Of Badgers In Your Fields: 5 Easy Methods!

It’s normal to worry when you see badgers in your fields. Well, it’s not a huge problem for you. You can get rid of them by following some easy methods, but it should be done as soon as possible.

How to get rid of badgers in your fields?

There are some easy methods to get rid of badgers in your fields. But the most effective ones are using metal mesh fences, using natural repellents. There are some other easy methods such as adding scarecrows, hiring specialists. You can also use solar lights to get rid of them.

If you’ve loved the preview, then let’s jump right into the details. We’ve provided detailed methods in the article below.

Signs Of Badgers In Your Garden

Badger damage will be irritating and visually upsetting. But a good thing is that they normally don’t cause permanent damages. Their behavior is habitual and seasonal and usually, badgers within the garden don’t seem to be an issue during winter and fall. 

But you have to look for some signs to be sure about badgers. You can check for some signs to be sure about badgers. Because it can be some other fluffy animal.

Firstly, look for dig-up spots in your fields. Then look for partly eaten foods or partly eaten worms. You can also check if your fences are broken. These are some common signs of badgers.

If you find these signs in your fields, you can be sure that there are badgers in your fields.

Get Rid Of Badgers In your Field: 5 Easy Ways

You don’t have to panic while getting rid of badgers. It requires following some easy methods.

Method 1: Construction of A Metal Mesh Fence

This is the most common way of stopping badgers from entering your fields. If you are willing to put a fence in a straight line you can do that. But, if you’re confused about where to start, you can call a professional for it. 

But there are some things that you can do so stop them. 

In the very first step, you have to install metal or wood post stakes. After that section the mesh. Don’t use a complete roll together. It’s better if you cut it and then start with smaller pieces of fencing. 

Next, take a look at the mesh section and check if they are well fastened. But while using wood posts, it’s better to apply wood screws. The metal post requires a good amount of knowledge and experience. 

This can also get costly at times. So, you should know the cost of building fences around your fields.

Method 2: Installing Solar Lights

Installing solar light is one of the innovative ways to exit badgers from your fields. These will freak out the badgers and will force them to leave your area.

You can find some solar-powered devices in the market that emit red flashing lights. And this makes the badgers think that they are being followed. Out of fear badgers will most likely exit the territory as they don’t want to be killed. 

While simple, this can be a wise thing to protect your vegetable or garden. These devices contain a sensor that emits red light. At midnight they activate themselves automatically.

You can also use some automatic lights. You can turn on and off light automatically by yourself easily.

To make things easier for you, I tried mentioning some good-quality solar lights:

Product 1
Product 2

These are the most effective ones. You can buy them without any doubt.

Method 3: Adding Scarecrows In Your Territory

Badgers hate the presence of anyone in their area. So it’s an ideal idea to add scarecrows in your fields. These will keep the badgers away. 

You should buy the scarecrows that are solar-powered because those will light up in the dark. These will stop the badgers from attacking your fields if they might think that there are people in the fields.

If you can’t get a scarecrow you can use a radio instead. Radios will keep on playing and that will create fear among the badgers. 

Pro Tip: You can spread lion dung around if you can apply it. You might be surprised but it works so well. 

Normally badgers can sense the smell of stronger animals and they run away from that place. You can buy this online or you can also contact your local zoo.

Method 4: Using Natural Repellents 

Badgers don’t have good eyesight but they have a great sense of smell. Their sense of smell is much higher than humans. And now we will use their smelling sense to relocate them from your fields.   

Primarily you can use scotch bonnet chili peppers. You can crush those peppers and sprinkle them around the setts. You can also use them around the boundaries of your fields. 

They are most likely to relocate from your fields because they hate the scent of them. Don’t forget to keep your hands away from your eyes while working with peppers.

Another way is using citronella oil in your fields as badgers hate the scent of them. You can apply the oil at the entrance and also at the bottom of the fences. You can also make a spray by mixing both ingredients and then you can spray it around your fields.

Method 5: Hiring Badge Control Specialist

We know that badgers cause a lot of trouble.  But it’s unfair and cruel to harm them when they are trying to set up their house.

You should check out your local laws for badgers. Because In some areas, badgers are protected and not allowed to be harmed. Doing so you might get a good amount of fine and also be sent to jail for some time. 

For this reason, It’s best to hire a pest control company that will take care of the badgers of your fields in the most effective way for you. These specialists will examine your fields and then will come up with the most effective methods.

They will also be able to relocate badgers safely. They will also fill all the sets of your fields. Moreover, they will take the necessary steps so that your field doesn’t get attacked by badgers anymore.


Question: Is it a crime to kill badgers?

Answer: Yes, in many countries it is illegal to kill or injure badgers. We all should protect them. And remember, to get rid of them you don’t have to kill or harm them.

Question: Are badgers the cause of TB?

Answer: It is proved that some cattle can get bTB if they get in contact with badgers. But they are not the main source of the disease. 

Question: When do badgers come out?

Answer: Generally, Their favorite time is after dusk. They roam around and do their stuff all night and then go back to their sets before sunrise.


That’s all about how to get rid of badgers in your fields. You can apply any of these methods to relocate badgers from your fields.

This article has covered the 5 most effective and easy ways to get rid of badgers. You can turn your fields back into normal with these techniques.

Until then, have a good day!