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How To Get Rid Of Monkey Grass? [7 Effective Ways]

Monkey grass can easily grow their existence anywhere they want. Most homeowners have faced this issue. You must be tired of this monkey grass and might want to get rid of this.

How to get rid of monkey grass?

To get rid of monkey grass, there are several ways to apply. First, digging up the monkey grass can solve the problem. It is a little time-consuming but quite effective. Alternatively using boiled water and herbicide can eliminate the monkey grass. Also, leaf thinning, planting new plants over them can remove the grass from unwanted areas. 

You might want to learn how to use these methods. No worries! We’re here to assist you and ensure that you fully comprehend the methods. Let’s dive into the depth of it!

7 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Monkey Grass

Usually, many garden enthusiasts consider monkey grass as the last extension to the garden. Since it’s easy to grow and maintain and looks beautiful in a particular shape. But sometimes it spreads in unwanted areas of the lawn. 

This can cause interference for other plants. You must be eager to get rid of them. Don’t know how to do this effectively? Don’t worry, we’ve got 7 different methods you can try. 

Method 1 of 7: Digging Up The Monkey Grass

The easiest way to eliminate monkey grass is to dig it up. Though it’s the easiest way, it consumes the most time to work on. To do the task more effectively, make sure to dig up most of the root system. You should dig up the clumps from the root. Also, remove the surrounding soil that consumes the root of the grass.

Once you are done with digging up, make sure there aren’t any stragglers left. This process will need time. It depends on how much grass you have on your lawn. 

Digging up the grass can be time-consuming like cleaning a wooded backyard but it’s effective.

Method 2 of 7: Using Boiling Water

If the monkey grass isn’t in a large area of your lawn, pour boiling water on them. It is one of the most cost-effective methods available. It kills the unwanted plants and grass on the lawn. 

You just have to boil water and then pour it into the monkey grass.

To ensure the elimination, make a hole in your garden and pour the boiling water into it. It will kill the roots of the monkey grass as well.

Method 3 of 7: Containing The Monkey Grass

You can simply install some bamboo barriers to control the monkey grass in a particular area. This will control spreading the grass in unwanted areas. 

You have to cut the grass into a minimum size of 30-45 cm. You can use heavy plastic bamboo barriers by inserting them into the depth of the grass-root area. 

Since every plant’s root structure is unique. For example, the pine root system is completely different from the monkey grass root system. You have to carefully insert the barriers after cleaning the roots. The barrier will stop spreading the grass in unwanted areas.

Method 4 of 7: Using Herbicide

You can employ a variety of herbicides to get rid of unwanted plants and grass. Mainly those herbicides that contain Glyphosate and clethodim effectively remove monkey grass. But while applying this procedure, you have to use a brush or a sponge. 

You can directly paint the herbicide on monkey grass but don’t drop it on the surroundings. It might burn your skin and harm you. Generally, 2-4 ounces of herbicides will be enough in a gallon of water to kill the grass permanently. 

It would be more effective if you apply it on a sunny day. Continue applying this method until you get rid of all the monkey grass in your garden.

To help, here we have mentioned some good-quality herbicides that you can use. They will effectively eliminate monkey grass from your garden and lawn area. 

Product 1
Product 2

Method 5 of 7: Leaf thinning

The leaf thinning method doesn’t remove monkey grass permanently. But It aids in the management of grass growth.

You can accomplish this method by rubbing the grass. It will help you to eliminate overlapping protective foliage. You can cover the area by trapping all the monkey grass. It will damage the grass and stop its growth. 

Leaf thinning is basically a leaf removal process. If you continue doing this, the monkey grass will stop growing in unwanted areas. Thus you can get rid of this problem.

Method 6 of 7: Planting New Plants

Another effective method is planting new plants over the dug-up grass. It is quite possible to grow monkey grass again. You can plant new plants over the grassroots area. 

Jasmine and fast-growing plants are more preferable to plant over those areas. It helps to eliminate the monkey grass. 

Before planting new trees over them, you can kill the roots with root killers. There are some effective root killers on the market. Foaming root killers and copper sulfate both are competitively effective for this task. You can apply any of them according to your requirements.

Method 7 of 7: Professional Help

If any of these methods don’t help you out, you can call for professional help. They will make sure that you get rid of monkey grass completely. Also, the grass will never grow back. 

Experts will share all the necessary information you need to know about monkey grass. And you won’t have to worry about it at all. They will handle the situation according to your requirements. 

These are all the methods we had to share regarding how to get rid of monkey grass. Hopefully, these will help you out. 


Question: How to keep monkey grass looking good?

Answer: To keep monkey grass in a good shape, you can use a lawnmower or a sterilized clipper. You can cut them down to 3 inches and keep them in a particular size. Shaping it properly and regularly will keep monkey grass looking good.

Question: How to stop monkey grass from spreading?

Answer: To keep monkey grass from spreading, you can create a border with a bamboo barrier. First, you have to dig down 12-18 inches at the border. Then insert a heavy plastic bamboo barrier there. It will stop monkey grass from spreading.

Question: What to substitute for monkey grass?

Answer: You can substitute monkey grass with Liriope Muscari. It is very similar to monkey grass except for the creeping growth habit. It grows faster than monkey grass but in a shorter size. 

Question: Does Vinegar kill monkey grass?

Answer: Yes, vinegar can kill monkey grass. But using chemicals or any herbicides is more preferable to kill monkey grass. Even if you are using vinegar, make sure you don’t drop it on other plants.


We hope our methods were helpful for you to understand how to get rid of monkey grass. Try these methods yourself and keep your surroundings clean and healthy. 

Hopefully, this problem won’t bother you anymore. 

Good luck!