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How to Get Rid of Fish Flies [2 Effective Methods]

In the summertime, fish fly issues become a constant headache. Whatever you try, you can’t get rid of them that easily. Surely, it becomes an annoying situation. But the problem is you don’t know how to repel them. 

Trust me, you’re not alone. Many of us are facing the same issue.

How to get rid of fish flies?

You can try both organic and inorganic ways to repel fish flies. Organically, you can use garlic, garlic spray and essential oils. Even fishfly predators work efficiently to reduce fish flies. But in a massive outbreak follow inorganic ways, such as fishfly poison or chemical foggers.

I understand this much information is quite confusing for you. So, I’ve prepared a broad discussion to find out the solutions. 

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, stay with me!

2 Effective Methods of Getting Rid of Fish Flies 

In summer, your top concern is definitely dealing with fish flies in your residence area. Usually, fish flies appear during the month of May. But sometimes you’ll discover them in earlier May or later than May. 

It becomes really hard to get rid of those fish flies. But if you follow certain organic ways, you can easily control their reproduction. 

Though sometimes the situation gets worse and more complicated like removing mud dauber nests in stucco. In that case, you might need the help of some chemical pesticides as well.

Anyways, no need to worry. I will be sharing the most effective natural and non-natural formulas. These techniques will help you to reduce fish flies outbreak.

Method 01: Organic Solutions 

There are plenty of tricks to repel fish flies organically. These DIY techniques are super easy and cost-friendly. Most of the elements are already available in your house.

So, without any further ado, let’s hover in.

Process 1: Garlic Cloves or Garlic Spray 

Garlic is really effective to repel pests like fishflies. It has a strong fragrance that keeps away fishflies. You can use garlic cloves, minced or even whole garlic. 

Keep them in the corners of your house and garden. Hence, it’ll prevent fish flies from entering your house. You can also try garlic-water spray in spite of cloves. 

Prepare water and minced garlic spray and leave them to sit for a day. Then spray around objects like walls, doors, patios, windows, and so on. You can directly spray onto small fishfly swarms too.

Process 2: Essential Oils

Essential oils work greatly on beating off fishflies. Just like garlic, essential oils contain a certain fragrance that annoys fish flies and keeps them away. 

Peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil and citrus are the most effective products. These oils can also be used while getting rid of moths.

You can grab any of these from your nearest grocery store. Go and get them. Mix the oil into a spray bottle and spray all-around your house. Reapply the oil every week for better results.

[Note: Some essential oils are harmful to your pets. Stay cautious before applying any liquid.]

Process 3: Attract Fishfly Predators 

Well, fish fly predators are your best buddy while reducing these insects. There are plenty of predators out there who can eat fish flies up without any second thought. 

You have to fathom in which life stage fish flies are crossing. Then choose your predator buddy accordingly. Precisely, in the aquatic nymph period, you have to choose water-based animals. 

Frogs, toads, leeches, crayfish, dragonflies, and various amphibians. These animals can effortlessly eat up all those nymphs. Then again, in the adult period of fishflies, predatory beetles, snakes, reptiles, birds get attracted easily. 

These animals can help you to get through this annoying condition.

Method 02: Non-Natural Solutions

In some seasons, you may face a terrible fishfly outbreak. It’s as annoying as rats in the ceiling. In that scenario, the organic procedures may not help you thoroughly. Nevertheless, inorganic methods are still there to rescue you. 

But how?

Well, there are quite a few commercial fish fly killers available in the market. You can take help from any of these from the upcoming segments.

Process 1: Fishfly Poison 

In native areas or beside lakes, people face tremendous fishfly issues during summertime. For them, fish fly poison is an effective way to get rid of fish flies. It can instantly kill those disturbing pests. 

There are lots of brands in your nearest hardware store. Here’s a list of the most effective repellents that might help you to choose one:

Product 01
Product 02
Product 03

Still, you have to be careful before you use any poison. Because these poisons contain harmful chemicals and can harm your pets. 

So, read the chemical ingredients of fishfly poisons and research if it’s unhealthy for your pet. Anyways, our suggestion will be to use organic ones if you have a pet in your house.

Process 2: Apply Chemical Fogger

Another way is using the chemical fogger. Chemical foggers are really strong and powerful that can demolish a mammoth fish fly swarm. 

But it’s really harmful to the environment as well as your health. Even mass killing of any animal is prohibited in some states too. 

Because these pests work as a checker of fresh water and a healthy ecosystem. Unless it’s totally out of control. In addition, hampering your daily life movements, try to avoid chemical foggers.


Question: What do fish flies indicate?

Answer: The purpose of fish flies in streams is that the aquatic condition of the water substance is good. Fish flies are freshwater insects. They always release their larvae in clean water. Also, they can’t survive in dirty water. So, fish flies in a pond or lake water indicate that the water is pure and fresh.

Question: When do fish fly emerge?

Answer: Generally, fish flies start their reproduction in the early summer. That’s why city naturalists call them May flies as well. But their life duration is really short. Fish flies reproduce and die within 48 hours. Even though they might look like a nuisance, they truly refer to a healthy ecosystem.

Question: What does fish fly eat?

Answer: In their short lifespan, fish flies grow really fast. They can grow around 2.5 to 3 inches. Because fish flies eat any type of aquatic plants and animals. They can grasp vertebrates like minnows and tadpoles as well. As a result, these meals help them to live up to 7 days.

End Note

Now you know how to get rid of fish flies! I believe you have all your confusion clear now!

I think it’d be great if I could give you a tip before the end. If possible, try to avoid killing fish flies as they keep a balance in our ecosystem.

Good luck!