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How to Get Sharpie Off Table: 6 Methods That Work

Have a young artist at home who loves decorating everything in sight?

Young children, when they first get acquainted with coloring pens, look to brighten up the world. 

We understand if you don’t want to ruin the fun. But still, witnessing their art on wood can be worrisome.

Therefore, are you looking for an easy way out? If so, then you’re in luck since we’ll be going over-

How to get a sharpie off the table?

Utilizing a cotton cloth and a splash of rubbing alcohol, soften and eliminate the sharpie markings. Apply lightly to moisten the area, then wipe away the residue with a wet towel. If a faint mark persists, repeat the process.

If you’re still reading, then you probably want to learn more. If we’re right, read on so that you can learn different methods to get rid of marks.

6 Methods to Remove Sharpie 

Method 1: Rubbing Alcohol

Necessary Components

  • Makeup Remover Pad
  • Rubbing Alcohol

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  1. Using alcohol, moisten a wool cosmetics removal pad.
  2. Resume work on the stains using a rubbing technique.
  3. If you wipe too vigorously, the pigment may spread. Then you’d have to clean a considerable area.
  4. If you wipe too vigorously, the lacquer on the timber may be dulled.

N.B Repeat as needed using a clean pad. If you need to remove silicone from wood, you can follow the above method too.

Method 2: Toothpaste

Necessary Components

  • Baking Soda Toothpaste
  • Baking Soda
  • Makeup Remover Pad


  1. If you don’t have any baking soda toothpaste. Fret not; you could simply mix a little baking soda into your toothpaste.
  2. Apply a generous toothpaste to a clean, cotton swab makeup removal pad. Then begin scrubbing at a slow, even speed, carefully tracing the plane of the wood.

If you feel necessary, then repeat the process.

Method 3: Baking Soda

Necessary Components

  • Baking Soda
  • Soft Cloth


  1. Start by making a paste using baking soda and water.
  2. Then gently rub the paste into the sharpie mark with a soft cloth. 
  3. The paste will start to operate as a gentle provoker and help to lift the stain. Don’t worry it will do so without damaging the wood.

Method 4: Dry-Erase Board Cleaner

Necessary Components

  • Dry Erase Board Cleaner

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  1. Dry-erase panels are cleaned using the liquid included in aerosol cleaners. These are also especially useful when used in little doses.
  2. Sharpie may be removed from rich wood panels with the solvent.
  3. You might be able to erase the marks with a dry-erase pen. If the wooden board has been sprayed with a thin stain, you could do so.

N.B. Don’t attempt this on natural or unfinished wood surfaces since they might get damaged. But if you’re trying to remove a permanent marker from a rubber you can use it freely.

Method 5: Nail Polish Remover

Necessary Components

  • Nail Polish Remover


  1. Sharpie marks on hardwood can be removed with a lacquer thinner nail polish remover. Interestingly, they are pretty efficient at it.
  2. When we tested it personally, we got comparable results to rubbing alcohol. We can guarantee that Nail Polish Remover is as effective as alcohol-based on our tests.
  3. But you should remember not to aggressively scrub the stains with nail polish remover. If you do so, you run the risk of damaging the wood. 

Method 6: Hand Sanitizer

Necessary Components

  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Cotton Cloth

Now you have got ideas about the components. So now, let’s get into removing permanent stains from wood.


  1. Hand sanitizers that are alcohol-based can remove sharpies and other permanent markers easily.
  2. You just need to pinch a little bit onto the affected spot. 
  3. Then use a cotton cloth to wipe the gel and the stain away.

The marks will be gone in a pinch.

How to Remove Markings on Lumber

Highlighters or dyes are ubiquitous on timber. And using good sanding paper to erase these before treating the hardwood panel with a clear stain is the most straightforward approach to removing them. The marker may have penetrated the wood’s grain and will progressively brighten as it is sanded.

For more extensive sharpie stains, a hand sander may be the most effective tool for rapidly removing stains from a large surface. Use more extensive sweeps to sand a greater area of plywood to reduce the possibility of eroding a small patch of marker pen on the timber.


How can you remove ink from wood furniture?

Answer: Assuming that everything was in order, administer your rubbing alcohol. You’ll need to do so on to a clean rag with moderate brushstrokes. The ink stain should be removed from the material. After that, allow the furniture to dry naturally.

Will Sharpie be removed by Magic Eraser?

Answer: Yes. A magic eraser is a type of wiping cloth required to eliminate stains from various materials. Examine the package to see whether it says which areas are safe to use this on. You must gently dampen the magic eraser before scrubbing the sharpie stain from the surface.

How can you get rid of dark stains on a wood tabletop?

Answer: Prepare a mixture out of equivalent parts water and baking soda. Circularly massage the discoloration till it vanishes. Once you’re through, clean up the baking soda. Allow the wax to sit on the mark overnight.


We’ve covered everything we know about getting a sharpie off the table. If you feel we missed anything, let us know in the comments. 

Thank you for staying with us till the very end. Good Luck!