Can You Place Carpet Over an Asbestos Tile? 3 Ways for Installation

carpet over asbestos tile

The production of asbestos was banned for its toxicity. However, some houses still own a portion of the asbestos flooring. Especially if they’re old.If you do find some asbestos tile in your house, it’s best to look into covering it up.Can you put carpet over an asbestos tile?Yes, it’s possible, in some cases. There are … Read more

Can You Put Carpet Over Laminate Flooring: The A-Z Guide

can you put carpet over laminate flooring

Laminate flooring can help your home look super chic, without breaking your bank. What happens when you start getting tired of them?If you ever considered, “can you put carpet over laminate flooring?”, you’re not alone.There are a few pointers for you to remember.Laminate floorings are also often called floating floors. This is because they aren’t … Read more