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How To Hang A Headboard Without Nails? One-Stop Guide

The situation where you’re all frustrated and struggling to find an alternative to set your headboard other than nailing. Because tearing or ripping the whole headboard while leaving nail marks would be pretty awful right?

If yes, then you might be wondering how to hang a headboard without nails?

To alternate putting nails on headboards you can simply attach them with store bought command strips. Or you can just glue the headboard with your wall, even with your bed without removable adhesive.

If you got some time just scroll down a bit. Because we have presented a proper guide on 2 alternative ways.

What are the alternatives to nailing the headboard?

Well in this case nailed headboards are the worst to deal with. Because you’ll end up tearing or scratching it up.

Besides, the unnailed headboard will support your bed slats.

So what’s the alternative then? To help you out we listed the type of headboards along with the alternative installation method just below.

Type of Headboards Alternative Installation Method
Wooden Glue
Upholstered Command Strips
Fiber Command Strips/Glue
Leather Command Strips

How to hang a headboard without a nail? (2 simple ways)

In case you might be asking yourself how to put your headboard without torturing the hell out of it. Then you have landed on the right article pal. Because we have listed 2 alternative ways for your circumvent.

So keep your thoughts aside and hop into the options.

Option 1 of 2: Use command strips

First things first, if you are kind of lazy, then this is the perfect option for you. Just follow and you’ll be good to go.

Tools needed

Now that you’re in the mechanic mood, why not turn it full on? So, keep the following things handy to install your headboard all by yourself.


Now that you gained knowledge of tools, it’s time for work. 

  1. Get the aforementioned tools in case you don’t have them already available at home
  2. Mark wall by putting dots on corners where you wanna hang the headboard 
  3. Don’t forget to draw a straight line using the ruler and washable marker
  4. Pull out one side of the stickers and stick it to the headboard
  5. Tug the other side of the command strips by removing stickers
  6. Attach the headboard to wall with command strips now to stick
  7. Examine realignment, if needed then just simply pull the headboard out to fix
  8. Check for the straight line marked with washable marker and fix the placement

Voila, your floating headboard is ready to be used for your own convenient.

Option 2 of 2: Glue it to the wall

Well, well, I get that you are not convinced with the first option and looking for a more stable option.

Or you might be struggling with a hefty headboard. And you are pondering on how to hang a heavy headboard on the wall?

So, gather up your stamina and go for it. But first you will need two things:

Now that you got the things, it’s time to glue your headboard. For that, you need to break the seal of the glue and apply it on all four corners of your headboard. Spread the glue with bare hands. 

At this point, your headboard is ready to be placed. And don’t worry about the glue on your hands. Because that’s why we asked you to buy the wonder wipes. 

Just rub the wipe and no more glue.

Quick tips

Got a couple of minutes? Then check out these tips to become a pro.

Tip 1: Check for instructions before purchasing

Unless you want to make a journey all the way back to the store, it’s better to check the instructions on your command strip before purchasing it. The strip properly states how much weight it can hold. 

Buy the command strips depending on your headboard size and weight. 

Tip 2: Paint the headboard beforehand

So, if you’re into DIY stuff and made one hell outta headboard.

Now to paint it you can use acrylic color for wooden one’s and spray color for metal one’s like lockers.


Question: Does a headboard have to be attached to the wall?
Answer: No, it’s completely up to your choice. If you want to attach it with your bed that can also be done by using a slider.

Question: How do you stabilize a wobbly headboard?
Answer: Well in this case, put one rubber pad on each leg of the headboard. Or you can use a shepherd’s hook to stabilize it.

Question: Can you attach a headboard to a bed frame?
Answer: Of Course you can, but aligning with the size of bed. If you got a headboard double sized then you have to attach it with a double bed.

End Note

You see, it’s quite hard to deal with headboards with nails while moving. Apparently, by now you have enlightened yourself with the idea on how to hang a headboard without nails.

Have a good day!