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How to Get Wrinkles Out of Tablecloths: 5-Step Guide

You take out the best tablecloths of your house as guests are coming over. But suddenly you discover that the tablecloths have wrinkles all over them. Now you have no way but to restore them.

How to get wrinkles out of tablecloths?

The process of getting wrinkles out of tablecloths has various steps. First, you have to wash the tablecloth appropriately. Then dry it. There are certain techniques for drying the tablecloth. After that, it should be straightened by hanging. If the wrinkles are too bad, you have to iron the cloth.

To get rid of all the wrinkles you must know the procedures in detail. I have got you covered here. So without prolonging the intro, Let’s get to the main part!

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Tablecloths  

Getting wrinkles out of tablecloths is not as hard as getting rid of the gear smell from clothes. You have to follow appropriate measures to remove wrinkles at ease. I have discussed all the details here for you.

Step 1: Wash the Tablecloth 

The first step of removing wrinkles is to wash the tablecloth in a washing machine. A good wash will clean your tablecloth and also help to remove the wrinkles. But to avoid damage, the cloth must be washed following the necessary instructions.

Better use lukewarm water during the washing operation. Select the permanent press option of the washing machine. This option is specially designed to minimize the wrinkles of cloth. The temperature of the water relaxes the wrinkles. Then with light spin wrinkles start to go away.

The function of the washing machine is highly dependent on good washing powder. I got some recommendations for you on that matter:


I can ensure that these products will increase the efficiency of your washer more than ever.

Step 2: Dry Properly

The next step is to dry the tablecloth. But this does not mean normal drying. To get the best result, you have to dry the tablecloth in the dryer.

You must be thinking that the dryer can damage your tablecloth. But this is only true if you don’t control the dryer temperature. The dryer must have low heat during the drying procedure. Low heat works very well in removing wrinkles from clothes.

There are certain electrical requirements for the dryer. You have to ensure those for safety. Select the permanent press option to dry your tablecloth. This option ensures the supply of low heat. Also, throw in a couple of damp towels in the dryer. But don’t overcrowd the space.

Once dried, take out the cloth and check it. If there are many more wrinkles left, reapply the process. Continue until you get a satisfactory result.

Step 3: Straighten The Cloth

Most of the wrinkles will go away once you dry your tablecloth in the dryer. If the result satisfies you don’t have to go through the article anymore. But if the cloth is still not free of wrinkles, please continue reading.

After getting the tablecloth out of the dryer you have to straighten it. Use your hands for this task. Hang the tablecloth properly over a stand or railing. Hang it until almost all of the wrinkles vanish.

This process generally takes three to four hours. Many tablecloths will be completely wrinkle-free after this process. But if your cloth still has many wrinkles left, you have to check the next section too.

Step 4: Prep for Iron

The final step is to iron the tablecloth. But for that, some preparatory steps are to be taken. These steps will ensure a great success rate and prevent potential damage to your tablecloth.

First, overlay the tablecloth on an iron table. Keep the backside of the cloth on the table. Then spray water on it. Don’t spray too much water. Take a pressing cloth before starting the ironing process. The pressing cloth is especially very necessary for polyester and fitted tablecloths.

Step 5: Iron The Tablecloth

This is the final step of removing wrinkles out of the tablecloth. Be sure about the fabric type of the cloth. Set the dial of the iron accordingly. 

Then iron the tablecloth carefully. Iron all the wrinkled spots. Remember to keep the pressing cloth between the cloth and iron. Otherwise, the heat of the iron can damage the cloth. Iron all the sections precisely. When you are done you will notice that all the wrinkles are gone.

These are all the necessary steps of removing wrinkles from the tablecloth. You can see that the processes are completely different than removing highlighter marks. To get the best result you must comply with the instructions.

So follow our instructions properly to get the job done easily and avoid any damages.

Tips to Keep Tablecloth Wrinkle-free 

Tablecloths are a very important element of any room. With great-looking tablecloths, you can give your room a classy and charming finish. But a wrinkled cloth will do the opposite. So it is important to keep the tablecloths tidy.

The most effective way to avoid wrinkles is to store the tablecloths in the right manner. For that, you will require cloth rollers.

Roll the tablecloths in the roller and then store them. In this way, you can keep your tablecloth wrinkle-free for a long time.

If you are preparing for a function, wrinkled tablecloths will create a ruckus. To avoid that you can lay the clothes on the table a day before the program. This will give time for the cloth to become plain with zero wrinkles.

Follow the given tips to keep your tablecloth tidy and gentle. As tablecloths are an integral part of the household, make sure you remember these tips!


Question: What is the fastest way to unwrinkle a tablecloth?

Answer: The fastest way to unwrinkle an iron cloth is to lay it overnight. That means to lay the tablecloth a day before you need it. This will give the cloth enough time to relax.

Question: Can you steam a tablecloth?

Answer:  Yes, you can steam a tablecloth. For steaming the tablecloth you have to hang it. Steaming is a very safe process with no risk of burning like the ironing process. 

Question: How can I iron a bigger tablecloth?

Answer: To iron a large tablecloth you’ve to fold it in half with the right sides together. First, the underside is to be taken. But don’t iron the folded edges as it can cause wrinkles.


I hope that now you know how to get wrinkles out of tablecloths. I have tried my best to give you the exact instructions.

Remember that storing the tablecloths properly is the secret of the wrinkleless long life of the product. So be careful about that.  

Best of luck with your tablecloth!