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How To Get Spray Paint Off Sidewalk: 6 Easy Methods!

Coming across your previously perfect sidewalk only to see it being spray-painted is disappointing. These spray paints can be really stubborn to come off at times.

But we are here to help you out on this matter!

How to get spray paint off the sidewalk? 

You can get spray paint off the sidewalk by using TSP, soap and water, graffiti remover, a power washer, and many more. Among these, TSP works very efficiently to remove spray paint from sidewalks. You can also use angle grinders and power washers to get rid of it.

This was just a preview of the options you have. In our article, we’ll explain everything more broadly.

Let’s not waste any more time and get right to it! 

Get Spray Paint Off in 6 Simple Methods

We’ve outlined 6 easy ways through which you can remove spray paint from the sidewalk. Let’s see.

Method 1 of 6: Soap and Water

This is one of the easiest methods here. It’s not as difficult as eliminating latex paint from concrete. Neither does it need a lot of work either. Let’s see the materials you need for this job.

Materials Required

  • Dish Soap
  • Warm Water
  • Bristled Brush
  • Bucket
  • Blotting Paper

After you manage all of these, it’s a matter of time to get off the spray paint. 


  1. Add some drops of dish soap to a bucket of warm water. Mix it until the solution becomes sudsy. 
  2. Soak the brush in the solution and rub it across the sidewalk. The spray paints will come off within a few minutes.
  3. After the paint comes off, use blotting paper to soak up the spray paint.

Method 2 of 6: Using TSP

TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) is a very effective cleaning product. It works efficiently to get rid of spray paint.

Materials Required

  • TSP 
  • Bucket
  • Hose
  • Brush
  • Warm Water


  1. Add 1/2 cup of TSP in 1 Gallon of warm water. Mix it properly so that it gets diluted.
  2. After that, clean up the sidewalks for any extra dirt.
  3. Soak the brush in the TSP solution and then scrub the sidewalk genty.
  4. To clean the sidewalk, run the hose.

The spray paint comes off really fast while using TSP. This is a very time-saving way to take off spray paint.

Method 3 of 6: Use Graffiti Remover 

Graffiti removers are commercially built to remove graffiti paints. But spray paints are also removed using graffiti removers. These penetrate through the paint to remove the makes their grip loosen up. 

This eventually makes the spray paint off the concrete sidewalk.

In case you’re wondering which graffiti remover to use, here’s our recommendation on that:

Product 1
Product 2

Using graffiti remover is quite easy. These come in cans to spray upon mostly.

Spray the graffiti remover on the spray-painted areas. You need to leave it there for 5-10 minutes. After that, use a brush to scrub off the spray-painted part. 

If the spray paint doesn’t come off, repeat the process until it does.

Method 4 of 6: Paint Thinner

Paint thinner comes in handy when the light spray paint is used on the sidewalks. It’s also used while removing paint from the mirror. Paint thinners are solvents that can take off paints from many surfaces. Sidewalk concrete is one of them. 

Paint thinners contain acetone, mineral spirit, and toluene. They would react with the spray paint to get it off.

Apply the paint thinner to the affected area. After that, wait for a minimum of 20 minutes. Then gently scrub off the sidewalk with the brushes. This will come off within no time. 

Method 5 of 6: Use a Power Washer

Power washer can be very useful while removing spray paint.

It uses a high-pressure nozzle to shoot out a force of concentrated water. This high-pressure water from the nozzle takes off the spray paint from the concrete. Power washers can be dangerous to handle.

You can also separate latex paint from wooden material in similar ways.

Take precautions while running the power washer. So that it doesn’t come across your hand or body part. 

Materials Needed 

  • Power washer of high pressure (2500-3000 psi)
  • Goggles, Gloves
  • Waterproof cloth to cover up areas 


  1. Use a waterproof piece of cloth to cover up the side portions of the affected area. Those areas should not be run through by the power gun.
  2. Connect the power washer with an electric outlet and set it up.
  3. Run the power washer through the affected area.

Power washer is one of the fastest ways to get off the spray paint. The high pressure from the nozzle is effective in getting off the paint. But one thing we can say for sure, the spray paint will come off very quickly

Method 6 of 6: Angle Grinder

Angle Grinders are a really good way to get off spray paint from the sidewalk. If you don’t know what angle grinders are, they are the round stones that most mechanics use. It’s mostly used to polish surfaces.

Materials Required

  • Angle Grinder
  • Dry Vacuum
  • Wheel for angle grinder (Paint stripping)


  1. Attach the paint stripping wheel to the angle grinder. 
  2. Turn on the angle grinder and use it on the spray-painted area. 
  3. Run the angle grinder until the spray paint comes off from the concrete. 
  4. After the spray paint comes off, use a dry vacuum to remove the residuals.

Angle grinders are very effective ways to get off spray paint. However, this method is a bit costly. You might need to rent an angle grinder and the wheel. This is the last option for you. That is if nothing else works.

And there you have it. All these methods can be used easily to get spray paint off the sidewalk.


Question: Does vinegar remove spray paint?

Answer: Yes. Vinegar is able to remove spray paint. It’s one of the very few ways of removing paint without using any chemicals of any sort. But make sure to mix vinegar in warm water. Higher temperature increases the chance of getting the spray paint off more quickly.

Question: Will baking soda remove paint from concrete?

Answer: Yes. Baking soda will remove paint from concrete. But the process has to be soda blasting. It means that baking soda needs to be applied using high-pressure nozzles. Otherwise, the paint might have trouble coming off.

Question: What removes Krylon spray paint?

Answer: To remove Krylon spray paint, you can use soap and water. But if the surface is hard as concrete or brick, you can use TSP to get the paint off. Apply 2 cups TSP in 1-gallon water to remove the spray paint.


That’s it for today folks. We hope we’ve been able to put some light on how to get spray paint off the sidewalk. We hope you don’t have any doubts now.

Choose the most convenient method according to you. If you follow all of our guidelines properly, the spray paint should come off in no time.

Best of luck to you!