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How To Make Grout Look Wet? 2 Easy Methods To Follow

You’ve grouted recently. Or you might have grouted a long time back. But suddenly, you find that your grout looks really dull now. You want to make the grout look wet. But you don’t know how to do it! 

How to make grout look wet?

There aren’t many methods for this. There are only 2 basic methods, which are easy and simple! First, you can make your grout look wet by using a sealer. You can also apply oil to make it look wet and glossy.

This is just a brief, which is not enough for you to understand the entire part. But we have mentioned every detail on how you can achieve this wet look. 

Stick around for a while to get to know the whole thing!

Follow These 2 Methods To Make Your Grout Look Wet

You want to make your grout look wet. But you think it’s too tough! You can, in fact, do it fairly easily at home.

There are no special materials or tools required. So, the methods and their respective steps are mentioned below-

Method 1: Using A Sealer 

Applying a grout sealer is a great solution for this. This also takes no more than four hours to complete.

Curious about the procedure?

We’ve described this entire method in two easy steps-

Step 1: Getting Ready with The Sealer

To start, you need a good grout sealer. A sealer will set you back less than $40. Just make sure the grout sealer hasn’t gone bad before buying one.

Are you now wondering which sealer would be the best for the job?

We’re here to help you out! Two of the best sealers you can find around you are given below-

Product 1
Product 2

These are the products that you can put your trust in. Because these products mentioned above never disappoint the consumers.

While you’re getting ready with the sealer, you must remember one thing!  

That is, make sure the grout is completely dry before applying the sealer. The grout may take a while to dry. You can use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

Step 2: Applying The Sealer

To begin, scrub the grout thoroughly. Moreover, you should definitely clean your grout first if it’s old and dirty. This would prepare the tile and grout for the sealer. 

Once the grout is all cleaned, use a quart of sealant to seal your grout. Consider creating a sponge-like applicator to make it easy to apply.  

After applying the sealer, you’ve to allow it to dry between coats. This is the only aspect of the project that takes time.

By the way, applying a gloss finishing sealer to the floor would be a wise choice. It would keep the grout in place. It would also give your grout a superb glossy, lustrous, and wet appearance. 

Once you’re done applying your sealer you might see some grout water after this. Just how you get leftover grout water after grouting tile. For that reason, make sure to discard the grout water afterward. 

Method 2: Applying Oil on The Grout

You can make your grout look wet with oil. Yes, you heard it right! You can apply oil on the grout following the steps mentioned below-

Step 1: Gathering The Required Equipment

First of all, you need to get ready with the required equipment. For this task, you don’t need any special equipment. Just grab a vegetable or mineral oil.

Step 2: Applying The Oil 

To begin, moisturize your hands and fingers with mineral oil or vaseline. After that, rub the grout with your fingers. This will permeate the grout as long as you keep applying the oil to it. While rubbing, make sure to do it uniformly to properly distribute oil.

By doing so, you’ll see the grout appearing wet. But there’s a catch- 

If you continue to use the oil, the grout will ultimately darken. But it’ll not turn entirely black. You can still lighten the grout, though.

Now, you might not want to apply the oil by hand. In that case, you may use a brush for it. To do it with a brush, take a brush and dip it into the oil first. Then brush the grout.

These are the methods that you can follow to make your grout look wet.


Question: What’s the deal with my grout being cloudy?

Answer: Efflorescence is the most common cause of white grout. This is caused by the flow of salt or minerals to the porous material’s surface. As a result, a white coating appears. Another possibility is that polymer-based grout was employed. Furthermore, the polymers are exposed to too much water. This occurs before they have the opportunity to combine.

Question: Is it possible to eliminate grout haze with vinegar?

Answer: Yes, a vinegar solution can be used to eliminate grout haze. Take a bucket or a large spray bottle to start. Combine 1 part white vinegar with 4 parts water in it. If you want, you may enhance its strength. In that case, add more vinegar. Finally, apply it to your grout.

Question: How can I clean the stubborn grout?

Answer: To begin, use a stiff-bristled brush and simple warm water to scrape unclean grout. Then spray with a combination of equal parts vinegar and warm water for several minutes. Apply a baking soda paste and a vinegar spray now. Then squirt some hydrogen peroxide on top. Apply oxygen bleach to the area for up to 15 minutes. 

Final Words

Now, you know how to make grout look wet!. We hope you liked our directions and would try them out.

Good luck with your housekeeping!