How to Get Gum Out of Carpet

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Gums are famous for being that annoying food that sticks on anything after being chewed. While gums can be easily removed from a wall, it’s pretty tricky to get it off a carpet. That’s because the furry fibers grab onto the gum and don’t want to let go that easily. Now before you start panicking just know that there are ways to get out of this sticky situation.

So, how to get gum out of carpet effectively and efficiently?

To do that, you need to scrape off the gum and wash away the stains. But gums don’t come off easily. Hence, you need ice to harden it. Then a swipe from a butter knife will do the trick. Lastly, a quick wash with some detergent will finish off the work.

But wait there’s more to it than that. So, why don’t we take a look at that?

Tools you’ll need

Before jumping into the process let’s look at the list of items you’ll need. Gathering them up will help you work at one go.

So, to make your life easier here is the list of everything you’ll need.

List of items:

How to get gum out of carpet without any hassle?

Dealing with carpets can be a bit painful. From fixing frayed edges to getting gum out if it is quite a lot of work. But at the end of the day with a bit of hard work, your carpet will look fantastic again.

But, let’s tackle one problem at a time. Hence, let’s look at how you can get gums out of your carpet.

Step 1: Take out the excess from the carpet

Whether you’re trying to get candy off your carpet or gum, the first step is to always remove the extra.

Now make sure you don’t rip it off the carpet and damage it for good. You need to be careful when pulling off the sticky intruder.

Needless to say, you don’t need any high-tech tools for this. Your hand will be enough to get the job done. At the same time, you’ll have more control over the amount of force you’re putting in.

Step 2: Use an ice cube to cool down the gum

Now, while a big chunk of gum will be out of your carpet by now but a lot of it’ll still be left behind. But there is no need to worry.

A few ice cubes can help remove sticky items like marshmallows and gums. They do this by hardening the gum to the point that it’ll come off easily. 

Hence, open up your refrigerator to get a few ice cubes. But don’t apply it directly on the gums. That’ll make the carpet wet and soggy.

Instead, use a towel to cover the freezing ice and then press it on the gum.

Step 3: Scrape off the hardened gum

Ice cubes won’t remove the gum on its own. To actually take out every last bit of you need to scrape it off of your carpet.

Now, to do that you need a butter knife and some hand power. By this point, the gum is already hard. Although it’s not as hard as a rock you can scrape it off with a butter knife.

All you have to do is put the knife at the edge of the gum and remove it from its root. By that, the root of your problem will be gone.

Although all the gummy parts will be gone thanks to all the scraping the stains will still remain. To deal with that, have a look at the next step.

Step 4: Apply a cleaning mixture on the stains

In order to remove the marks left behind by the unwelcome gum, you need warm water and white vinegar. These two ingredients can be used to create a cleaning mixture that’ll help remove the stains.

For the mixture, you need to combine 1 cup of warm water with a few drops of vinegar. Then stir it well to create the perfect solution that’ll help disappear the stains.

Once that’s taken care of, throw the mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on the stains.

Step 5: Scrub the carpet

Applying the cleaning solution is not enough. You also have to scrub it so that the stain comes off the carpet. So, take out your scrub brush and get ready.

With a scrub brush, rub on the parts where stains have resided. A few swipes will get rid of the stains.

But you need to apply the right amount of pressure and you’ll find that the carpet got clean in no time. But be extra careful about the amount of force you’re using.

That’s because too much force can damage your carpet for good.

Step 6: Vacuum the carpet

Lastly, vacuum the carpet to dry it off. You see, vacuuming won’t only protect your carpet stairs from the dirt it’ll also clean up the soggy carpet.

So, plug in the vacuum cleaner and start sweeping the carpet.


Question: How does vinegar remove gum from carpet?
Answer: Vinegar can remove all kinds of stains. Yes, even the stain marks made by the wicked gum. To make it work you have to apply vinegar on the stains and then leave it for 2 to 3 minutes to let it soak in. Afterwards, you need to rub it off with a rag and you’ll have one clean carpet in your house again.

Question: How do you remove dried gum from carpet?
Answer: If the gum has dried up you need to get some liquid detergent. Then apply it over the area that has stain marks and let it soak for 5 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, use a blunt knife to scrape off the gum. And you’ll find that the gum comes off easily.

Question: How does rubbing alcohol get gum out of carpet?
Answer: Rubbing alcohol breaks down the stuff responsible for making the gum so chewy. Moreover, it only takes 30 seconds for the alcohol to do that. And when that happens it becomes like a liquid that can be wiped away with some a few rubs of the rag.

Question: Will gum come out in the wash?
Answer: You see, a washing machine can remove a lot of stains but it’s useless in front of the mighty gum. So, you cannot throw your carpet in the washing machine and call it a day. Rather, you have to go through an entire process to get the sticky gum out of your carpet for good.

To sum up

Yes, that’s all you have to do get rid of gum from your carpet. So, now that you know how to get gum out of carpet try it out yourself.

You’ll be able to do it without the help of a professional. Best of luck!

Richard Allen