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How to Hang Blinds Without Brackets [4 Easy Steps]

We all want to stand out with our home décor. Hanging blinds without brackets is one of those things we can do for that. But the execution of this can be really hard at times. 

How to hang blinds without brackets?

Yes. you can hang blinds without the brackets. To do so, place the headrail over the top window trim. Make sure it is positioned at the center of the headrail. Put the bubble leveled to the top of the headrail and insert the blinds. Place a screw into each of the drilled holes to mark them. And press the screws into the wood. 

So, liked what you have read so far? A further detailed discussion is waiting just for you. 

Hanging Blinds Without Brackets 

Wood blinds add a nice touch to the window treatment. Usually, wood blinds come with large wooden slates and headrails. 

Also, they come with brackets that are mounted to the top window trim and the headrails. 

Although wood blinds come with a bracket, it is possible that you can install your wooden blinds without using the brackets to mount them to the window. Due to this, the decoration will have a cleaner look. 

Also, installing blinds without the brackets omits the empty space created between the backside of the blinds and the window trim. This gap is usually caused by installing the brackets. 

As it adds so much to the decoration of your house that you might be intrigued to install it. 

Let’s see how you can do it!

4 Steps to Hang Blinds Without Brackets 

Installing blinds without the usage of brackets are fairly easy. The instructions are given below. Just follow them thoroughly and you will see yourself doing it without much hesitation.

Step 1 

You will need to drill two holes through the face of the headrail. The holes should be approximately 1 inch inwards from each end. 

To do that, you will need a portable drill. Portable drill makes it easier to punch holes into the wall. Or you can do it with the help of a hammer as well. 

The drilled holes need to be relatively larger. At least large enough so that screws can slide through the headrail. It will stop the headrail from splitting while driving the screws into the wall. 

You will also need to inspect the ratcheting mechanism. It is usually found sitting on the top side of the headrail. 

If you want you can also add a third screw hole. Drill a hole through the center face of the headrail. But the ratcheting mechanism should not face any damage. 

Adding the third screw will provide additional rigidity to the mount and it won’t easily break off. 

Step 2 

After installing the screws properly, place the headrail on the top of the window rail. Make sure that the window rail is centered to the window wall. . . 

Then, place a bubble level on the top of the headrail. 

Position the blinds so that it remains on the top window trim and does not fall off. Place screws on drilled holes over the headrail. 

After that, press the screws into the wood tightly. Ensure that it will not come off easily. This will add extra durability to the blinds. 

Step 3 

Drill pilot holes onto the top window trim with a drilling machine. The holes should be approximately half the size of the screws. 

The depth of the hole needs to be no more or no less than 1 inch deep. Make sure your measurements are as precious as possible. 

Step 4 

So, this is the final step that you will need to execute. 

In this step, you will need to install the headrail on the top of the window trim. Make sure it is centered to the rail over the holes. 

Secure the head-tail with two-inch drywall screws with the window. Drywall screws are usually found black in color. This color blends very well with the wooden finishes.

Although we can use a different variety of screws, it is recommended that you use drywall screws. 

Regardless of what variety of screws you choose to use, Make sure that they are long enough while purchasing. The screws need to go through the head-tail and into the top window trim by at least 1 inch:

Product 1
Product 2

Make sure to buy good-quality screws. Screws should have enough structural integrity to hold on to the weight of the blinds and do not rust in a shorter period of time. 

Here you go. Now you know all the steps to install blinds without using any brackets to make home blinds stand out among the rest. 

Follow these steps and you will be successfully able to do it. 


Question: Can I hang a blind with command strips?

Answer: Blinds can be hung with command strips. Command strips usually are cheap but a professional installation of them will cost a bit more. You can hang blinds on the window frame or on the wall beside it. 

Question: How do you hang a blind without drilling holes?

Answer: You can hammer a nail instead of drilling. You can also put a screw with a screwdriver. Using hooks that stick onto the wall is also really helpful. 

Question: Can gorilla glues hold up blinds?

Answer: No, with the use of gorilla glue, you will not be able to uphold the forces of lowering or raising the blinds. 


So, here are the detailed instructions on how to hang blinds without brackets. Follow the above-mentioned steps to successfully add blinds to your home decor without using any brackets. 

If you are not able to install it on your own, then contact a professional and they will easily do it for you. 

So, until next time, have a lovely day!