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How to Hide A Camera in Your Bathroom

Hiding a camera in the bathroom can be pretty reasonable for someone’s safety.

Some might find it creepy, but you have your reasons.

However, hiding a camera can be tricky for you.

If you are searching for how to hide a camera in your bathroom, we’ll help you with that today. 

In this article, you’ll learn how and where you’re going to set a camera to observe your bathroom. 

Let’s get started!

Set Up Your Camera

Before you install your camera at a place, you’ll need to set up the camera. So, we organized some easy steps for you to follow.

Step 1: Choose A Spy Camera

The smaller your camera is, the better it’ll be for you. We’ll need to be as sneaky as possible. In that case, a bathroom pinhole camera might be your best choice. 

You see, it’s as tiny as your fingertip and not that noticeable. So, the chances of you anyone figuring it out are meager. Get innovative. 

Step 2: Charge Your Camera

If you grab a wireless camera, you’ll have to ensure it’s appropriately charged. You see, cameras with rechargeable batteries might fail without proper charging.

Also, you’ll see most of the wireless cameras go on for 4-5 hours with complete charging. After that time, those will just shut down.

However, it’s better for you if you select an AC-powered camera. You’ll just have to connect it to a source, and your work here is done. 

Step 3: Install Necessary Software

You’ll need to connect the camera to your phone or computer to get a broadcast from your camera. For that, you might need a powerful software.

However, the software suggestion will arrive with your camera. You might also need the connection of your WiFi network to set up your camera.

Now, let’s see some sneaky places to place your camera and how you will do it.

Places to Hide Your Camera

Placing your camera can be fun and also tricky for you at the same time. In that case, a small wireless spy camera might be a good option for you.

However, it mainly depends on the place you’re keeping the camera. Now, here are the areas where you can hide your spy camera.


The ceiling might be the best place for you to hide your spy camera. Why do you ask?

Well, your camera can cover the whole area of the washroom. At the same time, it stays splash-free. You only need to set the camera perfectly to cover the entire area.

Installation Process

Here are the things that you’ll need to do:

  • You’ll need to remove the ceiling board. You’ll find that the plastic and fiberglass ones are very light and easy to detach.

  • Now, you should get a few nails and make a frame, so the camera doesn’t fall off.

  • You should make a small hole for the camera lens with a drill.

  • Lastly, you should also do a test run with your camera to check if everything’s running. 

Clothes Hook

It sounds crazy, but you can set a camera to the clothes hook. Mostly it’ll be at the upper part of the clothes hook. This is a very tricky place. You’re hiding your camera in plain sight.

Installation Process

How’ll you set up a camera at the clothes hook? Here’s how:

  • You’ll find pre-installed clothes cameras on the market. You’ll notice the camera is on the upper portion of the hook so that the clothes do not interfere with the view. All you need to do is get that and set your clothes to hook with the wall. That’s it.

  • Also, you can get a small, easily concealable camera and attach that to the metal bar of the clothes hook.

  • You should check if the clothes are blocking the view of the camera or not.

  • Also, you’ll need to check if the camera runs or not. Give it a test run.

Electrical Socket

You can hide your camera in the electrical socket and camouflage your camera. 

You see, hiding your camera in the electrical socket is hiding it in plain sight. Nobody would be able to suspect such a thing.

Installation Process

It’s an easy and smart technique. Here’s how you can install your camera in the electrical socket:

  • You’ll find spy cameras that are structured like an electrical socket. You’ll just put it there, and your work is done.

  • You can also use a pinhole camera if you have a damaged socket. Just place it to a side, and most people won’t even notice

Bathroom Vents

The bathroom vent is the best place to hide your camera, as long as it’s not the only gateway to gases or smelly sources in your bathroom

Your bathroom vents have slits that can be used as the place from where your camera can focus. Also, that place is large enough to keep a spy camera. 

Moreover, your camera will not be splashed by water.

Installation Process

Here’s what you can do to set up your camera in the vents:

  • You’ll need to remove the outer cast of the duct.

  • Then, you should take an empty box and fill it with something to keep the camera steady.

  • You’ll also need to keep the camera 5cm from the edge to ensure that the camera isn’t noticed.
  • Give it a test run to see if you’re all good or not.

Unused Cabinets

If your bathroom has new cabinets, you’re in luck. 

You see, many bathrooms have new cabinets. It’s the simplest method of all. However, you wouldn’t get a broad view, but it’ll get the job done.

Installation Process

Here’s how you are going to place the camera in a new cabinet:

  • First, you have to check if there’s any bathroom product (shampoo, face wash, soap, etc.) or not.
  • If there’s any bathroom product, you’ll have to find a position behind them to set your camera.
  • Then, you’ll have to check if the camera can be suspected or not.
  • Once set, give it a test run, and you’re good to go.

Decoration Pieces

You can do some decoration in your bathroom. It’s no big deal, right? And no one’s going to suspect you for that. However, it’s an opportunity for you to hide your camera.

Installation Process

There are many ways you can install your camera with the decors. The installation process is straightforward:

  • You can place your camera inside a picture frame or behind the picture frame. However, you’ll have to make sure it fits perfectly there.

  • Big and bushy pot plants can also hide your camera. You have to place it right inside them.

  • You should test the camera for a clear view. After that, you’re all set.


Hopefully, you will know how to hide a camera in your bathroom by now. We’ve organized all of those sneakiest and trickiest ways for you only.

If you follow this guide, you’ll be able to hide your camera before you know it. However, you can get more innovative by hiding your camera. For that, you’ll need to observe all the places in your washroom.

Also, be careful when you’re setting the camera at a place because you don’t want anyone to suspect you. 

Real spies don’t get caught. So, let’s get started!