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Home Electric Inspection And Why It’s Important

Problem arises when an appliance suddenly burns due to an old connection. Also, electrical shocks can be the result of an aged damaged connection. The best way to avoid these problems is home electric inspection.

What are the benefits of a home electric inspection?

The benefits of home electric inspections are vast. Firstly, this helps to find various problems with the electrical system. Plus, inspection saves a lot of money. It ensures safety. The appliances last long if regular inspections are carried out. National codes are also ensured through inspections.

But before deciding on the inspection you’ve to check out other aspects too. We’ve made a detailed discussion for your help. 

So keep reading!

What is Home Electric Inspection? 

Home electric inspection is the operation of checking and inspecting all the electrical connections of the house. The home electrical inspection is performed by a professional electrician. This checking operation ensures the safety of your house. Electrical connections can be damaged at any time. A damaged electrical device is very dangerous for your house. 

The home electrical inspection is conducted according to the procedures directed by the National Electrical Code a.k.a NEC. NEC is a set of safety standards. These rules are given by the National Fire Protection Association. 

This association always keeps the rules updated to keep the people safe. To ensure the highest level of safety every electrical device of the house must comply with these standards.

To maintain these standards home electrical inspection is executed in houses from time to time. Different situations like the electrical outlet hard to plug in are found through the inspection. Once these problems are identified they are easily figured out.

Types of Home Electric Inspection of New Homes

The home electric inspection can be divided into two categories. They are-


This inspection is conducted before the final inspection. When all the electrical switches, boxes, cables, and other components are installed the rough-in inspection is directed. But this inspection must be done before installing the Insulation. Otherwise, the inspector will not have a clear look at the wires from the appliances.

Final Inspection

The final inspection is conducted just before finally using the space. Make sure all the electrical works are completed. The insulators are installed and lights are properly hung. Now if the inspector approves your electrical work you are ready to move in.

These two categories of electric inspection are for new houses. But there are also provisions of electrical inspection for old houses. Inspection for old houses is very important. Because with time different codes are updated for the safety of users. Also, the electrical connections become old and they require replacements.

Common Problems Found in Home Electric Inspection 

Home electric inspection is performed to find problems and potential problems of the house. Different problems can be identified through the inspection. Some common problems are discussed below-

Exposed Light Bulbs 

Exposed light bulbs are very widespread in old houses. But this is not a good practice. All light bulbs must be covered fully. Exposed light bulbs can cause severe hazards. Spread of fire and electric shock can happen from them.

Malfunctioning GFCI’s 

GFCI outlets are used in rooms with moisture. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens require GFCI outlets. Not having them is one of the common Building Code violations. The inspector makes sure the outlets are okay and functioning fine.

Electric Panels with Unfilled Openings 

Unfilled electric panels are very dangerous. They can cause death by electric shock. There are filler plates that are used to close the openings. The inspector checks all the panels and marks the unfilled openings.

Tamperless Receptacles 

Tamper-resistant receptacles are very useful for houses with kids. These are designed so that a child can not insert any object through them. Using tamper-resistant receptacles is a part of the national code. So the inspector points out the tamper-less receptacles to be fixed. 

We have made a list of tamper-resistant receptacles for your convenience. 


These products will be very good for your safety. Use them to get the best value for money.

Too Many Extension Cords

Too many extension cables can cause tripping problems. For that reason, the national code instructs to have more spectacle than fewer extension cords. Every electrical appliance should have a spectacle within six feet of distance.  

Besides these problems, many other problems can be found via inspection. Frequent inspection is necessary for the safety of the house.

Advantages of Regular Home Electric Inspection 

Home electric inspection is very necessary for the safety of houses. Besides safety, some other aspects are related to the inspection. A brief discussion about the advantages is made below.

Identify Damages Early 

Damage solved at the early stage is always beneficial. The cost and effort to fix big damages are more than small ones. Yearly inspections will help you to find the problems when they are small. This way you will be able to solve the problem with less effort.

Safety of The Family 

Faulty connections are deadly to anyone. Every year lots of people die due to electrical accidents. The best way to reduce this number of deaths is by using unbroken electrical appliances. In the case of electrical connections, minor issues play big roles. 

Things like the gas and electric outlets distances become important for safety. For this reason, regular inspection is very important.

Avoid Malfunctions 

Faulty connections are harmful to electrical appliances. Anything hooked up with a frayed wire can get burned. Regular inspection will save you from this problem.

Save Money 

You might think yearly inspections will cost you a lot of money. But it’ll save you a ton too. The inspector will tell you about the efficiency of your electrical systems. With his advice, you can change the wiring and have more efficiency. Thus electric bills will reduce. 

Increases Efficiency of Electrical Appliances 

The inspection will make you aware of the conditions of your electric system. You will be able to find problems early and solve them. By taking the required steps you can ensure that the appliances are running at the highest efficiency. Besides that, the lifespan of your machines will increase too.

Maintain the National Standard

The national standards are given for the safety of the general people. It’s very important to follow their standards. Every professional electrician follows the NEC standard. To maintain this standard annual inspection is a must.

Home electric inspection has a lot of advantages. Regular inspection is as important as grounding an electrical panel. For the utmost safety, everyone should have an annual inspection of the system.


Question: What is the cost of the home electric inspection?

Answer: Home electric inspection is a complex process. So it is a little costly. The cost usually varies from 110 dollars to 125 dollars per session. However, the cost is also dependent on different factors like the size of your house.

Question: Who can do the home electric inspection?

Answer: This work can be carried out only by a professional electrician. Moreover, the electrician must be registered. Otherwise, the certificate issued by the inspector (electrician) will not be valid.

Question: How long does an electrical inspection take?

Answer: The complete inspection takes about two hours. In this time the inspector will be able to check all the necessary things. But the time required also depends on the size of your residence.


We hope that you have got the proper idea about the home electric inspection. This is all you need to know about this topic. We’ve discussed the benefits so that you can understand the importance of inspection.