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How to Hang a Pennant [Complete 5-Step Guide]

Hanging a pennant might sound easy but in reality, it’s quite a trouble. Sometimes, it can damage your wall permanently. There are some facts that are really important in order to hang your pennant perfectly. There are also some specific ways to hang it.

How to hang a pennant?

Using putty or poster strips is the best way without damaging your walls. Gather all the necessary tools and decide where the pennant will be hanged. Clean the wall or the surface you want to hang the pennant on. Apply putty on the back of the pennant and press it gently against the wall.

In case you are still confused. Don’t worry! I have a whole guide on this. So, read on!

Hanging Your Pennant: 5 Quick Steps to Follow

You can get very creative in hanging your pennant. There are many different ways to hang your pennant. But a lot of the ways can damage the wall or interior.

You can either use methods like nails or screwdrivers to hang your pennant. Or you can use glue or tapes to hang your pennant. This is very similar to mounting your speakers without drilling holes.

Using nails or screwdrivers can be quite damaging for your walls. So here I will take you through the best way you can hang a pennant. You can either use a poster strip or an adhesive putty to hang your pennant. Let’s dive into the details.

Step 1: Gathering The Necessary Tools

Before you begin working, you will require a few items. It is critical to obtain the appropriate tools for securing the pennant in place.

To hang your pennant, you can use either a poster strip or adhesive putty.

They’re made with non-permanent sticky components to keep the pennants from falling off the wall.

Rubbing alcohol will also be required to clean the area where the pennant will be hanged .

Step 2: Location the Place You Want to Hang Your Pennant

Collect the pennants and find an appropriate wall spot. Locate the locations and make a pencil mark on them.

Planning to cheer on your favorite baseball club? Then you can arrange the pennants according to your favorite players.

If you use this method, you can rearrange the pennants at any time. If you plan to hang your pennant against drywall then nails or screws are fine. Which one to choose between nails or screws on drywall, totally depends on your comfort.

Step 3: Cleaning The Wall Or Surface

Cleaning the wall is very important. If there’s dust or other objects on the wall then your pennant won’t stick to the wall properly.

Clean the wall well before you start hanging the pennant. Remove the dust off the entire wall with a feather duster.

Use a cleaner, such as rubbing alcohol, and wipe the wall with a towel for a better effect.

Allow for some drying time before hanging the pennant banners.

Step 4: Applying Putty Or Poster Strips

You have two choices here. To hang the pennants, you can use poster strips or adhesive putty.

Place the putty on the edge of the pennants after rubbing it between your fingers. The putty can be used on the pennant’s corners.

Putty, on the other hand, does not always work with all types of fibers. So, before you use it, double-check that the putty will hold the pennants on the wall. This will not work on tiled walls. So you might need to remove the wall tiles before hanging the pennant.

You’ll need to remove the red liner from the strips If you’re using poster strips. Typically, poster strips have two sides: red and black.

Here are some recommended products for hanging your pennant-

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Got the products? Now let’s move on to the final step!

Step 5: Placing The Pennant

Now it’s time to place the pennant in place. Press the pennant carefully against the wall if you’re using adhesive putty. Take one of the pennant’s corners and press it gently against the wall.

Continue pressing for another 30 seconds. After that, repeat the process with the other edges.

Remove the label off from the red side of the poster strip. That will be connected to your pennant first if you’re using poster strips. Then, on the black side, detach the label and hang it on the wall.

There you have it, you have successfully hung the pennant on your wall.

Few Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few things that you should be concerned about to hang your pennant properly. These things might contribute to your pennant falling off after a few days. So, ensuring you don’t make these mistakes is very crucial.

Firstly, you must avoid using nails or screwdrivers. Using these can damage both your wall and your pennant. Secondly, don’t stretch the pennant while placing it on the wall. Keeping it stretched will put more pressure on the putty to hold on.

Then, make sure to place your pennant after cleaning the wall. If there’s dust on the wall then your pennant won’t stick to the wall properly. As a result, it will fall off eventually.

You may also use a staple gun to hang your pennant since it has very small holes. Because of that, it won’t damage your pennant like a nail would do.


Question: Can I use scotch tape to hang my pennant?

Answer: No. Scotch tape doesn’t stick to the fabric. As a result, you cannot use scotch tape to hang your pennant. There are other kinds of tapes that you can use to hang your pennant.

Question: Is there any possibility of damaging my wall using this method?

Answer: No. This is one of the safest and most effective methods, that is also friendly for your wall.

Question: Can I hang posters using the same technique?

Answer: Yes you can. This technique is viable for hanging posters on your wall as well. It’s even better in terms of the durability and safety of your wall.


That will be all about how to hang a pennant. I hope that this guide cleared all of your confusions.

Here is one last suggestion. Consider the preference of the room. And then decide whether you will hang them vertically or horizontally.

Good luck hanging your pennant!